Messageboard Flooding -- Censored!

by Parker
The Conservative Theological Society made its clearest statement to date about the aims and uses of its messageboard forum. The netizens at Planet Preterist were beginning to wonder, "why does CTS have a preterist section at all"? Online Editor and Pastor Eric Peterman politely answers that question with his recent post, restating that anyone is welcome to visit CTS and ask questions -- but no flooding please, and respect the CTS guidelines.

Ice rips Gentry over Christians being called Israel

In his January newsletter, Thomas Ice discusses Gentry's position on the 'Church being Israel': "Reconstructionist Ken Gentry declares, 'The people of God are expanded from Israel of the Old Testament to the universal Church of the New Testament, becoming the Israel of God.' Even though the Bible does not teach what Gentry just stated, he compounds his error by trying to defend such a view when he says, 'Christians are called by the name Israel'"

Come now let us reason together

by Lee Hodges
About a year ago I visited the grounds of the historic Chichamauga Battle Field in Fort Ogelthorpe, GA., and I was vividly reminded that change often doesn’t come easily. Fortunately our nation’s internal battle led to our present United States of America, but obviously at a great price.

NRB Controversy Continues

In a conciliatory move aimed at repairing a rift among National Religious Broadcasters, Robert Neff, vice president of Moody Broadcasting Network, issued an apology for "certain words" used in his letter to NRB Chairman Glenn Plummer. "I expressed myself in a way I should not have," Neff told WorldNetDaily, referencing the Feb. 21 letter protesting the decision by the NRB executive committee and board to accept Wayne Pederson's resignation as president of the organization.

Scriptural Speech Censored!

by Michael Overbay
Recently the Conservative Theological Society has taken a stand against Preterism in the form of censorship and labeling those who follow Preterism as ‘Heretics’.

The Conservative Theological Society censors preterism, can't take the pressure

Submmited by BJ Parker: After the fallout from last week, when The Conservative Theological Society attacked PlanetPreterist on their message boards, they added insult to injury by changing their membership agreement today, to make sure that preterists can't openly participate in their discussions and in order to "protect their flocks" as pastors.

Powell condemns 'war on Palestinians'

US Secretary of State Colin Powell has strongly criticised Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as Israel launched more attacks against Palestinian targets in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Mr Powell told a congressional committee in Washington that he disagreed with Mr Sharon's plan to use Israel's military might to force the Palestinians back to negotiations.

Don Preston challenges Phil Geissler over heresy charge

Don Preston contacted PlanetPreterist writing: "Many of you who visit this site will be aware that the Christian News, the
official publication of the Missouri Synod Lutheran church, has recently published several articles condemning the preterist view of prophecy. Those who dare believe that Jesus kept his word to return when he said he would
are now labelled as heretics and false teachers. In response to those articles, I (Don K. Preston) have written a letter to the editor of the
Christian News, Mr. Peter Otten, challenging the News to sponsor a public oral debate between Mr. Phil Geissler, PhD, and me. The letter that I sent
is posted below.

Hemorrhagic fever breaks out in Afghanistan

MAZAR-E-SHARIF, Afghanistan (AP) - A form of hemorrhagic fever has broken out in eastern Afghanistan reportedly killing 28 people and raising fears that the disease could spread, a U.N. official said Wednesday.

The number of deaths was not confirmed, and it was not immediately clear over what period they had occurred, said Farhana Faruqi, the head of the U.N. delegation in northern Afghanistan.

Dozens of Israelis Deported for Espionage

WASHINGTON (AP) - Authorities have arrested and deported dozens of young Israelis since early last year who represented themselves as art students in efforts to gain access to sensitive federal office buildings and the homes of government employees, U.S. officials said.

John Noe: Why Does the Prophecy Reformation Matter?

