You are hereThe Second Letter of the Apostle Paul (Crouch) to the TBN Partners in Thessaloni

The Second Letter of the Apostle Paul (Crouch) to the TBN Partners in Thessaloni

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By jcarter - Posted on 01 March 2004

by Jeff Carter
When archaeologists in Bermuda first discovered this letter, no one could quite believe it. Found buried on the beach along with several empty tubes of mascara just months after the publication of the apostle Paul (Crouch)’s letter to the Corinthians, it seemed just too coincidental.When archaeologists in Bermuda first discovered this letter, no one could quite believe it. Found buried on the beach along with several empty tubes of mascara just months after the publication of the apostle Paul (Crouch)’s letter to the Corinthians, it seemed just too coincidental.The letter to the Thessalonians was immediately declared to be a pious fraud. Continued examination has revealed, however, that the texts were written by the same hand. Scholarly skeptics were eventually persuaded that the letter was indeed authentic – thanks largely to the mark to verify its genuineness found in the concluding verses.

The second letter of the apostle Paul (Crouch) to the TBN partners in Thessalonica continues support those who claim that the televised church is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The eschatological passages of this letter verify that the apostle Paul (Crouch) did indeed expect that he was living in the “last days” and was expecting the rapture to happen soon. The apostle Paul (Crouch) was quick to judge those who would teach any other eschatology.

Apparently the failure of Christ to appear in 1988 (as per the apocryphal letter 88 Reasons Why Christ Will Appear in 1988) and the rise of the neo-gnostic cult of Preterism had deeply shaken the faith of his faith-partners. Paul wrote to reaffirm the traditions of TBN and to make sure that his faith-partners continued to support his network.

The Second Letter of the Apostle Paul (Crouch) to the TBN Partners in Thessalonica
(TBN translation)

1:1 -2 Paul, Benny, and Grant, to the TBN stations in Thessalonica which are in God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace and peace to you and we have a special gift for you this month for your love gift of twenty-five dollars or more…

1: 3 – 12 We must always thank God for our faith partners, quite rightly, because your donations continue growing so wonderfully. Among the TBN stations around the world we take special pride in you for your continued giving in spite of all the hardships you must bear. It shows that God’s judgment is just, so that we may be found worthy of the ministry of TBN; it is for the sake of TBN that you are suffering now.

Of course if you are suffering hardship, it must be because you don’t have enough faith in the goodness of God who has so richly blessed TBN and our faithful partners. If you give, God will reward you and bless you as he has blessed us. And he will continue to bless you until the blessed Lord Jesus appears from heaven with the angels of his power. He will come amid flaming fire and lightning and will rapture away all his blessed saints. Thos who do now acknowledge God and refuse to support TBN will be left behind to suffer the plagues of the Great Tribulation and then cast into the lake of fire. If you don’t want to be left behind to feel God’s wrath you must believe the witness of TBN.

In view of this we pray continually that you will complete what you have been doing by faith and give a larger donation this month then ever before so that the name of Jesus Christ can be carried on our network all around the globe, and we may be glorified.

2: 1 – 3 About the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, partners, and our being raptured away; don’t be too easily thrown into confusion or alarmed by any of those heretic preterists suggesting that the Day of the Rapture has already arrived. Let those heretics be damned.

2: 3 – 12 Though it will happen soon, it cannot happen until the Great Falling away has taken place, and the Anti-Christ, the enemy of God, has enthroned himself in the Temple in Jerusalem to declare himself as God. Surely you recall Jack Van Impe’s messages or Hal Lindsey’s predictions. Surely you are watching their programs weekly. And you know what it is that is holding him back from appearing before his appointed time – the broadcasts of this network. The mystery of wickedness is already at work but once TBN goes off the air the Beast will appear openly. So keep those donations coming.

The coming of the Anti-Christ will be marked by Satan and his demons at work, doing all kinds of counterfeit miracles and signs and wonders and all kinds of wicked deception. The Anti-Christ’s miracles will appear to be like the healings of my good friend Benny, but they will be fakes; performed by the power of the devil himself.

2: 13 – 15 But we must always thank God for you, faith-partners, whom the Lord loves because God chose you from the beginning to support our ministry and to receive this special gifts we have for you. Through TBN he has called you. Stand firm then partners and keep the traditions that we have taught you in all of our regularly scheduled programs. May our Lord Jesus Christ himself bless you so that you can continue to support us in every Praise The Lord broadcast.

3: 1 – 5 Finally, partners, pray for us so that TBN’s message may be carried on even more satellites and pray that we may be protected against bigoted and evil people who would try to shut us down for not everyone believes in the ministry of TBN. We have every confidence in your pledges and know that you will continue to send us your monthly checks. We also have every confidence that you will continue to do all that we tell you.

3: 6 – 15 In the name of TBN we urge you, partners, to keep away from any so-called brothers, those preterists who live undisciplined lives with no hope, and who do not follow the traditions that we have taught you.

You should take us as your model. When we were with you, we lived off your donations and accepted your food without paying for it. This was because we have a right to it. Each one of you should continue working hard in order to support Jan and I and our lavish lifestyle.

My partners, if anyone refuses to obey what I have written in this letter, take note of him, and cut off his TBN reception so that he will be ashamed of himself. You are not to treat him as a partner. Treat him as an enemy, a heretic of the faith of TBN.

3: 16 – 18 May the Lord of prosperity give you riches at all times and in every way. This greeting is in my own hand – Paul Crouch – to verify its genuineness. May the riches of our Lord Jesus Christ be given to you all, so that you can give to us. Amen.

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