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Simmons' Decline to Further Respond to Frost

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By Virgil - Posted on 22 May 2004

Dear Mr. Frost, Sam, Friend, Brother,

I do appreciate all your effort in writing yet a second article. I am indeed flattered. However, I must respectfully decline further response at this time. First, as suggested by “Englishman,” I do have a background in law and you have misunderstood my use of the term “legal fiction.” Since, a goodly part of what you have written is based upon this misunderstanding it would be to no purpose for me to respond.Better that you should simply go back and reread what I wrote in light of Englishman’s comments. Secondly, may I say without offense that I find your writing style to be very undisciplined, verbose, and at times perfectly incomprehensible? I measured one paragraph on my computer screen with a tape and it was almost 16 inches long! A second one was fully 20 inches long! And I am supposed to penetrate a thicket of random, unfocused verbage like that? With all due respect, if you don’t have the discipline to state your position clearly and succinctly so you can be easily understood, I don’t have the time and energy to respond. (No offense intended.) If you care to frame propositions for a formal, written debate, swell, I think I can accomodate you. But I see no profit in attempting to decipher your last rambling post.


Kurt Simmons

Sam's picture

A word also comes to mind: copout.


PreteristAD70's picture

Now you're just getting nasty, Sam. Let it rest. Please.

Sam's picture


Well, I wrote it in two hours. Others have read it and found no issues. I'll sum it up for you. Revelation 20.11-15 coincides with Revelation 20.7-10. Clear enough?

Samuel Frost

KingNeb's picture


Would you please paste the paragraph of 'random,unfocused verbage'?

Parker's picture

From one coming from an orthodox upbringing, this 'argument' appears as nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. Neither side will embrace the church as the long period of reign on the earth in Christ's stead. In other words, neither side has a clue about what they are talking as they ignore the church's Christ-given ability to bind and absolve. Power by proxy until the King arrives is something Mr. Simmons' system cannot allow.

Parker's picture

While I'm not "bi-" anything, I fully support the call for concision and succinctness with regard to these back-and-forth disputes. How many tomes can we read online? Who really has the time or inclination?

I know that this is no easy task, but, please, let's all try to narrow things down to bullet points and such where possible.


chrisliv's picture

Hello, Mr. Simmons,

Well, so much for the debate/dialogue with Mr. Frost. There seemed to be a little loss of objectivity.

Your website, which I just visited for the first time, has some interesting topics which I'll probably look into more closely, later.

But that "New World Order" stuff almost smacks of semi-futurist dogma.

The UN is a lapdog of DC. Without US funds it would close shop. DC has exempted itself from whatever international norms it has wanted to since WWII. And if the standards of the Nuremburg Trials were used on US presidents since Truman until now, they would all be found guilty. So, you don't have to worry about the UN hindering DC. And do you really think the EU is a Boogyman, too?

But, I'll read more later.

Peace to you,
C. Livingstone

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