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By Virgil - Posted on 15 June 2009

We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity for establishing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. We believe that the generation of young people that God is raising up at this moment will truly be empowered to shake nations and make history as they demonstrate Godís power in and through their lives. Armed with that hope and belief, I have carried in my heart a mission and mandate from the Lord to help equip and release this generation into the plans and purposes of God.Kingdom Come School of Missions & Ministry will be an environment that is specifically designed for that young man or woman of God who is serious about their faith and is looking to find Godís plan, purpose and destiny for their life. This school will be an ìin house, hands onî training experience, that is not the typical ìbible collegeî but rather one of knowledge, revelation and impartation set on raising Nation Shakers and History Makers!

The school is committed to helping you build Godly Character, develop you as a Godly Leader and help you to come to understand and pursue Godís Kingdom purpose for your life. The school is just not about classroom knowledge, but during the school year you will be a part of an active ministry team. We want you to ìdo the work of the Kingdomî not just read and hear about it.

There is a huge difference between those who say they ìbelieveî and those who value their system of belief enough to lay down their lives for the sake of the cross of Christ. The world is looking for Christians who will truly stand for what they say they believe. The church needs a generation that says ìenough of empty platitudes and manís powerless religionî. The cost is extreme, but God is looking for those that are willing step out and step up to His plan. Kingdom Come School of Missions & Ministry intends to be a place where you can receive the right kind of tools and training so that you might become a force for God in todayís world. This is your opportunity to grow in God, discover your Destiny and get released into Godís plan for your life!


One of the unique designs of the school is our desire to bring in visiting faculty members. We believe that the life experience that each of these invited guests will bring will cause a richer and deeper teaching environment. Each of these teaching faculty are themselves active ministers in the Kingdom and together have many years of ìhands onî experience that will become impartation and life to you as the student. All of these guest faculty are men and women of the highest caliber and will challenge you to be a Nation Shaker and a History Maker.

We are currently working on our guest faculty list and hope to have a completed list soon. Click here for the list of those that are currently committed to teaching one of our core courses.

Areas of Study

Knowledge and spiritual impartation is our two-fold goal for students as they come to school. Itís not enough to fill your mind with book knowledge, but our heart is for that knowledge to become spirit life within you. We want you to receive spiritual impartation from our faculty that will empower you to live for God in a radical way. Our core classes are designed to impact you right where you live. Discipleship classes that focus on who you are in Christ and who He is in you and Ministry classes that will prepare you to operate in the real world and that will equip you to ministry the life and power of God to others.

When you take the classroom experience that you will receive and add to that the ìhands onî ministry experience, plus the added factor of developing covenant relationships with the other students, we strongly believe that you will receive a well-rounded spiritual and practical education. We want to prepare you for a lifetime of ministry opportunity!

Click here for course descriptions.

Living Waters Ranch

Our school is located at Living Waters Ranch Conference & Retreat Center in the heart of the mountain of Central Idaho. Living Waters has served the Lord for over 10 years as a great facility for hosting family camps, menís and womenís retreats, youth camps, conferences and seminars for churches from all over the great state of Idaho.

The Ranch is located on 142 acres near Challis, Idaho as it runs 3/4 of a mile along Garden Creek surrounded by a beautiful mountain view. It is a first class conference and retreat center and is a great place for Kingdom Come School of Missions & Ministry. Go ahead a take a peak at the website for the Ranch and see where you will be living.

E-mail us through the site if you have any questions or need more information. Contact us through the Kingdom Come School website if you have any questions or need more information.

Reformer's picture


A great vision! And may the Lord greatly bless your efforts out there for his kingdom!

I do have one suggestion, however -- that you change the word "establishing" in your opening sentence to expanding, advancing, or increasing. Here's why. The Lord Jesus "established" (past tense) the everlasting form of the kingdom in the 1st Century. See Daniel 2:44. The Hebrew word used here is "quwm" and it means "appoint, establish, make, raise up, set (up)." That WAS the Messiah's job, not ours. Also note how this same word is used several times in Daniel 3.

For Christ & kingdom,

John Noe

MiddleKnowledge's picture


Thanks for the comment.

However, please realize that I did not write this piece. It is information material from their website. I merely received an invite to speak for a unit study, probably during the second semester of their first year of operation.


Tim Martin

chrisliv's picture


Tim, are you moving from your Whitehall location?

And Doctor Noe makes a valid semantic point. I mean, Christ's Kingdom was initiated and established by Christ, and can probably be characterized more as a pattern of thinking, via His teaching and Spirit, more than semi-unconscious regimentation or patterns of activity that are common amongst state residents, federal subjects, and state-incorporated religious sects, too.

Peace to you,
C. Livingstone

MiddleKnowledge's picture


No, we are very comfortable in SW Montana. The invite is for concentrated block studies to be held sometime in the second semester.

Should be fun.

Tim Martin

chrisliv's picture



That was kind of my impression.

Peace to you,

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