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Welcome to a new Planet Preterist

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By Virgil - Posted on 20 January 2010

So for the first time since 2002 Planet Preterist has a new back-end and a new face, which may be confusing to a lot of the old timers who were used with our old interface.

Unfortunately the migration to the new Drupal CMS system was a necessary painful step and involved a lot of custom programming and time. Even now, it is not fully complete and there is a number of things still left to migrate over, so I've created a list of things which are and are not working; please read it before asking questions about the new site:

What to do first:
- Login and go to your profile to manage all your settings.

- Upload a picture to your profile, so we can all see who we are talking to.

- Set up your Twitter account under your profile so you can tweet all your contributions here automatically.

- Set a different theme if you don't like the way the site looks.

- Start creating; you can blog here and your posts should go straight to the front page.

What's Working and why the site was changed:

- All original stories and user accounts and profile info is here.

- Thanks to flypaper's help all 43,000 comments associated with articles were also moved.

- You should be able to login with your PP username and password.

- Site search is much better; because of the huge amount of data, it will take several days for the entire site to be indexed, so some searches may not work until done. - Drupal is much more flexible and easy to manage.

- Drupal also comes with its own blogging integration, which means all users can blog within the site here.

- A last important note, if you have links back to the old website, they will be broken until I figure out a way to keep the original links - this will be a top priority!

What's NOT Working yet:

- Forum content has not yet been moved, so the old Forum discussions are not yet available here.

- Encyclopedia entries and static pages have not yet been moved.

- For now, the original blogs on PP will continue to operate at

(replace "username" with your username)

- Some of the blocks are still being redesigned so be patient. If you notice any other things not working right, please post a comment below and let me know. Otherwise, visit your profile, post a picture of yourself and volunteer to become and admin here to help me out with posting new content, stories and make the site more vibrant and dynamic.

Thanks, Virgil Vaduva

Meanwhile, feel free to browse some pictures from the Subversion 2009 conference below:

Virgil's picture

Yes...especially for the "hello world" title. At least it wasn't print_r($helloworld());

mazuur's picture

Hey Virgil,

I tried to upload my picture, but it tells me the directory where it tries to put the file doesn't exist, or something like that. I modified the image size to 85x85 and all, but no luck.



Virgil's picture

It's fixed....sorry about that. Going from development to production screwed up some things apparently. It's a cosmic force at work every time...

mazuur's picture


Hey, I see you are located in Columbia SC. I just may be moving to Columbia SC this spring/summer. I'm currently being interviewed by Navistar, which has a plant there, and if they are willing to meet my demands then off I go.

It will be nice to possibly be able to hook up with another Preterist.



mazuur's picture

Yeah, I was there. Don't remember eating Chinese for lunch. Don't think I did. I brought a friend this last year, so I believe I ate with him everyday.

email me at, I have a lot of questions I'd like to run by you about Columbia.



chrisliv's picture

Yeah, just went to Drupal, too.

That interim page for the transition period was absolutely hilarious, to me.

Peace and blessings to Planet Preterist staff efforts,
C. Livingstone

Virgil's picture

What staff? :)

chrisliv's picture


I didn't know if there were others involved, or not.

So, I guess that's more peace and blessing for you, Virgil.

Peace to you all,
C. Livingstone

jcarter's picture

It looks good. the 'staff' should be pleased with themselves.

There is no life without prayer. Without prayer there is only madness and horror. - Vasilii Rozanov

plymouthrock's picture

Ordinarily, I am all for upgrades. But this time, I have to say I miss the old interface!


Virgil's picture

no way...cmon! :)

Chris's picture

That always happens when a UI changes. At first people don't like it, but after a while, you'll forget about the old one...

psychohmike's picture

You know you're getting old when you don't want old sites to change.

Virgil's picture

Who are you calling old??

Jamie's picture

I like:) Good job sweetie!

Eternalstrangers's picture

I really like this new format. It screams 21C, lol. Drupal is good because it is very stable across all platforms. Going to go read and play around. cheers


Cheers, Karen

Purveyor of fine Equines to the Apocalypse

Now taking orders for 2012

KingNeb's picture

Virgil, this is funny. I visited PP on my new iPhone to see how things look and saw the new theme. I was like, "wow, this mobile version is totally different than the original." Then i read about the changes. ROFL.

