You are hereScot McKnight: The future of Christian Eschatology is in the past

Scot McKnight: The future of Christian Eschatology is in the past

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By Virgil - Posted on 11 March 2009

Scot McKnight has been posting entries on a series on "The Future of Christian Eschatology" for several days now, and I have been waiting to see where he is developing his series and where he is heading with his thoughts, but I can't really wait anymore as today Scot has posted a very powerful entry which concludes in essence that the future of eschatology is found in the past and will in essence be "Preterist."Click here to read the article

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"This is the third in our brief sketch of a partial preterist view of Mark 13."

This sounds to me like the series is going to fall short... I've not heard of Scot McKnight before; is a known partial preterist?

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Scot is a well respected scholar. He blogs at Jesus creed at beliefnet. I first heard of him when he spoke at the Transmillennial conference in Colorado a 2002. A link to the MP3 of that conference is

I have read his blog for years.

Mickey E. Denen

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McKnight is the Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University. Well known author on the historical Jesaus, well-read and published. His efforts are very much bringing preterist eschatology into the mainstream, so this is not a minor event.

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He's also come out recently as a theistic evolutionist (or evolutionary creationist, as I like to call the paradigm):

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That's very interesting, coming from a well-known, moderate theologian like him.

Lots of exciting things are happening - and it's all the fault of Preterists!! :)

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UGH...What a disappointment Part 5 was. He started off so well and just ended in a train wreck still believing Christ is yet to come.

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