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A little problem with original sin

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By Ransom - Posted on 03 February 2010

Drew Tatusko writes, "If we hold to original sin and total depravity as non-negotiable absolutes, it's more reasonable, at least based on any passage of scripture the anti-abortion movement might quote, to suggest that humanity is sinful because God made humanity sinful. Of course, that does not harmoize all of those pronouncements in Genesis about how 'good' everything is, especially human beings to whom God bestows the privilege of co-creators of creation. How is it that God made us all sinful if God also made us good? Unless of course God decided to make us all sinful after Adam and Eve's little faux pas with that tasty, delicious red apple. So why would God, by some supernatural act, cause humanity to be knit together and wonderfully formed, but as a sinful creature because Adam, whose sperm transmits the bad gene of sin, got a little hungry when his hot wife offered him an apple? Here's where the language of mystery arbitrarily enters into the fray. Blah.

"We know too much about what makes people tick to hold to such foolish doctrines. We know how adaptation works, the survival instinct, defense mechanisms, etc. to hold to some metaphysical speculation regarding why humans enact the same kinds of mechanisms of survival and competition that we observe with other species. Of course, many who hold total depravity and original sin as absolutes simply reject evidence in order to idolize a doctrine that does not make much sense, even when tested with scripture itself. I mean, without meat lions would not last long. This is why tasty lambs are a treat if a lion can find a poor defenseless flock somewhere. I raise this because in eschatological pronouncements lions and lambs are going to be friends and predators are going to cease preying on other animals. All because of an apple and one dude's bad choice? But again, as we should all know, without predators entire ecosystems are in jeopardy due to overpopulation of species."


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