Have you thought about implementing a mobile version? I just installed one on RCM yesterday. Runs nice.

Anywho, nice look! Comments should be easier to follow as well. BTW, i will be in Indianapolis for three weeks, so if you happen to be in or near, we should hook up!

Hope Drupal works well for you. peace.

Virgil's picture

Yes, that's a priority Jason since a lot of people visiting here have iphones too. I just need to find a reliable theme switcher module and a decent mobile theme. The ones I looked at so far are pretty lame. If you know of working mobile themes, let me know! :)

I am not sure I can make it to indy but you can get together with another dude there..just give him a ring!

psychohmike's picture

Say hi to Roderick for me. 8)

Katherine's picture

I know I visited to read but I forgot all about signing up here.  

Nice format, Virgil. LOL @ your comments re: age. I say the same stuff about age.  :)

Hey Columbia Carolinian, I'm in Campobello which is in Spartanburg. That's pretty close in the virtual world!

Good to meet all here....


Eternalstrangers's picture

Virgil, you could put a PP group on FB and direct people here. You can get the blogs to come up (haven't played around with it myself, but in other groups that do) and maybe get some people along who would not otherwise learn the truth. I just see it as a tool for witness, etc.

Cheers, Karen

Purveyor of fine Equines to the Apocalypse

Now taking orders for 2012

Missina's picture

I hadn't visited the site in a bit, and I came back to this! Wow! I think it looks very professional. Gives preterism a bit more credibility on the web now, haha ;)

Virgil's picture

Who needs credibility when we have Tina Fey on our side? :)

SuperSoulFighter's picture

You're right! I DO see the similarity! :D

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Love the new appearance and functionality (such as it is so far) of the site, Virgil! Great work! I also love the way you replaced the Christ crucified graphic header with the Greek text. Much better! Another possibility might be "Christ as Regent", with a crown, seated on a throne or something of that nature.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this. I'll be contributing fresh new material very soon.


Virgil's picture

I am working on adding more graphics and improving things as I have time in the evenings after work, but thanks.

You should be able to add a new column to the site any time you want, under Create > Column. I hope you can continue to contribute here John. :)

SuperSoulFighter's picture

I just took a quick peek at my archived articles and noticed a tiny format glitch. Nothing serious....just something to take a peek at when you have time. The old site had the first paragraph of every article in an intro box on the main page as a "preview". Then, when you opened the main article that paragraph was included in the body of the main text. The opening paragraph seems to be duplicated in this new site - probably because that intro paragraph in the preview box was included as part of the main body of the text when transferred here.

Again...thanks for the awesome job you've done here! I'll be contributing several articles as time permits in the new year!


Virgil's picture

John, I will take a look. You also can click on the edit tab at the top of each of your articles to edit them and make changes if you need to. I'll go through them and see what's wrong though.

psychohmike's picture

Don't forget to add a nifty Preterist Radio Banner to you're lovely new site. 8)

If you'd like something that has a color that's more in tune with your site...Let me know.

Virgil's picture

Mike, the images at the top are not really "banners" as they are part of the general theme of the site. I'll think of ways to incorporate your stuff here but we may have to redesign a few things to make it look as it belongs here rather than just throwing various graphics up on the site. I'll send you an email about it later :)

psychohmike's picture

Eye eye Captain Crunch!!!

deafpreterist's picture

Are all of my posts gone forever? This one looks okay, I like the old one.

Virgil's picture

The forums are still on the old site and I am looking into ways to migrate all the content over and I hope it's doable. I am hoping it will be done this coming weekend :)

deafpreterist's picture

Virgil, I don't seem to find my old posts in forum. There are some stuffs I would like to make some copies in there instead of redo. Do you have a link where I can get an access? Or are you still planning to have ALL posts back in the forum? Thanks.

spiderich's picture

Hi Virgil,

Call me whacked, but where is the log out function?

Richard G.

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