Court Won't Hear Commandments Case

The Supreme Court refused Monday to be drawn into the explosive church-state debate over whether the Ten Commandments may be displayed on government grounds.

Palestinian Gunman Wounds 10 Near Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at an Israeli bus stop on the outskirts of Jerusalem on Monday, wounding at least 10 people before police shot one of the attackers.

Scientists blast global warming 'lie'

So much for global warming leading to the "end of the world". A group of scientists in the US and the UK says the accepted wisdom on climate change remains unproved. They say rising greenhouse gas emissions may not be the main factor in global warming. They argue that temperature rise projections this century are "unknown and unknowable".

Armothe asks: Where do we go when we die?

In the discussion forums, Armothe asks: Where do we go when we die? Where did the souls of OT people go upon death? Where did the souls of NT people go upon death? Where do our souls go now when we die?

Dispensationalism's Eschatological Dilemma

by Jack Kettler
Dispensational eschatology cannot escape the dilemma, on the one hand, of having great excitement about the Jews going to Israel and, on the other hand, knowing those millions will soon die during the seven-year tribulation. Should we warn those in danger? Where is the dispensational clarion call warning those to flee before the Jewish Hitler-like ruler emerges? The silence is deafening.

Ice - DeMar debate tommorow!

KKLA 99.5 FM and 95.9 The Fish will present a series of free debates and public forums dubbed “Questions of Controversy,” designed as a medium for the Christian community to examine relevant issues in the modern world. The initial debate, “The Great Tribulation: Past or Future?” will take place on Tuesday, February 26, 7:30 p.m., at Biola University’s Chase Gymnasium featuring authors Thomas Ice and Gary DeMar.

Van Impe explains how the King of Spain could be Antichrist

Jack Van Impe answers his question of the week implying that Juan Carlos of Spain could possibly be the Antichrist, but of course he ends up saying "I cannot be dogmatic on this, but it is interesting"

Lindsey: America in prophecy

Last night I inaugurated my new radio talk show in Los Angeles. When we opened the phones for questions, the first three callers asked the same question: "Where is America in Bible prophecy?"

China's Christians called to prayer by mobile phone

THE working day was over when a 30-strong group of businessmen, doctors and software executives gathered at dusk last week, on one of the highest floors of a Beijing office tower.

Resistance to missionaries strong in Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (February 23, 2002 6:39 p.m. EST) - Muslim for a millennium, this prostrate land now appears from far-off pulpits like a God-given opportunity for missionary work - to save Afghans from "an eternity without Christ," as one American charity chief put it.

Clinton: U.S. won't stay on top forever

ACKNOWLEDGING the United States would not be the world's most powerful nation forever might lead to a better approach in its current international relations, former US president Bill Clinton said today.

Arafat 'depressed and nervous'...

Ariel Sharon loathes Yasser Arafat. If he could do it all over again, Sharon has said, he would have killed Arafat in Lebanon 20 years ago when he had the chance.

Gentry Slams Full Preterism as 'cult-like'

It would seem that all one needs in order to be a "prophecy expert" today is either a steady supply of Dapper Dan and access to television air time, or a computer graphics program and a money-hungry publisher. No new developments here!

Possible candidates for the Antichrist

"Here he comes...the evil one..." Take a look at this list of possible Antichrist candidates and enjoy a good laugh. Among them, Prince Charles deserves a top place simply for being "one of Europe's most well-known royal figures"

Temple Mount Wall in Danger

An archaeological and political tragedy is in the making. Part of the southern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem may collapse. The Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest shrine in Islam, may be damaged and underground mosques nearby may also suffer. And if that happens, the Arab (and Muslim) world is sure to blame Israel.

Jerry Falwell's eschatological schizophrenia

In his recent WorldNetDaily column, Jerry Falwell furnished an update on his fledgling Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy at Liberty University, "a comprehensive school that delves into the mysteries of the Bible as they relate to world events leading to Christ's imminent return." I find this announcement staggering, in light of Falwell's tireless efforts to turn our depraved, decadent nation back to God and to revive a truly Christian culture.

The Rapture refuted - Preterist movement denies end-of-days prophecies

At the dawn of a new century, at a time of international uncertainties and environmental crises, some Biblical scholars are making a daring prediction.

The world, they say, is not about to end.
That in itself may not sound very controversial, but for people who believe that the Bible says we are in the "end times," it is near-heresy.

Matthew 24 Past, Present, or Future?

This paper is written from a Christian perspective. Accepted as fact without discussion is the inerrancy of the Bible, and its position as the inspired ("God-breathed") Word of God. If you don't agree with that perspective, I encourage you to investigate further the history of God's dealings with man and to develop an understanding of man's responsibility to God.

The Futurist vs. the Preterist Debate

by Martin Bachicha

My book The Kingdom of the Bride comes from a futuristic paradigm, a feature that makes it quite unique amongst books that are not from a premillennial viewpoint. The reason for this is that most amillennial and postmillennial books come from what is known as the preterist view.

Fallwell: Dangers of gender-neutral Bible

As an evangelical Christian, I believe that the Bible is directly inspired by God, literally a God-breathed intercommunication from the Almighty to man. While many men wrote the Bible over a period of thousands of years, these men were divinely energized to precisely inscribe the words God specifically intended. I am unashamedly an inerrantist.

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