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By Virgil - Posted on 13 November 2008

A second [Israeli] soldier wrote: “The thing that…affected me emotional...was when we had just arrived in Hebron. I was on guard duty, when suddenly, from one of the small streets, a settler girl shows up and shouts at me very urgently: ‘Soldier, soldier, come quickly, there's an Arab here who's attacking a girl.’ I got very alarmed and advanced with my weapon cocked. The scene that unfolded was of an Arab with his two children. He’s trying to protect them from another settler girl who's throwing stones at them. I blow my fuse and start screaming at her...She’s screaming back that they are Arabs and should be killed…and the father, poor guy, says, with helpless eyes, ‘We're used to it, we've been here a long time now, it's alright.’ "A third soldier spoke of the day a group from abroad came to visit Hebron for the Jewish holidays. "One morning, a fairly big group arrived, around 15 Jews from France. They were all religious Jews. They were in a good mood, really having a great time, and I spent my entire shift following this gang of Jews around and trying to keep them from destroying the town. They just wandered around, picked up every stone they saw, and started throwing them at Arabs' windows, and overturning whatever they came across.

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EWMI's picture

Several years ago, when I first began to pull away from Dispensationalism, I saw a documentary about Hebron that really stuck with me.

The doco introduced a Muslim family and a traditional Jewish family. The men were in their 70's. They grew up in Palestine together. Their children were raised together. In fact the oldest son in the Jewish home was called Ali and the oldest in the Muslim home had a Jewish name.

If the need arose the women would breastfeed each other's children. Their was no strife between them or Christians living in the area. This time of peace had gone on for hundreds of years.

When the Zionists came they pushed the traditional Jews out an began to torment the Muslims.

The documentary followed the reunion of these two families after 40 years of separation. The two men walked around Hebron arm in arm. There were many tears over the days together again.

They both blamed the Zionists, particularly the Lubavitchers from Europe, Russia and America for the misery in their lives.

Virgil's picture

Do you remember the name of this documentary? I think it would be something I'd like to watch.

Windpressor's picture


Hey Virg,

I used to thik it was age and jus me that had problems with witing or typin with a brain glitch that cause_ letters to be missed and even the added strok of a bar in the "H" or a cross to "T" missed when writing with a pen or pencl.

It isn't just me or age.
It isn't just a spel chek issue.
I have notice the phenomenon of missing letters and even hole wors in a sentence when reading others' posts or articles everwhere.
The mind registers a word as complete even though _ hand has not actually finished or thoroughl "done" the task.

I wonder if it has something to do with multi-distracton lifestyle or more specifically the amount of neurological exposure to video scan line frequencies from TV and puter monitors.

Oh yeah, what are "HORROS"



G-Juan Wind

EWMI's picture

Hi Virgil.

I think it may be "What I Saw In Hebron" but I can't find any shorts or reviews to confirm it. Will keep checking.


Windpressor's picture


"But the most striking thing is the steel mesh screens (see photo) that the Arabs have installed just above the heads of pedestrians to protect them from the garbage and excrement routinely dumped by the settlers from their second floor windows. The screens catch all sorts of disgusting stuff and lethal objects like cinder blocks, although liquid debris does make its way to the ground or on the heads of anyone below.

"It’s an appalling sight. Imagine looking up and seeing and smelling the foulest debris just above your head, stopped only by mesh. But then everything about H-2 is appalling, including the fact that Israeli soldiers are forced to serve there."===========

I wonder how much has changed since this Feb. '05 article.
Being human means variously experiencing or holding contempt.
Ethnic or religious supremacy is difficult enough to fathom.
The arrogance of looking on a fellow human as no more
than a soulless dog is near inconceivable.


G-Juan Wind

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