talks about Death and 'The Rapture'

Tony Beckett, of Back to the Bible radio managed to take Paul's words out of their historical context writing: "Now I know, there are a variety of theological and eschatological themes and interpretations regarding future events (sic). But one thing that stands out, when you read a passage such as this, is that Paul believed Jesus could have returned that very day. The position that I subscribe to, is that there are prophetic events that take place before the Second Coming, when Jesus comes to earth; prior to the Second Coming is this event that we refer to as the Rapture, where Jesus is going to come, and take us out of the world."

Added 'Outline to Preterism' to Encyclopedia

The Liberty University outline to Preterism was proven to be of excellent quality, so we added it to our Encyclopedia. Click here to read the outline. Thank you for your input and participation.

PlanetPreterist Call for Columnists! is just a little over one week old, yet the overwhelming response that we received caused our web server to crash three times. That is a good thing! We want to say thanks, and to show our commitment to the development of a global online preterist community, we are creating a group of PlanetPreterist columnists that would participate in writing articles on our website and allow us to create more original content.

The End will come in August, 2002

Another prophecy expert claims: "The human carrying capacity of Earth has been theoretically breached as of 1985. Stresses related to industrial pollution, exotic fuels, weapon systems, high and low frequency communication systems, high frequency geothermal warfare research and development...Global ecological changes will be experienced late August of 2002 in terms of human casualties related to pathogens, starvation, heat, drought, flooding, plate movement, radiation, and wars related to limited natural resources, etc. "

LaHaye and Falwell launch 'school of prophecy'

With all the other problems that face the Church today solved, LaHaye teamed up with Liberty University to create a one-year diplima 'prophecy school', reports. Falwell said, "We have undertaken this effort with the idea that the school will educate the next generation of Bible prophecy authorities. Dr. LaHaye will serve as president of the school and will be involved in many lecture series in the program.

Weekly Standard: Nostradamus, The True Hollywood Story?

In the most prevalent version of this tall tale, Nostradamus is said to have predicted in 1654 that "In the city of York, there will be a great collapse, two twin brothers will be torn apart by chaos. The third big war will begin when the big city is burning."

Wrong on three levels. This prophecy was written for a college term paper in 1997; Nostradamus wrote in a distinctive style of cryptic quatrains and anagrams; and he couldn't have written anything in 1654 because he died in 1566.

A Second look at the Second Coming

IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU MIGHT THINK. Throughout my years of Bible study, in the area of Evidences, I have often heard it expressed that you can not believe Jesus was just a “good man”, but not the Son of God.

The Lord's Supper

"Why, as preterist, do we still observe the Lord's Supper? Didn't Jesus say we were only to, "do this till I come?" Since Jesus has already come, why do we still observe the Lord's Supper?" (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).

Famous atheist's son now wants prayer in public schools

BOZEMAN (AP) - As the son of a famous atheist, William Murray thought it was great when, as a teen, he learned the U.S. Supreme Court ordered religion out of public schools.
Today at age 56, having completely rejected the teachings of his late mother, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Murray is lobbying to bring prayer back to schools.

The Problem With Premillennialism

by Max King

It generally is recognized that without the New Testament one would have no basis for discerning the meaning of Old Testament promises and prophecies. Berkhof observed that "the main guide to the interpretation of the Old Testament is certainly to be found in the New." Ladd agrees "that there is only one place to find a hermeneutic" for interpreting prophecy and that is "in the New Testament."

Interesting hermeneutics

Tyndale Seminary knew 9/11 'was coming' ?

Mal Couch of Tyndale writes: "Covenant and Reformed allegorists will have nothing to say on what has just happened [9/11 Attack]. Since they accept the Roman Catholic eschatology, and think the church is the kingdom, they can have nothing to say about the return of the Jews to the Holy Land. And remember, what has just happened in New York is about Israel, and America’s support of that people who have returned from their scattering."

Democrats rip apart war on terror

After months of marching in lockstep with President Bush on the war on terror, some Democrats in Washington are starting to veer off into their own direction and criticize the effort and the spending planned for it.

The True Israel of God

by L. R. Shelton

Based upon the clear teachings of God's holy, inerrant, unbroken, verbally inspired Word, our purpose in this study on THE TRUE ISRAEL OF GOD is to show that the Scriptures teach in clear, bold, unmistakable truths, that all believers, God's children by the new birth, are the true Israel of God; and that they, and they alone, are God's chosen people upon the earth today and are the present heirs of the promises made to Abraham and his seed in Christ.

The Conservative Theological Society attacks

After posting a message on about our new website, the CTS Online Editor, Pastor Eric Peterman locked down the discussion forum (which is a forum on Preterism) and issued a strong warning against Preterism, warning which our staff found extremely amusing and just plain whacky. Click on Read More to read Peterman's reply...this is a must see.

Cancer caused by 'the Curse'?

The institute for Creation Research has concluded that "...the tragedy of cancer is the result of ongoing genetic deterioration in our body cells, and as such is a manifestation of the Edenic curse of decay and death. However, a close look at cancer biology can give us a deeper appreciation of the vast wisdom and goodness of God, and of the unutterable vileness of sin."

The End Times Christian Spiritual Survival Page

The End Times Christian Spiritual Survival Page

For your physical and spiritual needs on how to survive the end times.

Complete with demons and aliens...

Officials Worry U.S. Extremists May Team Up With Foreign Groups

WASHINGTON — U.S. authorities are monitoring a growing number of contacts between American extremists and foreign terrorist groups to make sure the two don't begin collaborating on attacks, government officials say.

The Lowdown on God's Showdown

An excellent article from an atheist tearing apart dispensationalism. The author also attacks the preterist view (but from a futurist perspective)

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