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Todd Dennis and his Cult of Personal Destruction

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By Virgil - Posted on 08 May 2008

Since I became a Preterist I only spoke with Todd Dennis twice on the phone, so I don't really know the man very well at all; I also don't keep track of everything happening out there in the Preterist netherworld, of who hates who and who shanks who in order to get up to the top. I was therefore quite surprised when a few days ago someone sent me a note with a quote from Todd Dennis: "[I] wait until Planet Preterist was on its last leg & then come in & deliver the death blow." Does it sound like Todd Denis is the kind of guy that would kick someone when he is down? It does to me.This made me even more curious, so I started looking into what is happening with Todd and his website, and even attempting to understand the system he invented called “preterist idealism.” I sent out a few emails to folks asking what is going on with him and about these statements he is making towards people he barely knows, then I was even more surprised when someone wrote back with this response:

Todd blames the loss of his family and the divorce on full-preterism, and particularly universalism (which he believes is inherently rooted in full-preterism)...Todd blames you and a few other full-preterist promoters for his family tragedy.

Ok, is your mouth still hanging open?

Now, I will be happy to take the blame for the Castro-looking coffee stain on my shirt, the times when I cut people off in traffic and even my attempt to trademark Preterism, but to be blamed for someone's divorce is really a new one for me. I've had people blame me for anything and everything related to theology, but was never blamed for a divorce, and while I don't want to poke fun at Todd's situation, I assure him and everyone else that I have never met his ex-wife nor was I ever alone in a room with her.

Now, with that said, Todd Dennis does not seem to be the guy to go face someone like a man. I called him yesterday to discuss these newfound revelations and he did not respond or called back. Granted I am a little slow and I may be behind the times and dates regarding his "masterful plan" to destroy Preterism, but he could at least take my calls and say hello. So I don't know what is more troubling: the arrogance of a stranger who sees himself as powerful and important as to being able to destroy relationships and people, or the cowardice of a stranger who is unable to face the people he is attempting to destroy?

Whether or not Todd sees the wrong in what he is doing can be debated, but is that even the point? Is it not true that throughout the past 6 years or so, this place, Planet Preterist has been one of the most open, generous and growing places for Preterists online? Looking back at all the gathering places for us Preterists, this website has been growing steadily and surely. When we started in 2002 the website received a little over 5,000 page views and had about 75 registered users. Only in 2008 so far the website received 1.8 million page views and it looks like we will crack the 2 million views mark for the first time with 4,640 registered users as of today, and most readers of the website are non-registered users. Not bad for a place on its last leg.

Another one of the en vogue accusations thrown at Preterists now is that “Preterism is a cult.” I noticed this being thrown around by a couple of Todd's followers. Let me address this very quickly. Doctors Lanja Lalich and Michael Langone with the American Family Foundation created a checklist of fourteen characteristics of a cult. Rather than going into the whole list in detail (you can read it all yourself here:, there are three characteristics which immediately jump out:

Questioning, doubt and dissent are discouraged or even punished – About two years ago, Planet Preterist hosted a month of doubt, where we encouraged everyone to openly and anonymously if necessary express doubt in public. This really irked the certainty police to the point of sending out mass emails warning folks about Planet Preterist encouraging Christians to doubt and ask questions. I get the feeling that we are overdue for another session of expressing our doubts and questions openly and without fear.

The group is elitist – Since the very beginning, Planet Preterist has accepted anyone and everyone willing to write, comment and participate here and in our conferences; all we ever asked was to respect other opinions and do not personally attack others. In opposition to that, Todd Dennis wrote: “Consistency within the system is really what sets the newbies apart from the more experienced, generally speaking. Just like with Dispensationalism, one can believe that Jesus is King now, but if the system will not allow it, then they are just inconsistent, and inexperienced within their own hermeneutic, not really representing it for what it teaches. The same is true, in my opinion, with that form of full preterism (most notably found among the Reformed) which teaches that everything was fulfilled historically by AD70, and yet that not everyone in the world enjoys its benefits.” Elitist and arrogant? You be the judge.

The leadership dictates in great detail how members should think, act and feel – besides the fact that Preterism has no leader or leaders that I know of, here we encourage Christians to do the exact opposite: question the status quo, be different, do not ever buy what others tell you, measure everything against the word of God.

