Author Believes That Bill Clinton Is 666

The author of "ABBA's Ark" believes that Bill Clinton is 666. This is an excerpt from Bill Koenig's "Prophecy Update" newsletter. I personally sense that this Bible code discovery is not a coincidence. The fruits and mode of operations of Bill Clinton is extremely evil. He has single-handedly put our country and Israel in the worst possible situation. I believe that the timing of this revelation is extremely Biblical as it says to:

Afikomen Means "I Come!"

This is a very interesting article from Prophecy in the News ( Although written by a dispensationalist, it provides interesting details on the Jewish Passover ( March 28, 2002), and the symbolism and meaning of of each of the four Passover cups. Ironically, even with all the symbolism and parallels provided by the Passover rituals, the author still fails to see how close he is to understanding God's realized plan.

Seventy Weeks of Daniel

by Todd Dennis

In Daniel, chapter nine, the angel Gabriel told Daniel that there were "seventy weeks" determined upon the people of Israel as a nation. Verse 26 shows that the completion of this seventy week period would specifically bring the destruction of the city and the sanctuary of Jerusalem. Christ, in describing the sinfulness of the Jewish leaders in Matthew 23, closed by saying that upon that generation would come all of the righteous blood shed since Abel's.

White House cuts aid request for Israel

The White House this week decided to cut a substantial supplemental aid package to Israel requested by the State Department for beefing up internal security in the country racked by a spate of terror attacks in the last month, according to administration and congressional sources. "This money was originally supposed to be part of a security package promised at the end of the Clinton Administration," one State Department official.

World will end in 1998, Al Gore is the Beast and Bill Gates his helper

Besides claiming that Al Gore is the Beast and Bill Gates is one of his minions, a strange website also claims "After a life-long study of this number I have wanted to put my discoveries about it down in writing so as to warn all Christians, and even non-Christians, of the earth-shaking events that will take place starting in the year 1998(sic), the year that the Rapture will take place and the events leading to the end of the world will begin. Although this prophecy may seem far-fetched to you, when you finish reading this little tract, I have no doubt that you will share my view that these events will inevitably take place and that they are derivable from the properties of 666."

Van Impe no longer believes in the End of the World!

Jack Van Impe, no longer believes in the End of the World. While he did not abandon the rest of his theology, he apparently abandoned his position on a "physical destruction" of the world. In his March 09, 2002 broadcast, he quotes numerous scripture verses to support the position that this world is a "world without end" or that "earth abides forever".

It's The Church Stupid!

by Albert Persohn

We Preterists Have our Work Cut Out for Us.

by Jim Hartline
We preterists have our work cut out for us.
Most of the Christian world has been taught the futurist premillenial-dispensationalist doctrine for well over 100 years and they're firmly rooted in a doctrine with a faulty foundation. It pervades almost every denomination. Fundamentalists and Charismatics will almost fight over the doctrine of the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but they will agree whole-heartedly on the doctrine of a future "Great Tribulation" (which they think is prophesied for the whole world) and on the "rapture" doctrine.

Jack Kinsella sticks up for Hal Lindesy: Preterists hate futurists!

The website, which is maintained by an individual named Jack Kinsella, has the following to say about preterists in an article defending Hal Lindsey's doctrine: "Preterists hate the idea of a pre-Tribulation Rapture. First, in their view, it can’t happen. If the Tribulation took place in AD 70, then the Rapture either already happened, or it is a fairy tale. They prefer the ‘fairy tale’ label, calling the Rapture the “Great Escape Plot”. Preterists have a particular hatred for futurists.". He goes on to quote some e-mail forwarded to him by Lindsey...

Father, Son Dead; Family Wonders Why

As Israeli forces rumbled close to his house, 54-year-old Abdul Rahman Izzadin headed up the stairs and called down to his wife, children and grandchildren to stay indoors. Those were the last words they heard him say. At the top of the stairs, as he reached to close the metal door leading to the rooftop, he was shot three times -- in the ear, neck and cheek -- and killed instantly, apparently by an Israeli sniper on the roof of an adjacent house that neighbors said the army had commandeered. Moments later, when Izzadin's 36-year-old son Walid rushed to his father's aid, he, too, was shot to death.

Back to the Future - The Preterist Perspective

by Kenneth L. Gentry

With a recent flurry of books and conferences, the preterist perspective is beginning to make its presence felt in current prophecy discussions. Unfortunately, dispensational eschatology, which arose in the 1830s and is built on the futurist system, thoroughly dominates evangelical preaching, education, publishing, and broadcasting today. Consequently, evangelical Christians are largely unfamiliar with preterism, making it seem to be the "new kid on the block." Preterism, however, is as hoary with age as is futurism. And despite its overshadowing in this century, it has been well represented by leading Bible-believing scholars through the centuries into our current day.

Jerusalem: Sweet, Holy City of Conflicts

This is a very educational article on Israel and Jerusalem coming from The land now known as Israel itself is such a tiny stretch of land and the people, both Palestinians and Jews live in a manner that is so interconnected that a Jewish town can lay so close to a Palestinian town. There are villages regarded by the Palestinians as theirs right in the heart of Jewish settlements just as the Jews have villages dating back hundreds of years in Palestinian areas.

Don Preston challenges Phil Geissler over heresy charge - Update

Don Preston contacted PlanetPreterist with an update: "I failed to send along the email address for the Christian News. It is Those interested in seeing a debate take place between Dr. Geissler and myself should send them a note to that effect. Many of you who visit this site will be aware that the Christian News, the official publication of the Missouri Synod Lutheran church, has recently published several articles condemning the preterist view of prophecy as heresy..."

The Trouble with Futurism

by Arthur J. Melanson

Futurism creates a myth about Biblical end-times. It has to, because Futurism ignores Biblical evidence and substitutes the tawdry traditions of men. Thus we have a myth about the end-times, a myth that leads Christians to believe things that are not so.

The New Heavens and the New Earth

There are those who would object to my conclusions regarding the New Covenant. They are futurists who believe that the consummation of the Kingdom is yet future. Even though some of them would admit that the New Heavens and the New Earth are a present reality, they look for a completed Kingdom in the far off future.

No more fear motivation and short-term thinking

by Lee Hodges
The doctrine of an imminent second coming has been used to produce fear in the hearts of both believers and non-believers for as long as I can remember. It reminds me of the mother that tells her child, “you just wait until your daddy gets home.” To the dispensationallist the second coming is often used to motivate people to come to Christ and avoid being left behind at the rapture.

A Call to Abandon Dispensationalism: Time is not running out!

The greatest obstacle dispensationalism faces is time. With each year that passes and with every prophetic prediction that fails to ‘come to pass’, Dispensationalism losses face. At the rate it is losing face it won’t be too much longer and no one will be able to recognize it.

Orlando Sentinel: Is Pat Robertson a prophet?

Last Sunday, I mentioned Pat Robertson's warnings about what God might do to Orlando because the city flew gay-pride flags downtown. The list of items included hurricanes, fires, terrorist attacks and killer asteroids from outer space.

Tearing Down and Building Up

I happened to come across a very preterist-ish sermon from the Chinese Theological Review on East Gate International Ministries. I just thought I'd share it with you all.

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