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By EWMI - Posted on 30 August 2006

by Albert Persohn
Well, since the sun rises in Australia before America it is relevant that I warn you that the Rapture process may have begunWell, since the sun rises in Australia before America it is relevant that I warn you that the Rapture process may have begunThe folks at Rapture Alert have actually put the event up on

I guess we missed it!

One thing for sure though, a quick scan of the room has answered the "What will happen to the dentures, synthetic body parts and clothes?" type questions.

Paste the following link into your browser and launch the video:

Dial-up users may need to wait until the video loads.

For those still wondering, Eschaton 2006 in Sydney has not been cancelled by the Rapture. You can still go to and book in.

williamprice's picture

This was a classic fear tactic used in promoting the pre-trib rapture nonsense. The Gospel never had fear behind it, and as such, we should never use fear, except of God and against Hell, to lead souls to Christ.
I am a Apostolic Preterist (Partial), so I believe in a coming future resurrection. But, this video is ridiculous.

In The Name Of Jesus Christ,
Bro. William Price

shaggy_flasko's picture

Can believing out of fear be considered believing at all?

"Feelings come and go, and when they come a good use can be made of them: they cannot be our regular spiritual diet."
-The World's Last Night, C.S. Lewis

ElAngelMiguel's picture

I went to the website above and watched each of their videos, some are "catchy," keeping in mind who they are targeting,of course.

However, one thing is for sure, dispensationalist tactics have not changed dramatically. They are still using the same scare tactics that they used back in the 70's and 80's and so on. I will say "LOL," if it wasn't so sad to see.

As a former dispensationalist, I lived with that fear and witnessed the damage it caused to others. I had a friend who had a nervous breakdown and all she said in the hospital was "He came and I was left behind."

I do not know about anyone else, but as for me, I rather serve Him out of love than out of fear of being left-behind, death, hell or other fear tactics that the religious-mentality has used for centuries. How about truly preaching John 3: 16, I mean truly...


tresclavos's picture

If this is not an example of a dispensationalist attempt of “Conversion at Gunpoint” [as commented in a prior article] I don't know what is. LOL... It scared the heart out of me for a second.
Eric Barreto

leslie's picture

"for as in the Days of Noah....", First....He would come and take away The Evil....ones...

Brother Les

John6xvi's picture



davo's picture

lol I love it :)

Virgil's picture

Not funny; we really need to work harder on establishing some guidelines on how the rapture happens in film. For example, I thought the clothing would be left behind.

On a serious note though, there is hope. I believe more believers are seeing the light and are leaving dispensationalism behind. It's encouraging.

Ransom's picture

But for heaven's sake! That would mean everyone enters heaven...well, naked! And of course God wouldn't approve of such scandalous conditions.

paul's picture

You mean the clothes are saved?

(we're naughty a little on this line.)


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