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The most startling development in world history

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By 57chevypreterist - Posted on 26 May 2005

By Jim Rutz

Writer's note: You may have more trouble with this column than with anything you have ever read. I can't say I blame you. It took me a lot of research time before I fully accepted the now-well-attested fact that God has been bringing hundreds of people back from the dead in recent years. As I was leaving New Delhi in 2003, I called an Indian friend, Rodrick Gilbert, who leads a network of house churches with 26,000 former Hindus.

"Rod," I said, "I have a little credibility problem in the United States when I teach people about resurrections. Could you send somebody over to my hotel who has come back from the dead? I'd like to take a few snapshots."

Rod graciously brought someone over himself – 7-year-old Arjun Janki Dass, along with his mother Mina, and Savitri, the lady who prayed him back to life.

Arjun died at age 5. The gist of his story:

At six o'clock on an April evening in 2001, Arjun was accidentally electrocuted by 220-volt wires touching his head.

His parents took him to a medical clinic where they worked on his body for two hours without success. They tried CPR, electroshock paddles, adrenaline shots – all the usual. But they couldn't get him off flatline. So the doctor charged them 5,000 rupees (about $110) and told them to call an undertaker.

But they didn't. Instead they called Rod at the nearby Deliverance Church. He then called upon Savitri, one of his staff members.

Savitri brought two other Christians to Arjun's home, and the five of them began praying over the dead body about 10:00 p.m. They prayed their hearts out for six hours with pleading and tears. Then, at 4:00 a.m. the next morning, Arjun snapped back to life with no brain damage, no physical problems.

Today, he's a normal 9-year-old kid except for two nasty scar lines behind his left ear where the wire hit.

Savitri is a 62-year-old widow, a Dalit (formerly called "untouchable") from the lowly Dom class. She spent her life as a street sweeper, which made her, in the caste system, the lowest of the low. The broom was her livelihood. In 1992, she turned from Hinduism to Christ. She remains today a fine, humble lady, and among the more serious people I have ever met.

As she and the others were leaving, I asked her through an interpreter: "I understand you've been active in ministry for six years. In that time, how many resurrections have you been involved with?"

She answered quietly: "Sixteen."

My neatly-ordered, conventional world began to spin.

I would give you Savitri's e-mail address so you could check her out for yourself, but she doesn't have one. She can't read.

You can view a few photos at (After the intro, click on "About Megashift," then on "Resurrections.")

This is the new reality

The most shocking aspect of the growing turn of the world toward Christ is this: People are coming back from death after being prayed for by ordinary folks like you and me. To be specific, my newest book, "MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power," documents resurrections in 52 countries, mostly in the last 15 to 20 years. And these are not the well-known, "near-death" experiences where someone on an operating-room table passes out and goes down a long tunnel toward a light. These are stone-dead corpses.

The flood of solid new evidence is compelling. Two or three reports could be dismissed as faulty rumors or candidates for "Unsolved Mysteries." But hundreds of firsthand reports from 52 nations? Some with death certificates? No way. (Yet a few of the miracles in "Megashift" are even harder to believe than a resurrection!)

Here is what it all means: The lockdown of the common man has come to an abrupt end. Many of the limitations your ancestors endured for centuries are now fading into the bleak and brutal past. The resurrections are only the most obvious evidence of a megashift in the functioning of eager-hearted believers whom the book of Revelation calls "overcomers."

The recent changes in the quality of human life are profound. God is pouring His grace and power into people in ways not seen before. I don't expect that most Christians will be doing miracles on a daily basis, but a radically new Christian lifestyle now spreading around the globe will soon dramatically enable you to upgrade your own way of living.

We'll touch on that next Tuesday.

James Rutz is chairman of Megashift Ministries and founder-chairman of Open Church Ministries. His recent book, "MEGASHIFT: Igniting Spiritual Power," announces major upgrades in human life and a coming transformation of society.

