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Video: Fr. Thomas Hopko on Armageddon

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By Virgil - Posted on 07 February 2009

Fr. Thomas Hopko, a long time minister in the Orthodox Church is presenting what I think is probably on of the best message on fulfilled eschatology and the Kingdom/Gospel narrative I have ever heard. His message on Armageddon is rather long but it is typical for Orthdox sermons and in terms of content it is also in line with the "heaven now" view present throughout Orthodox theology - and this is nothing new among Eastern Christians as Preterism has been present throughout Eastern Orthodox theology since the early church. Hopko deals with the importance of the destruction of the Jewish temple, the meaning of the "end of the age" and why Christians should be troubled by efforts to rebuild a temple in Jerusalem; he humbly and successfully puts Christ squarely at the center of the narrative - most importantly he ties the message of the Apocalypse to the cyclical eschatological narrative of each generation of believers. This is a must-see presentation, so if you can, put two hours aside and watch it.

watton's picture

I found this talk highly informative and entertaining. Don't miss the Q&A at the end! As an Orthodox christian myself I am glad to see the preterist position expoused by one with such exceptional credentials in the Orthodox Church. Although it is a partial preterist position; Hopko is basically where Chilton was in _Days of Vengence_ and he has no hesitation to identify the Babylon of Revelation as apostate Jerusalem. (The _Orthodox Study Bible_ sticks with Rome, ugh!) The Orthodox are a very creedal church and having to recite "...and he will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.." daily, leaves no room for the full preterist position. And that is easy to justify because as Hopko says you only need to look out the window to see that he has not come. Presumably because Rev 20:11-21:27 talks about a great white throne judgement, a new creation, a new Jerusalem, basically a regained Paradise that is not evident in the world which is evidently still fallen. Although Hopko admits a coming in judgement on Jerusalem. He is also very clever in spiritualizing the battle of Armegeddon - which was his actual topic although he roamed all over the place! As for the millenium, the Orthodox are amillenial in general and do not believe in a literal earthly millenial kingdom - it is strictly a heavenly reign of Christ with the souls of the early martyr's (Rev 20:4).

Maybe I read a lot of my own position back into Hopko, but check his talk out for yourself!


Virgil's picture

I am not sure I would identify him as a "partial preterist." He sees a full eschatological fulfillment in the first century and continues to see eschatological relevance in each subsequent generation(s) of believers. That's not partial preterism.

Either way, the label does not ultimately matter...the video is fantastic.

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Actually Virgil I think what he presented was most definitely a fusion of both partial prêterism and idealism… that said, some of his perspectives were rather interesting.


Virgil's picture

I think he is right on with much of what he said! I am sure he is still a dangerous heretic according to Todd Dennis!! :)

davo's picture

lol… I should add a PS: I noticed according to the intro he had an early pastorate in Warren Ohio… I wonder IF that other "heretic" Max King got in his ear way back when… ?? ;)


Virgil's picture

That very thing crossed my mind know, we may be joking about it but anything is possible!

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Did I miss a link? Are you referring to this?


Virgil's picture

Yes or you could just click on the play button above :)

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