The historic Church, and we in it today, have been guilty of falsely prophesying a half-truth faith to a still-waiting world. So, we must ask: if this half-truth faith has been as effective as it has, and as God has allowed, then how much more effective and God-empowered would be the proclamation and practice of a whole-truth faith – that is, one which really "was [past tense] once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude 3)?

Violence rages in Gaza

Violence raged unabated in the Mideast on Wednesday despite a renewed effort by the United States and Egypt to bring an end to bloodshed in the region. Early Wednesday, Israeli forces swept into the Gaza Strip to hunt for Palestinian militants staging relentless attacks on Israel. Seven Palestinians, including three civilians, and two Israeli soldiers were killed in the assaults.

Amillennialists Are Running?

Dr. John Walvoord said about the events in New York City: “This is a social disruption that is clearly leading us toward the tribulation, but it is not a tribulation event per se. The world is being set up for end time events!

Study shows family planning clinics increase teen pregnancies...

The Government's commitment to cutting the high teenage pregnancy rate in Britain by improving young people's access to contraception is "completely wrong and misguided", according to research published today. A 14-year study conducted in 16 areas found no evidence that family planning services reduced the pregnancy rate among girls under 16.

New Features and Content added...

Today we added a new Search feature to our website. When you use the Search box located in the upper right-hand corner and search for a word, the search is performed on both Articles posted on PlanetPreterist and also contents in the Encyclopedia. We also added new content to the Encyclopedia such as Edersheim's Temple and its Ministry, several Biographies of church fathers, some Henry Cowles Commentaries, and Origen's De Principiis, Contra Celsus, and his Commentary on John. Under homilies, we added Chrysostom's Adversus Judaeos and three homilies on Matthew 24. We hope that these additions will benefit all of us and help us learn more about God's Word...

No Fear of the Text

by Gary DeMar

Tim LaHaye has written another book on prophecy. No Fear of the Storm was written because LaHaye recognizes that dispensational premillennialism is in trouble. As LaHaye tells it, numerous Christians who once held the pre-tribulational rapture theory are abandoning the system. You know when a majority position is in trouble when some of its biggest guns have to publish a spirited and party-line defense for the purpose of regathering the once faithful pre-tribulational troops.

Priest says he can levitate, heal, know future...

The young Croat-born cleric known as the stigmata priest is due at a Bensonhurst church next week, and the pastor says he's getting nervous...Sudac claims to have supernatural gifts, including stigmata, or marks, on his body that resemble those on the body of Jesus Christ when he was crucified.

The Judgment Seat of Christ

The New Testament is explicit that a day is coming when believers "must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ" (2 Cor. 5:10). There could hardly be a more sobering reality...Christ will judge the living and dead "at his appearing" (2 Tim. 4:1; cf. Mt. 16:27; Lk. 14:14; 1 Cor. 15:23; Rev. 22:12).

The New View of The Testimonium of Josephus

In 1995 a discovery was published that brought important new evidence to the debate over the Testimonium Flavianum. For the first time it was pointed out that Josephus' description of Jesus showed an unusual similarity with another early description of Jesus. It was established statistically that the similarity was too close to have appeared by chance. Further study showed that Josephus' description was not derived from this other text, but rather that both were based on a Jewish-Christian "gospel" that has since been lost. For the first time, it has become possible to prove that the Jesus account cannot have been a complete forgery and even to identify which parts were written by Josephus and which were added by a later interpolator.

Christ to touchdown in Jordan in 2009?

While psychics have erroneously predicted the end of time, the Bible is very clear and accurate about the events that must occur before Yeshua (God in the flesh) returns to this earth. It will happen seven years to the day after a peace treaty is signed between Israel and its enemies.

The Amphitheatre, Petra
Some so-called experts have speculated that agreement could be the Wye Memorandum. However, there's no solid foundation for believing that being the "End Times treaty."

However, one thing is for certain, Yeshua (Messiah Jesus) will first touchdown at Petra, Southern Jordan, according to a detailed study by scholars at Congregation Yeshuat Yisrael in Nashville, Tenn......

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