Virgil's picture

Now, let's see. Why is it impossible for a Preterist to believe in "bringing back from the dead" today? If one goes direclty into God's presence after death, or into the lake of fire, why exactly would God pull you out of that circumstance and put you back into a physical body? It makes no sense...

Of course God can resurrect dead bodied today...He always had and has the ability to do that. I want to see the benefit for doing that today....there is none, and Preterism proves this notion wrong.

57chevypreterist's picture

Virgil: I agree with you.

On the other hand, perhaps God does it today in order to draw people closer to him?


Virgil's picture

Bryan, but explain to me how and why God will pull someone out of heaven or hell and bring them back to life in a physical body. I mean pre AD70, it makes sense to bring people back from Hades...but today? Come on.. :)

SuperSoulFighter's picture

This whole thing fits in better with my own understanding of the potential reincarnation of people than it does to some form of eternal punishment for the "lost". Why not "reincarnate" someone back into their own body? Especially when there are loved ones praying and pleading for that very thing?

Virgil's picture

Except there is nothing in the Bible that even hints at this..

SciotaMicks's picture

I'm not sure how the whole reincarnation thing would even work.

Our "soul" or "spirit" is created as a result of the physical union between sperm an egg. A unique individual created by our maternal/ paternal parents.

The fetus is not simply an empty shell awaiting God's hand to give it a soul. Are we really to believe there is a waiting line of spirits in another realm anticipating to be divinely placed into a body?

I mean, the mathematics of this is just impossible. The line for a new body must be backed up to infinity! Or do they spill over into cows and dandelions?

Sure, we see this happen with Jesus the Christ, but I think we can all agree that was an event unto itself.

I mean, are we to say that all of those(righteouss) souls dumped out of Hades in 70AD DIDN'T go to be with God- rather they were sectioned off to be recycled?

I'm with Virgil, I don't see any reason why God would return a soul from its eternal spiritual presence back to its earthly life.

57chevypreterist's picture


I don't know all of God's purposes. I don't know why He would pull someone out of their eternal state and put them back on earth physically. I don't know how He could do it either, except that He is God and is not bound by His own physical laws, and so CAN do it...

My question is not "how" or "why", but rather, "Is He in fact doing it?"

the_prophet_whiteboy's picture

Signs and wonders to bring people to him, I think thats over with personally.

davecollins's picture

Virgil, where is the "generosity" regarding this unorthodox claim? Don Piper has the same questions you raised...but like the Apostle Paul, has an unshakeable position of the reality of Heaven, as he ministers on earth.
If you haven't read his book, the first 2 chapters are very revealing. Your brother, dave

judge's picture

.....there is none, and Preterism proves this notion wrong.

Hi Virgil, hoipe all is well.
I don't follow your argument here.

How does preterism prove this argument wrong?


chrisliv's picture

Golly Gee,

Humble Christians in India who believe God can actually do something beyond the norm. It's my guess that they probably have not been tainted too badly by Dispensationalism nor the Preterist tendency to believe that God no longer transcends physical laws on a post-70 AD Earth.

India's churches should consider sending illiterate missionaries like those mentioned immediately to the missionfield of North America.

C. Livingstone

davecollins's picture

I agree Brother Chris, I would highly recommend the book "90 minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper. I heard his story and was convinced that God, for His reasons, actually restored life to a man who was pronounced dead by three EMTs'.Don was and is a very conservative Baptist minister.

I believe this also was the direct result of consistent prayer(90 minutes) on the part of a pastor who felt led to pray and believe that God was asking him to trust, in an extraordinary situation.

Since Don's new birth into the physical realm he has personally seen hundreds, if not thousands, come into the Kingdom from all over the world.

In Christ Unfathomable, dave

chrisliv's picture


I'm not a big fan of Pentacostalism, i.e., all must speak in tongues, but I hope the Preterism movement doesn't become too terribly anti-Charismatic, after the order of the Church of Christ denomination.

Peace to you,

Islamaphobe's picture

Thanks for going to the trouble of providing such an informative post.