With all this said, you the reader are probably asking: who is Todd Dennis, and why do I even care about any of this? To give you an answer, I will quote a good friend: “The most dangerous people are those who are motivated by a zeal that cannot be rationally explained or controlled.”
I do not believe that Todd Dennis is dangerous, but he seems to be motivated by an irrational zeal which is clouding his mind and controls him and all he does. Good people and ideas are judged by their fruits, and so far, the fruits of “preterist idealism” seem to be hate, injustice and elitism. The very fact that a guy uses his divorce and personal life to rationalize attacking other people should tell you enough about his theology and his relationship with the Creator so that we can only pray for him to recover and do what’s right in relation to those around him, his family and people he is using to further whatever agenda he has created in his mind. Please either reach out to Todd if you know him, or pray for him so that he is redeemed and healed of his hate and evil plans.

williamprice's picture

I recently came back to a full preterist theology after a series of real hand of God moves in my life. TD need not try to make FP the scapegoat. I have found that FP has brought me freedom and understanding of scripture.

I just wish others would see what God has allowed me to see, and they would do so in sincerity.

In The Name Of Jesus Christ,
Bro. William Price

Kent's picture


Define "loss of his family"?

In my dealings with Todd via email, he says one thing and then just the opposite in the next sentence . The so call “Idealism Preterism” that he created, he does not believe that any more and says even that is wrong.

How knows. In a way, I feel sorry for him. He believes in something that is nothing. When things happens in our lives, it for our good. It just shows us how we need each other and God.
I wonder if he realizes that he is only hurting himself.


Richard K. McPherson

Jhedges's picture

I have written something to say here three times and keep erasing it.

I am ashamed how some of you are posting second hand comments and quotes from sources ,but wont reveal the source. LOL Cloak and dagger in preterism.

Big pret this little pret, email incoming??

Todds comments "against preterism" has given many on here to specualte on Todds family life and marriage, which basically again is a excuse to gossip.

And all is this is for what? Todd doesnt like Full preterism??

Who cares.All this slander and gossip is because he doesnt like preterism.

Todd nor Virgil nor Roderick or anyone is hurting/destroying Full Preterism.

Full Preterist are destroying themselves

Virgil's picture

John, who keeps erasing your comments? Nobody is erasing anything you are saying.

Jhedges's picture


I meant that I keep writing something to post then erasing it myself only to start again : )

Virgil's picture

It sounds like me writing this article eh?

Look, i agree with you about your statement about Preterism. I wouldn't look at it as "destroying" it..maybe more as family squabbles - look at the early Christians; much worse fights than this were not uncommon - that doesn't mean I enjoy this by the way. I could not care less about what Todd believes or where he leaving; my point has nothing to do with that. My point is with what he has been doing with Scott Thompson and his statements about wanting to destroy this website. That makes no sense. Why would he want to do such a thing? I never wronged him...ever! At least not knowingly.

With that said, I will remove this article this weekend in a sign of reconciliation to Todd.

flannery0's picture

With all due respect I wish you had chosen to deal with actual quotes from Todd, rather than hearsay about him, especially when that hearsay is ascribing motives to him.

I don't agree with much of what Todd has said. We (at NCMI)in fact deal with directly refuting the tenets of "idealism" in articles, podcasts, and posts. But I think we need to be careful to deal with actual quotes. The "person who emailed you", whoever they are, is not someone that I would personally consider an authority on Todd's motives. If I want to understand Todd's motives, I need to ask Todd.

Hearsay has the potential to lead to misunderstandings and misrepresentations. Look at Kurt's little chart. You and I are both on it. Does Kurt give a rip about what either you or I have to say? Kurt cares nothing for accuracy, or honest dialogue. His behavior proves this.

I am not even saying that any of your conclusions are wrong. I am just saying I think we should avoid posting hearsay about people, and let them speak for themselves. I just know how it feels when people post hearsay about me.


Virgil's picture

I did deal with actual quotes from Todd; he has not responded to any of my questions. I do not care about idealism or his theological inclinations. I simply want to know why he wants to destroy preterism and why he has teamed up with Scott Thompson in order to ruin people's lives?

Both their own actions and their own words stand as witnesses against them.

Ed's picture

We are the absolutely worst cult in the history of the world!!!!

I mean, take a look at Truth Voice 2008. We screwed up big time. We had the keynote speaker being an advocate of eternal conscious torment, the host as an annihilationist, and a few rabble-rousers who are called "universalists" in the crowd.

In addition, we had young earth creationists (one actually speaking), old earth creationists, and covenant creationists (also among the speakers). To boot, it seems like I roomed with a theistic evolutionist. Sheesh, the people that are allowed in this cult!

