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Why the Big Deal about Janet Jackson's Breasts?

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By Virgil - Posted on 03 February 2004

by Virgil Vaduva
Since the Super bowl half time "show", I had many conversations with friends about the display of Janet Jackson's breast to a world audience. What I want to inquire, is why are so many people, especially Christians so outraged over this event?Since the Super bowl half time "show", I had many conversations with friends about the display of Janet Jackson's breast to a world audience. What I want to inquire, is why are so many people, especially Christians so outraged over this event?Christian organizations, family groups, and ultimately, the federal government personified in this instance by the FCC, are all “outraged and appalled” by the raunchy display of skin during the MTV-produced half-time show. But is the outrage over what happened or over the realization that we as Christians are in fact failing miserably at making a difference in the world?

No more than two or three weeks ago, the FCC issued a ruling that restricted the freedom of Christian Television stations by forcing them to dedicate at least 50% of their programming to education rather than proselytizing – in January, the FCC ruled that Bono’s use of the f- word during the live broadcast of the Golden Globe awards was not necessarily crude and obscene since it was only used as “an adjective.” In December, the FCC completely ignored the use of the words “f---ing“ and “cowsh-t” by Nicole Richie, following on a long tradition of zero enforcement of broadcast regulations. With this kind of history, should be honestly believe that suddenly, on February 1, concerns with decency took a front-seat?

The events, which took place on Sunday during the Super bowl, are not as much outrageous, as they are ironic, in that they underline the ineffectiveness of Christians in today’s society. American Christians surrendered to the liberal media long ago – even now, we still continue to deal with the results of our ineffectiveness, rather than dealing with the core problem: i.e. why are we where we are today?

Certainly, in the light of recent eschatological developments, the Y2K expectations clearly appear to catch up with us and haunt us beyond their own demise: the world is supposed to get more and more evil and the return of Christ nears. In fact, for the sake of consistency, futurists objecting to Sunday’s show are in fact disobeying the Bible: “Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong; and the one who is filthy still be filthy...” (Rev. 22:11)

That is why I am appealing now to futurists, asking them to articulate an objection to Janet Jackson’s breast display – hopefully an objection that goes beyond the “it’s just not right” idea.

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I haven't watched professional sports in years now because of the egos and big money (to say nothing of raucus and personally objectionable half-time exhibitions). This year's Super Bowl was no exception.

Nevertheless, from all the previews of the half-time performance in the days leading up to the game, it seemed obvious to me that it was not going to be family fare. In fact, it didn't look like anything I thought Christians would even allow to be viewed in their homes, even if they watched the game.

All the guilty parties say they didn't know what was going to happen at the end of the number but they knew what all the rest of the offensive presentation was going to be and did nothing to stop it.

It is indeed a sign of where we are as a culture which has lost its moorings. The blame lies squarely in the failed witness of the Christian community. If one needs any evidence, just follow the next election cycle where most Christians will continue to support a man who has shown great disregard for the law of this land.

The encouraging news is that growing numbers of Christians are being exposed to preterism and the glory of the gospel of Christ is beginning to shine brighter than it has in most of Christian history.

It may not be in our lifetimes, but the day is coming when the glory of the kingdom will burn away the blackness of the culture of death which has now gripped our country for three decades.

I rejoice to be making the journey with you all.

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Part of the problem is the idiot running the NFL. I think he has some version of a "small man's complex" and loves to hang out with the Hollywood types. Pete Rozelle would never have put up with any of the half time garbage we've seen over the past decade. IMHO.



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Thanks Virgil for your article. It should surprise no one that what took place at the half time show really happened. That is mild compared to much of what takes place on the air waves each and every day. Many Christians today sing a good song and dance a great dance for all to see, but when it comes right down to it we really are not concerned at all about such stints. Many Christians today sit back and see these type of things and respond by saying " WELL JESUS SAID THESE THINGS WOULD HAPPEN BEFORE HE RETURNED" Today's brand of Christianity is a far cry from what was lived out in the first century church. Today we sit back and demand that our government pass morality laws to keep poeple in line and when those don't work! well it's real easy to blame the government for not enforcing the LAW. Creating morality laws changes no one. What changes poeple is Love,not condemnation! Christians have tryed the latter far to long. I think it's time to try the Love part!

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Excellent and insightful, Virgil. Keep up the good work!

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Good exclamatory Virgil!

Your admonition is great for the body of Christ. Unless the futurist has a change in his eschatology he is going to hope that the next rapture speculation will get him out of this mess.

Looks like we, the Nation of Christian Israel (“You are…a holy nation…”, 1 PE 2:9), should be more resolute to teach the other nations like the USA, to “obey everything” Jesus Christ taught, Matt. 28:20. If they agree, things will progressively get better for them and us: if not, we’re all going to be hindered physically, and we…Spiritually expanded.

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May the veil be thrown off of the world in which a majority of Christians are (sadly) futurists. According to their false doctrine, the world is to continue down a spiraling path, nearly hitting bottom, when suddenly a bright light in the sky will appear and all the good little boys and girls will be elevated to heaven.

It's a nice story, but as we can all see, and as you pointed out specifically, the extra baggage that comes with futurism is the mindset that, "well, if the world is just gunna keep gettin' worse, then screw it! C'mon everyone! Let's kick back and wait for the finale."

Which is why, in my opinion, futurism needs to be stopped at all costs. But of course, futurism is not the ONLY problem facing the church today. I would argue that a sense of materialism also captivates a good portion of the church; along with the concept of "the purpose of my life is to make money so I can buy a nice house and a bunch of junk I don't need."

Come quickly Lord Jesus... wait-- maybe we should do something to counter our culture?!



JL Vaughn
Beyond Creation Science

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