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An Introduction to Preterism

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By Virgil - Posted on 17 May 2009

At TruthVoice / Subversion '09, the booklet titled "An Introduction to Preterism - Study Book Lesson 1", written by our old columnist Roderick Edwards proved to be a big hit with most attendees. I was told that several folks in the crowd became more convinced of the valid arguments for Covenant Eschatology after reading the study book, so as a result, I am making the booklet available for download (in PDF format) to all those who need to start a short study on Preterism or want to hand out material to others for study.The booklet has been scanned in PDF format and split into sections for ease of download - you can download these files to your computer for later reading and also print them at home to read or hand out copies to friends and family for reading.

Click on the link below to download the entire booklet in one PDF file:

An Introduction to Preterism

Or click below on each page to view or download the high-rez version of each page.

Front Cover

Page 1

Page 2-3

Page 4-5

Page 6-7

Page 8-9

Page 10-11

Page 12-13

Page 14-15

Page 16-17


Back Cover

For a FREE hard copy of this book you can send an email to orders at planet preterist - please include your mailing address and quantity you desire.

Ransom's picture

Heh devil. :)

Jer's picture

Did you copyright it? :)

Virgil's picture

That never even crossed my mind.

Ransom's picture

Oh, Jer - that was laugh-out-loud funny. :D

Jer's picture

Thank you! I'll be here all week. Try the veal.

ChefTony's picture

Am I mistaken; I thought Rodrick gave up on Preterism? I thought he and DD were....ummm..."in bed together" sort to speak, with tounge in cheek?

Chef Tony

Chef Tony

Virgil's picture

I don't know where he and Caryn are in their lives, but the booklet is excellent material. I recommend printing it and handing it out to folks because it was well-developed.

ChefTony's picture

Yeah...I'll be downloading it tonight.

Chef Tony

markedward's picture

Unfortunately, it IS copyright. It has "Copyright (C) 2003" in it.

The upside is, the information inside is incredibly easy to put back together... since, you know, it's all right there in the Bible.

leslie's picture

It is nice of him to let it be 'reproduced''for Free'... :) (unless he 'changes his mind') oh my.....

Brother Les

mazuur's picture

See the bottom of back cover.


Sam's picture

Concerning internet ethics, one could make a case that all material posted on PP belongs to virgil. Once its out there, its out there. I have posted stuff I wish I could take back, and it has been used against me. It is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it other than ask that it not be used. If, however, the person wishes to continue to use it, it is what it is. We are not commanded to honor everyone's wishes or demands on material like this. If that were so, I would have to honor our critics and "step down" from writing. Not gonna happen. I see , therefore, no real command being broken, and certainly nothing UNTRUE is being said about this and the author. He wrote it. It's his words. We all know he's jumped ship for "orthodox preterism" (an oxymoron - it doesn't exist). No harm, no foul. It's just a friendly reminder from how far the apple fell.

Jer's picture

Concerning internet ethics, one could make a case that all material posted on PP belongs to virgil.

See the bottom of every page:

The comments are property of their posters, all original content © 2008 by

It would seem that anyone who voluntarily posts an article has conceded.

Sam's picture


Ah, the fine print.....gets ya everytime

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