We had Calvinists, Arminians and quasi-universalists all signing a declaration of support for preterism.

We had infant baptizers, dunkers, none-baptizers all sitting in the audience.

We had a guy speaking who thinks that Hades and hospitality have been grossly misunderstood by the general population of Christians over the centuries (and I just heard that he's insane), and some hick from Oklahoma who only wanted to talk about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Talk about cultish!

There was even a hippie looking guy from the Salvation Army who has the strange idea that God wants us to take care of the poor. And let's not forget that Emergent bunch...

There was ONE GUY who actually claimed that the author of the books of John was actually LAZARUS. Can you believe that? Maybe he'll be the one who finally gets this cult on the right track. Oh wait, he's a Calvinist. Nope, can't happen - most of us don't like Calvinists...

Anyway, the amazing thing about this cult at PP is that after a meeting like that, everyone went home alive. We didn't have to kill anyone. The government didn't either (oh wait, Clinton's not in office any more).


Papa is especially fond of us

Virgil's picture

Ed, exactly. The people making those charges are either really desperate, or outright stupid and cannot understand "cults." Almost everything we do, just as you pointed out, goes against the very idea of what a cult is, and we just suck at being a cult. None of us have uniform beliefs and it's only when the beer comes out that we actually sit down and agree on issues we usually won't agree on.

Now I command you mere mortals to send me all your money..immediately!

Mick's picture

You forgot about the home-school/government school/christian school divides.


Mickey E. Denen

Ed's picture

Oh Mick, how could I have forgotten?


Papa is especially fond of us

SuperSoulFighter's picture

TV 2008 sounds alot more like a true "think tank" than any sort of "cult to me, Ed! Awesome! Venues of this nature are so rare, they are essentially non-existent. Imposed doctrinal positions governing discussion render dialogue of any kind dysfunctional and moot. I'm glad to hear everyone kept their knives sheathed and their guns in their holsters anyway!


Kyle Peterson's picture

Actually, even though I couldn't attend 'think tank' sounds like a great description! And thanks to ED for the pithy run-down :)

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Excellent comments and observations, Virgil. I wanted to add a couple of further thoughts involving Todd and his involvement with Preterism.

With all this said, you the reader are probably asking: who is Todd Dennis, and why do I even care about any of this?

Todd, initially, brought some very good things to the Preterist movement (this is the term I use to identify and describe it for futurist friends) in years past. In fact, I still refer (and refer others) to his study page at The Preterist Archive on "The New Heavens and Earth". He contributed some excellent thoughts and insights concerning God and His Kingdom to all of us, and I am personally thankful for him and these contributions.

That being said, I suspect that Todd may have allowed his enthusiasm for Preterism to throw other priorities out of balance. It's not easy to manage one's personal life AND a website and ministry AND pursue further research, etc. in a balanced, healthy, fulfilling way for one's immediate family as well as oneself. My wife helps ME stay balanced in terms of priorities, and I suspect your wife and family do the same for you, Virgil. We ignore our families at our own peril. I find it mind-boggling that Todd is blaming you or anyone else (or Preterism for that matter) for the failure of his marriage, etc. I am deeply disappointed and saddened by this. I am very concerned for Todd, and my hope is that somehow we can be reconciled to him and pursue, with him, the restoration of a healthier frame of mind and the re-establishment of broken family relationships (if possible).

I can certainly understand how bitterness over the unravelling of his personal life could distort his view of us and Preterism as a whole. But I can honestly say that my own family and relationships are very strong and healthy, and my involvement with Preterism has in no way, shape or form jeopardized my relationship with my wife and kids. My futurist parents, on the other hand, are somewhat alienated from us due to their fanatical commitment to futurism and the "church" - but we still have a casual relationship with them and do our best to love them anyway.

As far as Preterism being a There's not a shred of evidence of any kind pointing in that direction. That's just absurd. Your points are well made in this regard, Virgil. I've studied cults over the years, and they do have certain key characteristics they share in common, including those you listed, above. They are highly manipulative and controlling - the complete opposite of this site and the openness we share here.