Virgil's picture

The power and example of the true resurrection was Jesus bringing a decomposing Lazarus out of the dead. Poor documentation of resurrections that are conveniently overseas and of people that are impossible to locate and talk to proves nothing...or perhaps that this guy is a scam artist, like many people on CBN or TBN.

davecollins's picture

Virgil, You can easily locate Don Piper. He lives in Pasadena, Texas. and is the associate pastor at a local fellowship of believers. He has written a book " 90 minutes in Heaven. He was hesitant to tell his story for the exact reasons and skepticism being shared at this site.

Our God is an awesome God, whether we understand His reasoning or not . Dave

Virgil's picture

Dave - clinical deaths are well documented...that's not what I am concerned with, nor am I denying that God is able to bring people from the dead. My problem is with the lack of evidence for it happening today. Jesus brought Lazarus back when he was decomposing and stinking up the place...where is that happening today, and what would the benefit be of performing physical resurrections? God is an awesome God..He is the God of spiritual resurrections...the real reason Jesus came and died in the first place.

judge's picture

Yes they are resuscitations.

People are not married in the resurrection they "are like angels in heaven".

1Corinthians 15 tells us that we are incorruptible in the resurrection.
People who are rescucitated are still mortal and corruptible.

judge's picture

Yes they are resuscitations.

People are not married in the resurrection they "are like angels in heaven".

1Corinthians 15 tells us that we are incorruptible in the resurrection.
People who are rescucitated are still mortal and corruptible.

vinster's picture

People are so bound up with this idea of a physical/literal place called heaven that they actually believe that you have to die or have some kind of NDE to experience the presence of God, while all the while forgeting that it's all covenantal.
I've been in heaven for my whole christian life(18 years, though I didn't come to fully realize it until 3&1/2 to 4 years ago when I became a preterist) with a fully resurrected covenantal body(1 Cor.15).

the_prophet_whiteboy's picture

Why is it that when people are raised from the dead physcially, its always in 3 world countries?

Though I do believe people are being ressurected everyday, Its not something that is taking place in the flesh.

vinster's picture

Halleluia Brother, The problem is that too many people have to have a "sign" to believe, which was even condemned even in the first century,(Matt.12:39). Vinster

judge's picture

Halleluia Brother, The problem is that too many people have to have a "sign" to believe, which was even condemned even in the first century,(Matt.12:39).
Isn't that just a touch self-righteous?
Here are people in third world countries without the long Christian tradition we have and God works amongst them.
Why should we condemn them for that?

vinster's picture

Judge, Nobody is condemning anyone!! You're the one judging me by claiming that I'm holding onto self-righteuosness. I came to Christ by His grace through faith, just like everyone else is supposed to.
I beg to differ with you that they don't have some kind of Christian tradition. It seems from the article that they already understood something of Christ and the gospel. Signs were for the unbelieving Jews of the first century to verify who Jesus was and also verify the message of the apostles,(Jews seek a sign and greeks seek knowledge), but the apostle Paul puts it in perspective by saying, "But we preach Christ and Him crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block(because they had to have a sign, but no sign would be given but Jonah being three days and nights in the belly of the fish), and to the Greek foolishness(because the arrogance of human wisdom blinds unbelievers to the simplicity of the gospel).
I'm not saying that God cannot perform miracles, what I'm saying is that if He commanded faith apart from works, signs, and human wisdom back in the first century, then why would He change all that in this present age???

Your Brother In The Kingdom, Vinnie

judge's picture

Judge, Nobody is condemning anyone!!

Sorry for misunderstanding you, but here are your own words.

Vinster wrote:

Halleluia Brother, The problem is that too many people have to have a "sign" to believe, which was even condemned even in the first century,(Matt.12:39). Vinster

So "people were condmened in the first century" because they needed a sign.

So who are these "too many people"?
How else could one read this except you are referring to those today who see God working amongst them?


judge's picture

Actually Vinster I probably just misunderstood you. all the best Apologies for making a mountain out of a molehill.


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