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Scriptural Speech Censored!

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By Virgil - Posted on 07 March 2002

Recently the Conservative Theological Society has taken a stand against Preterism in the form of censorship and labeling those who follow Preterism as ‘Heretics’.
While the storm has been gathering for sometime now it is apparent that the time is at hand and we must be prepared for theological confrontation. I know of no other way to state this fact. In all’s time.

As Preterism expands, gaining ground in each area of Christianity, our opponent will grow ever increasingly hostile. This is to be expected.

First things first:

Preterists must set their hearts and minds to the task at hand always knowing that God in His Providential wisdom has ordained the events that are now and will transpire.

Secondly realize that the enemy is not our brother in Christ but Pride, Ignorance and Traditions. These are the strongholds we must breakdown using prayer and argument from the Scriptures.

Third, the word ‘Heretic’ should never pass from our lips being directed towards those that oppose us. These are brothers in Christ.

Preterism or Dispensationalism does not a Christian make. Christ and Christ alone is the Foundation of one’s Christianity.
Remember, most of us were once where they are!

Preterism is committed to Jesus Christ. Pretersim is committed to the inerrancy of God’s Holy Scriptures. Thus, Preterism is committed to the call that is placed upon it at this time, and in this place. Committed to Christ, Committed to Scripture, Committed to the call.

It is with much sadness and regret that we embark on this campaign,however, we do not shy away from or shun the responsibility that being a bearer of truth carries.

Onward Prets, for the glory of God and for the vindication of His Holy Word.

World without end,

Michael E. Overbay

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