Anyway...thanks for bringing Todd's situation to our attention. Prayer will be offered up on his behalf, and I truly hope he senses the genuine concern, love and compassion we feel towards him here. I have absolutely no resentment towards him, personally, in any way. The only note of caution I would communicate to him (if he browses this article and comments) is that the Truth is being celebrated and explored here. There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind and heart about this. To attack this process and the Kingdom citizenry involved in it is exceedingly dangerous. Damascus road encounters can be painful for those deliberately attacking God's People believing they are accomplishing his purposes and Will (or out of a simple, misguided desire for "revenge").

John McPherson

Virgil's picture

It's not easy to manage one's personal life AND a website and ministry AND pursue further research, etc. in a balanced, healthy, fulfilling way for one's immediate family as well as oneself.

That's why I haven't been writing anything for almost a year. I simply don't have time and there are more important things in life than this. Which is why is really disturbing to see other people putting so much time into trying to destroy this website. Heck, we are not even doing anything here...this is just an online forum to exchange ideas. I am not sure what is so difficult for people to understand this: it's a forum...everyone is welcome to participate. I don't care if you are an atheist, polygamist, or whatever else your inclinations are. Topics can be discussed as long as we keep the conversation civil.

Somehow that never seems to be enough though; there is always a minority of people willing to destroy this place and the people associated with it, I assume because of its openness.

SuperSoulFighter's picture

I noticed that you've been contributing articles written by others, rather than composing your own. And I respect this prioritizing of your time in favor of your family, managing this site, etc. Your podcasts have been interesting and informative also!

For what it's worth, you have my full support, Virgil, for what has been accomplished here and the ongoing maintenance of an atmosphere of open discussion and exchange of ideas. Within the milieu of general theological discussion and inquiry, a site like this is something of an anomaly, and a definite blessing.

Thanks again for the great work here, Virgil! Some day we'll sit down for a coffee or beer together and enjoy some laughs.


PreteristArchive's picture

Wow, this is surely a bunch of nonsense. And sure to get a rousing amen from those who likewise despise the work I am doing... such as those from whom you believe quotes about my motivation. Nonsense. I don't blame you for anything. I was one of the very first people to join this site, and I donate tons of material for it. I thought we were always friends. If we weren't, then I was being led on.

Instead of listening to people who don't like me about what I believe, why not just ask me? I'm sorry that you couldn't reach me yesterday. Perhaps you could have tried one more time before declaring me to be intentionally avoiding you...

When you interviewed me in 2006, you had nothing but good things to say.

Spring 2006: "Todd Dennis is a soft-spoken man; in fact when I spoke with him he seemed to be much more willing to listen rather than say much in return, and his overall gracious attitude and kindness is readily shown throughout every corner of his well-known website, The Preterist Archive. Todd was kind enough to take precious time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions, and I am very much thankful for his generosity throughout this interview."

The only thing that has changed is that I have left full preterism. Is that why you now see me as having betrayed you? Because I left full preterism and encourage others to do the same? Am I not allowed to leave full preterism?

I could be all loud about my change, sticking my nose on every website I could find, but I restrict it to my own website. What others do is about them, not me. People have always left full preterism apart from any interaction with me, and they will continue to do so.

I can recognize how my departure might be seen as particularly painful, due to the fact that I was the one who started the whole shebang on the internet anyway, as the original place for full prets to come together and find sanctuary, etc.. but that doesn't justify this libel.

I find the quotes about my personal life particularly distasteful as they are just simply wrong.

It seems like this article should be directed at Rod Edwards or another.. all the points and quotes are not mine! This is just wrong.

I'm just trying to follow my consicence, and am being up front about it on my own website. That is healthy. Printing stuff like this is not. I surely hope that those who have a heart for the Lord and not controversy will shun this type of writing for the fruit of the flesh it is.

sincere blessings, with hope for light to overcome darkness,

p.s. I ask you again to please remove the libel at "More recently Todd Dennis renounced preterism and he left his wife when she became a universalist. Because of that Todd Dennis sees univeralists as the enemies of Christianity and started his own cult called "preterist idealism."

I love my wife with all my heart, and would never leave her, no matter the cost. And I don't see Universalists as enemies.. after all I run a site which promotes Universalism! And there is no cult.. like it or not, every one of the ex full preterists has their conscience being led by the Spirit of God individually. Sheer nonsense.

your servant,

Todd Dennis - Curator, The Preterist Archive

PreteristArchive's picture

I haven't read the responses, but can tell there are some because of the email notification. Not being able to find a place to cancel my membership, I ask you to please do it for me Virgil.

