A Christian View of Men and Things

by Gordon Clark

Chapter 1: Introduction - The idea of God does not dominate the culture of the 21st century. People have other things to do, or so they think. Western civilization was built on secular philosophical ideas and the repudiation of a theistic framework for life. Theism needs to be resurrected in philosophical circles. It needs an application to all phases of learning for, in reality, it permeates all phases of learning in every discipline. Theism actually gives life the meaning life needs.

Contours of Pauline Theology

Tom Holland posted his entire manuscript of his book "Contours of Pauline Theology" on his website. He writes: "This page contains information related to my book, Contours of Pauline Theology (buy from Amazon). From the links below you can access the full version containing the footnotes and full text that the publisher edited for the sake of brevity and to help non-academics access the work. It is worth noting that it is cheaper to buy the book than try and print off the chapters yourself!"

First things and last things

by Stephen Douglas

Are you being treated like a child? Who controls what you get to hear?

by John Holzmann

As most of my readers know, I am a co-owner of Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd., a Christian homeschool curriculum developer and supply company. I resigned from day-to-day involvement in the company effective April 1 last year. Shortly after I resigned, I received news that the company had been banned from displaying its materials at the homeschool convention sponsored by CHEC, the Christian Home Educators of Colorado, our local Christian homeschool association. The letter that informed us of our having been banned was strangely uninformative. I am not at home right now, so I don't have access to a PDF of the letter to show you. But, in essence, the author said, "You don't meet our standards. We are unwilling to talk with you about it. Don't ask."

The first commandment (chronologically)

by Stephen Douglas
Anyone know right offhand the first directive God is recorded to have issued mankind? Hint: it’s not about which tree to eat from. This one reveals one of God’s chief purposes for the race He created as the crowning constituent of His world: “Have lots of babies. Raise them to take their place in the administration of My Kingdom.” This is obviously my own colloquialization of Genesis 1.28, but I’m sure you have guessed the wording of the original command: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

ACLU to sue Twin Cities charter school

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota filed suit Wednesday against a publicly funded charter school alleging that it is promoting the Muslim religion and is leasing school space from a religious organization without following state law.

Cracked.com: Preterism is the post-game show?

Cracked.com the popular online funny paper is running an article on "5 World Leaders Who Were Accused of Being the Antichrist" with some really funny results: Nero makes it to second spot beaten only by Obama! (still an unfair ranking anyways since Obama is alive) The verdict is: Preterists, the people who tend to believe Nero was the Antichrist, also believe everything in the Bible is history. So, the tribulation, the coming of the Antichrist, everything, has already happened. What the &k*^*&? If the world already ended, what's all this we're doing now? The post-game show?

The End of Myth

by Jonathan Brink

I’d like to propose a question. What if the real provocative element of the emerging church is that it is the outcome of the end of myth? And with the end of myth comes the loss of traditional powers and the freedom and responsibility to become what Jesus invited us to be.

Vatican reveals secrets of worst sins

The Apostolic Penitentiary, or "tribunal of conscience", has been shrouded in secrecy ever since it was established by Pope Alexander III in 1179 and until now has never provided details of the cases it scrutinises. They are considered so heinous by the Catholic Church that only the Pope can grant absolution to those who perpetrate them.

Letter to a Dispensationalist Friend

by Todd Dennis

Dear (Dispensationalist Friend),

Todd Dennis unable to wait for “last leg”

by Virgil Văduva
About two years ago Todd Dennis wrote, “[I] wait until Planet Preterist was on its last leg & then come in & deliver the death blow.” As I previous wrote, I have no idea what Todd’s motivation was in writing such a sentence, or why he would want to deal a “death blow” to this website, but judging by a recent article written by Todd, he seems to be out of ideas and out of touch with the emergent eschatology gaining ground among most young Christians. Todd’s criticism of Preterism sounds more like the broken records played for years by the nearly defunct dispensational critics, which yet have to submit meaningful criticism to a Preterist audience.

