You are hereMichael Fenemore Carries the Torch in British Columbia

Michael Fenemore Carries the Torch in British Columbia

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By Virgil - Posted on 24 October 2005

When my phone rang this weekend and the name on the caller ID looked familiar I answered and was glad I did. Michael Fenemore of called to let me know that the local paper published his letter to the editor in reponse to an article by Narayan Mitra, Do Katrina, Rita, portend end times? Michael's answer was perfect.RE: Kamloops This Week, October 14 - Do Katrina, Rita, portend end times? by Narayan Mitra

In the Oct. 14 edition of KTW, Narayan Mitra encouraged Christians to prepare for a future Second Coming of Christ by keeping “ready all the time for the Lord’s glory.” What he failed to mention is that Jesus predicted his return would take place in the first century. All the apostles taught the same thing because, of course, that’s what they had been taught by Jesus. Furthermore, Christ said that the Holy Spirit would guide the apostles into “all truth” and show them “what is yet to come” (John 16:13, NIV). So whatever the apostles said was “to come” must have been inspired by the Holy Spirit. If the Second Coming failed to occur when it was supposed to, why would any sensible person believe that it will take place in the future? To maintain the credibility of Jesus, the apostles, the Holy Spirit and the Bible, Christians have only one reasonable option: Jesus must have returned in the first century exactly when he said he would. For those who are baffled as to how that could be possible, I suggest the short article Were the Apostles False Prophets? found at


Michael A. Fenemore

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Awesome! Now I know of a fellow British Columbian (besides my father-in-law) with whom I share a common eschatological and hermeneutical framework! I have a feeling Mr. Fenemore and I will be interacting further in the near future!

John McPherson

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