If you or anyone would like to communicate with me, please feel free to do so. I can be reached at

Those who know me know my heart, those who don't don't.


your servant,

Todd Dennis - Curator, The Preterist Archive

plymouthrock's picture

How convenient. You state that you "haven't read the responses" but at the outset you stated "why not just ask me?" Well, Virgil did ask you some valid questions: "Do you deny you've made those comments?" and "[D]o you endorse what Scott Thompson is doing on his website, and are you silently behind it?"

But your strategy is readily apparent; your first post conveniently avoided the obvious question raised - Did you in fact do this? And now in your second post you conveniently have not read what others have written. Why respond in the first place if you knew you were only going to selectively ignore everyone? Oh, wait, that's a direct question...

Biggup all Preterist Archive massive! Peace to you and yours.


Windpressor's picture


Search through my bookmarks and web
produces 2 sites for Thompson that open with:

"This blog is open to invited readers only"

I got plenty on my list that I'm not reading already.


G-Juan Wind

Virgil's picture

It was not invite only until this article was written by me yesterday.

vento's picture

I guess their opening line: "This site is devoted to sharing heretical or absurd quotes made by Full Preterists to demonstrate the many errors and consequences of this system of ..." Should be: This site is devoted to protecting it's four adherents from any scrutiny by those they attack...

Jer's picture

Google has the pages cached:

Just click the "Cached" under each result.

Virgil's picture

I will remove your account, of course. However, before I do so, I will extend a hand of friendship and reconciliation. You have my phone number; please call me. You are right...all this IS sheer nonsense.

SuperSoulFighter's picture

I, for one, will be in touch, Todd.


Virgil's picture

Todd, against my better judgment I decided to reply to your comment here.

1. The interview you are quoting was a 2006 interview. Since then you have made a number of derogatory remarks about me and this website despite the fact that I have always treated you with respect and fairness and I get the opposite idea about you, in light of comments that are now surfacing. Don't be surprised that I am finally responding to those comments. You have said you want to "destroy Planet Preterist" and you've said that "we are theologically masturbating on Planet Preterist." Do you deny you've made those comments? And if you did make those comments, how can you say those things about someone you consider a "friend?"

2. I don't care if you leave preterism, and that's not the point; you are attempting to redirect attention from the real issue, which is the issue of you not just leaving preterism, but actively working to destroy relationships and people. Scott Thompson doesn't seem to be bright enough to realize that he is being used by you as a propaganda mouthpiece, and it seems like you are not happy with just leaving, but you are using subversive methods to libel and slander people like myself, Ed Stevens, Dave Green and others who are disagreeing with you; most of these guys hate my guts but I will stand up for them any day considering how you are treating them and what you are writing about them. I have much more respect even for Roderick Edwards who can stand behind who he is and what he believes and has enough nerve to stand as himself when he defends what he believes...only if he learned to speak with people respectfully. Also, if you only were respectful and patient, I would have been happy to consider preterist idealism...I even made many positive comments about it and where your journey had taken you - I agree with many of the things you are saying as far as theology goes, but I will NEVER line up behind you and your preterist idealism considering the methods you are endorsing and the vicious personal attacks you and Scott Thompson have adopted. That is not how you motivate people to join a revolution.

3. I apologize if the article offends you. That's not my goal; my goal is to point out your approach and methodology and your own goals aimed at destroying the names of good people who have given their lives to serving God and their own consciences. Therefore don't be surprised if what you have been doing for the last year is blowing up in your face. You can only push people so far, so I will not retract anything I wrote. Every action has a reaction.

4. Regarding libelous content, you are talking to the wrong person. You need to direct those comments to Scott Thompson; talk about libel and slander...implying that Ed Stevens steals people's money, that I am a criminal, that Jeremy Lile is "insane" that Sam Frost is "uneducated" and Mike Sullivan is a "polygamist?" Does the "libel" sting a bit when you are on the receiving end? When I emailed you and asked you about this approach you evaded my question completely, so I ask you again, in public: do you endorse what Scott Thompson is doing on his website, and are you silently behind it? Think long and hard before you answer because there is more to the evidence I have posted above...evidence that may contradict your response.

5. I will pray (and I am not just saying that) that God will heal your relationships and your life; there is bitterness when family disasters happen - I know that firsthand. Only God can heal wounds in those instances. You need it...I need it...we all need his healing and grace.

Jer's picture

. . .that Jeremy Lile is "insane". . .

I'm insane? I didn't know that. Ignorance is bliss, eh? :)

Ed's picture

Hate to break it to you Jer, but the fact that you're insane is the only reason I like you....



