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On, Randall Balmer writes: "...on my characterization of premillennialism as a "theology of despair." Premillennialism, as it emerged late in the 19th century, gave evangelicals permission largely to abandon the arena of social reform to await the imminent return of Jesus (although there are notable exceptions to this pattern of retreat, such as the Salvation Army). This indifference to society on the part of most evangelicals endured until the rise of the Religious Right in the late 1970s."

Matthew 24:34 & Genea: What The Scholars Say

by Mark Smith
Roger Hutchinson, in his article of March/April 2000, created out of thin air new definitions for old words. He changed the definition of generation into a group of people that have things in common. By this bogus definition, Julius Caesar and I are of the same generation, as we both have things in common (eating, breathing, sleeping, etc.). Roger also mutilated the definition of contemporary by totally removing from it any time element. His reasoning for this? None whatsoever, except maybe to win the argument.

MSNBC: LaHaye gets $45 mil. for new novels

Bantam Books has paid close to $45 million for four new novels by Tim Lahaye, a Baptist pastor and co-author of a series of apocalyptic Christian novels whose sales rival those of “Harry Potter.” The deal, encompassing worldwide hardcover and paperback rights, is unprecedented for a Christian fiction series.

Hal Lindsey: Pearl's death leads to Armageddon

The gory details of Pearl's videotaped murder are evidence of the maniacal hatred of his murderers. ...According to biblical prophecy, this hatred will be the spark that ignites Armageddon, the last great war of the world as we know it. It will culminate with the second coming of Christ, who in His human nature is a Jew. And woe to those who have mistreated His people

Charismatic Preterism?

by Benjamin Davis

I recently received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted to talk about “charismatic preterism.” It’s not every day that these two words are used together in a complimentary way, but this conversation was from someone who was overjoyed to find a church that was able to mix the doctrines of the Holy Spirit and His giftings along with preterism. Since we have been sending out our Hidden Manna magazine, we have had several inquiries from people interested to know how a church could hold to the preterist (past-fulfillment) eschatology and still practice and believe in the gifts of the Spirit. Typically, these two theologies have been like oil and water—they haven’t mixed.

Tim LaHaye discounts preterism as 'strange new fad'

In his FAQ concerning prophecy and end-times, Tim LaHaye discounts preterism as a 'strange new fad' and assures 'lovers of prophecy' that he will not let us get away with our heresy: 'After this month's introduction to this strange new fad within the field of Bible Prophecy known as preterism, I will continue a regular article about preterism. I will be dealing with the major arguments of preterism and why they are not biblical. Then I will conclude with a presentation of why prophecy should be interpreted literally and thus understood as future events to our time.' He is not planning another Left Behind is he?

Preterism on Liberty University Study Guide?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Liberty University 'Theology 250: Fundamental Theological Issues' course contains a Study Guide on Preterism. I wonder what will happen when Falwell hears what Dr. Craig Hinkson is up to...

A Case for Preterism

by Jack Van Deventer

How can one hope to promote peace in a world that (we are told) is getting worse and worse, by God's decree no less? Many Christians would have us believe that God sits aloof, unconcerned as the world hurtles toward destruction. They tend to discourage prospects for peace as an effort in futility when the modern day prophets of doom warn, "You don't polish brass on a sinking ship." Such thinking has spawned a preponderance of evangelicals who have retreated as losers from a battle whose victory was assured at the Cross.

The rapture index has been updated updated its 'rapture index' with new numbers. As of yesterday, the rapture index is 179, which is their equivalent of "fasten your seatbelts". Believe it or not, among the considered factors are Interest rates, civil rights, and debt. You have to see this to believe it...

Letter to the Editor

This is a letter sent to the editor of the Daily Ardmoreite by a dispensationalist reader. Note how he implies that God is remotely the cause of the September 11 attack on the United States:

I have a site that you may find interesting.

I have a site that you may find interesting:

Jews bury bombers in pigskin deterrent

JERUSALEM — Jewish settlers have come up with a new way to deter Palestinian suicide bombers — wrapping their corpses in pigskin to deprive them of the fruits of paradise.

Stephen Hawking, inspiration for dispensationalists?

Check out the Question of the Week for Van Impe: Will there be a whole new Garden of Eden on the New Earth forever as when Adam and Eve were happy together?

Spreading the Word on Reality TV

While waiting for the rapture, Christians now decided to get into reality TV. Twelve teenagers drive around California in a Winnebago, get to know each other, bicker about what music to play — and spread the word of God.

The Future of Faith

By Jay Gary
Asking about the future is like asking a codfish if he is aware of water. We breathe air or take in time with about as much thought as a fish takes in water. Rarely do we organize our thoughts around the past, present or future – we just muddle through each day.

Is Gentry suffering from acute 'preto-phobia'?

by Virgil Vaduva
Until just recently, I had a lot of respect for Ken Gentry. I almost religiously read most, if not all of his books, and followed his career with much interest. I said 'until just recently', because just recently I started asking myself if Gentry is suffering from acute 'preto-phobia'.

Ken Ham on Noah's flood and Adam's sin

Ken Ham, of Answers In Genesis ministries discusses Noah's flood on his daily radio program. In arguing that the flood was of a global nature, he claims that if death, disease and bloodshed existed before Adam sinned, we should be able to see it in the fossil record. He concludes "death came after sin".

Vox Day: Satan, science and the supernatural

Vox Day, of WorldNetDaily does a great job on discussing science, Satan and the supernatural, however he spoils his article with the ending: "The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it, nor will it understand until the Son of Man comes again, in power and great glory."

Will Psalm 102 Be Fulfilled in 2002?

by J. R. Church

In September 1983, I ventured upon Psalm 102 in the course of my research. I’m sure I had read it many times over the years, but this time, the prophetic portions caught my eye. I confess that I had always viewed the Psalms as the mere songs of an ancient Jewish culture. Yet, here were verses that seemed to depict the modern birth of Israel out of the tragedies of the holocaust. Here were descriptions of Hitler’s death camps, of archeological digs, and of the repopulation of Jerusalem!

Robertson Warns of Violence in Islam

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A leader of the U.S. Christian right, Pat Robertson, reiterated on Sunday that Islam preached violence and said that Osama bin Laden was a true follower of Islam's founder, the Prophet Mohammed.

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