An Interview with Dr. Edward Fudge

A few years ago someone (I do not remember who) sent me a recommendation for a book which now makes the list of "epiphanies" for me, something that dramatically changed my thinking regarding the traditional doctrine of hell and eternal punishment. The author was Dr. Edward Fudge and the book was The Fire That Consumes. Dr. Fudge, while not a "preterist," kindly agreed to visit with us and share with the readers of Planet Preterist some of his thoughts on hell, universalism, and other issues which are often discussed by the readers of this website. Throughout the interview process Dr. Fudge manifested an amazing spirit of kindness and love, so I am asking those willing to comment and respond to the interview to do the same.

Mike Beidler on BBC Radio 4

My friend and PP regular Mike Beidler whom I have come to appreciate greatly for the past several years has recently participated on the popular BBC program titled Beyond Belief, where the topic of Darwinism and Religion is discussed with three panelists by host Ernie Rea. The panelists on the show were Alexandra Wright, Senior Rabbi of London's Liberal Jewish Synagogue, Dr. Alister E. McGrath, former Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University and current Chair of Theology, Ministry and Education at King's College London and Dr. Usama Hassan, Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University. You can read Mike's comments below or you can go directly to the MP3 recording of the episode here.

Emergent Eschatology: First Shot Across the Bow

Blogger Kyle Gebhart made some very interesting observations about Emergent eschatology and the need Emergent theology ultimately has for Preterism. I am posting Kyle's comments mostly for analytical purposes. Kyle writes: "I’ve got three or four sources that I’m actively engaging related to getting a picture of Emergent/Emerging views of the end-times. Tony Jones has a few key comments in his book The New Christians, I just got the book The Coming of the Son of Man by Andrew Perriman (thank you Jon Green for the recommend)."

Who Decides Orthodoxy?

by Tony Jones

Yesterday I posted about the optionality of the Trinity. A good debate ensued, which is exactly what I hoped. And that brings me to my thought for the day: I think those of us committed to the social web will become the new magisterium.

An Interview with Andrew Perriman

As a frequent reader of Open Source Theology, I can say that Andrew Perriman is one of the most accessible authors I have ever encountered; he readily replies to those asking questions and loves interacting with his readers openly. Rarely does he write something that has no deep meaning and he is one of the most generous and thoughtful people I interact with. So I am very excited to finally bring to you an interview in which Andrew will discuss some of his new projects and talk about where his work and journey has taken him. Andrew is the author of The Coming of the Son of Man, Otherways, and Re: Mission: Biblical Mission for a PostBiblical Church.

The Destruction of the Finally Impenitent

by by Clark H. Pinnock, McMaster Divinity College

All Christian doctrines undergo a certain amount of development over time. Issues such as Christology and soteriology are taken up at various periods in church history and receive a peculiar stamp from intellectual and social conditions obtaining at the time. A variety of factors in society and philosophical thought impact upon the way in which issues are viewed and interpreted. All doctrinal formulations reflect to some extent historical and cultural conditions and have an incarnate or historical quality about them. Not to recognize this is (I think) to be willingly blind to reality.1

Christ's Blessings in 2009!

Year 2008 has been a kind of "weird" year for me personally for many reasons and in some ways I am looking forward to leaving it behind; even then it was given by God and I am very thankful for all the blessings and lessons learned. I also want to thank all of you readers who continue to make Planet Preterist a great site to come back again and again to visit and participate in conversations. Thanks, and may Christ's blessings be with you in 2009!

Pro-Life Rick Warren to Give Invocation at Obama Inauguration

Pro-life pastor Rick Warren will give the invocation at President-Elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. It makes a whole lot of sense. Even though Warren and Obama disagree on the life issue, they do see eye to eye on many social justice issues. This move is also classic Obama because it is a signal to religious conservatives that he’s willing to bring in both sides to the faith discussion in this country. Obama has never shied away from that.

Resurrection and the error of Hymenaeus and Philetus

by Parker
To the average Christian, resurrection speaks of the reconstitution of individuals as both bodies and souls at the end of time. The writers of scripture, however, have a range of uses for the term "resurrection." The scriptures use the word to speak of Israel's national restorations (Isa 26:13-14,19-20; Ez 37), salvation, baptism, the transfer of departed souls from the Old Testament Hades (Heb. sheol) into God's heaven, and the final state at the end of time.

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