Papa is especially fond of us

Jer's picture

Thank you... from all three of me.


Ed's picture

LOL, I do love you man - seriously.



Papa is especially fond of us

Sam's picture

I am know not many stuuf, me kant speil.


Ed's picture

and I luve u 2 Sma. know madder wut.



Papa is especially fond of us

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Hey, Sma...welcome to Planet Preterist! You remind me of a guy I used ta know here...

Any relation to Smeagol?

Good to have yer limited input here anyway!

SuperSoulFighter's picture

The only thing that has changed is that I have left full preterism. Is that why you now see me as having betrayed you? Because I left full preterism and encourage others to do the same? Am I not allowed to leave full preterism?

Hi, Todd! Thanks for responding to the charges against you Virgil has made public here. Mind if I ask why you "left full Preterism"? Was it a shift in personal beliefs and doctrinal position, or did it have more to do with interpersonal conflicts?

Thanks for any further clarifications you feel comfortable in providing here. I'm not going to jump to any further conclusions about you and your situation, by the way. I'll consider any defense you present here with fairness, sincerity and an open heart.


Windpressor's picture



This is certainly a bit late.

** I was therefore quite surprised when a few days ago someone sent me a note with a quote from Todd Dennis: "[I] wait until Planet Preterist was on its last leg & then come in & deliver the death blow." **

I don't know how far back Todd's quote originates.
The PretCosmos group banged on that months ago; maybe a year or more.
Some one else might have that link.

That unsourced quote about Todd's personal issues looks like second hand info.
Hearsay and gossip are not easily handled in honorable fashion.

Whatever the personal struggle taking place, someone should look into preserving the archive materials.


G-Juan Wind

plymouthrock's picture

"Whatever the personal struggle taking place, someone should look into preserving the archive materials."

That's my goal. Would love any help.


Virgil's picture

It may be "a bit late" but if you read my entire article, I specifically mentioned that I just now became aware of it. I don't read what Todd writes, but I do care when people bring it to my attention and it involves me.

Dennis said that in 2007 as far as I understand.

As far as unsourced quotes go, you are not going to get a source, sorry. I am not breaching the confidence of the person in question.

Windpressor's picture



I fully appreciate loyalty to a confidant. I am the last
to expect anyone to contravene a matter of confidence.
The trouble is a sufficiency of context and background.

I can't read everything either and memory is imperfect.
The pret-cos exchange gave Todd's "death nell" quote
a negative spin. If there is possible "positive spin",
I don't recall having seen enough sourcing to fully
determine if there is context sufficient to preclude.

Stress and personal issues can cloud judgment and cause
overreacting, even to the extent of hyperbolic bespeaking
of "death blows" or inflammatory titling of an article ...
I might demonstrate from experience with some further
composing if time and propriety permits.

I wonder if there is less actual tempest in this teapot
other than what is being stirred --

The size of splash is not necessarily indicative of how
big a fish there is in any waterhole, even here at
PondPreterist. :)

It is not hard to resonate to tunes that seem
to be your own. Be careful, you just might be
getting played by others' rhythm call.



G-Juan Wind

Virgil's picture

Stress and personal issues can cloud judgment and cause overreacting, even to the extent of hyperbolic bespeaking of "death blows" or inflammatory titling of an article

Yes dear sir..and I am at fault for 9/11

Paige's picture


My journey into fulfillment began approx 11 years ago. What has happened to me personally? My love for my family has grown and matured. My love for others has done the same. My marriage? Twenty-three years and going strong.

Yesterday, a verse came back to me that we had taught our firstborn when he was very small, and struggling with fear. Psalm 34:4, "I sought the Lord, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears." I was marveling at how God has so graciously done this very thing in my own life. The deeper into truth He has brought me, the clearer I've come to know and understand His perfect love. This perfect love has been in the process of casting out the fear in my life that undermined relationship with God, others, and self. I'm so very thankful and grateful for this wonderful journey with God, both behind me and ahead of me.


plymouthrock's picture


You already know how I feel about this guy. And I've tried to reach out to him via email. It was a pitiful exchange to say the least - he would not listen to reason. The irony here is it appears that it is Preterist Archive that is on its last leg, what with his "malignant orthodoxy" and all. Its a shame too because Preterist Archive used to be such a killer site.

Peace to Todd Dennis and crew.


tom-g's picture


Excellent. Ditto.


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