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Hank Hanegraaff's End Times Series

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By Virgil - Posted on 10 September 2004

A Letter From Hank

Dear Friend,

For the past year, I’ve been working on the first of a series of novels that, along with several nonfiction books, constitutes the most significant project I have ever been privileged to be involved in. Indeed, this initial novel is intended to be the first “shot” in a debate that I believe will produce a paradigm shift -- a change in the way many in the church look at the end times.

It’s titled The Last Disciple. And I want to put a copy into your hands as my thank-you for your support of the Christian Research Institute and the Bible Answer Man broadcast.

Even though I believe The Last Disciple will give you hours of exciting, entertaining reading, I didn’t write it to merely be entertaining.

As you read The Last Disciple, you will not only be exposed to the most pivotal period in the history of the emerging Christian church, you will also be invited to read the Book of Revelation, as well as the rest of Scripture, through the eyes of the early believers to whom it was originally written.

How Did Early Christians Handle Persecution?

During the generation immediately following the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, the early church experienced great tribulation as it struggled to follow Christ and to preach the Gospel in cultures saturated with polytheistic superstition, emperor worship, and Jewish legalism.

The tribulations of the early Christians during this climactic period of history are captured in the pages of The Last Disciple -- a riveting work of fiction based on thoroughly researched historical fact.

Says evangelical historian Dr. Paul L. Maier, “At last! A novel that far more accurately reflects the prophecies of the Book of Revelation than the Left Behind series! The color, thunder, and drama of Nero’s persecution of the Christians and the start of the Jewish War with Rome come alive in these pages -- all the more credible because the authors involve real historical personalities in the telling.”

As you read The Last Disciple, you will be transported to a time when the ink that flowed from apostolic quills was still fresh on the letters circulating among believers that we now read as the books of the New Testament.

You will be amazed and challenged to watch the early Christians cling to the message of edification, exhortation, and encouragement in John’s letter, Revelation, as they struggle to survive the mother of all persecutions.

Watch in awe and amazement as first-century Jerusalem begins to experience the turbulence Christ prophesied as the beginning of the last days. Indeed, in The Last Disciple book (and series), you will understand what the Bible really teaches regarding the end times.

And you will learn these truths in the pages of spellbinding fiction from me and my co-author, Sigmund Brouwer, one of the most talented novelists -- Christian or non-Christian -- writing today.

Take a Front Row Seat to Historical Drama

In addition to having your eyes opened to the truths of Scripture about the end times, you’ll meet unforgettable characters.

You’ll meet Gallus Vitas, a Roman general and right-hand man to the maniacal emperor Nero . . . yet a man with a longing in his heart for justice and memories that drive him onward in a search for something he can’t define.

You’ll meet Sophia, a Jewish Christian involved in “underground” activities such as rescuing discarded newborns . . . a decision that crosses her paths with Vitas and eventually Nero.

You’ll meet the “power players” in the inner sanctum of the court of Caesar -- including the shrewd, the murderous, the deceptive, and the secretly compassionate.

Believe me, this will surpass any intrigue you’ll see on TV shows like The West Wing!

You’ll get a ringside seat in the arena in Rome as Christians face death, with courage that will soberly challenge you.

You’ll visit dungeons and courts where believers are tempted, interrogated, offered bribes, and sternly challenged to prove that Jesus Christ in fact rose from the dead.

I’m convinced that this novel will enthrall you, encourage you, exhort you, and equip you as you experience the trials and temptations of the early church and as you begin to see Scripture -- especially John’s letter, Revelation -- through their eyes.

I want you and other CRI supporters to be among the first to receive it.

Handling Challenges to Our Faith Today

And when you reply to ask for your copy of The Last Disciple, please include a gift to keep our ministry coming to you and others.

The summer is often a time when our income declines.

This is understandable. Many supporters are on vacation or involved with the family activities that come with this season.

Yet the spiritual needs of our listeners do not take a vacation. They deal with challenges from cults and false beliefs such as skepticism and evolution, and much more.

And they also deal with issues such as false views of eschatology, one of the reasons The Last Disciple will be a hallmark of the ministry of CRI.

The Bible Answer Man broadcast, our website, our publications outreach, and every aspect of our ministry must be “up and running” full-time during the summer months to serve the needs of countless people.

And, of course, we want to keep coming to you, to equip you with biblical truth on the essentials of your faith.

So your gift at this time is crucial. God will use your generosity to keep such ministry flowing -- touching lives for time and eternity.

Can I hear from you today?

And when you reply, please remember to ask for your copy of The Last Disciple. I am extremely excited to send it to you!

Thank you for your gift and for your devotion to our Savior and Lord.

Hank Hanegraaff

For the past years, I have been committed to effecting major paradigm shifts through such books as Christianity in Crisis, The Prayer of Jesus, and The Covering. I am convinced that the change in perspective produced by The Last Disciple series will be by far the most significant contribution I have been privileged to be a part of thus far! So please ask for your copy, and thank you again for your gift to help us continue to make a difference while there is yet time.

Seeker's picture

Hank Hanegraaff interviewed Gary DeMar on his radio show. You can listen to it at Gary's website.



Seeker's picture

It's down at the bottom of the homepage. You'll see a picture of a cartoon-like radio (jambox, if you will).



blackpreterist's picture

I started listening to it yesterday, but was unfortunately unable to finish because of some other obligations. I'd like to hear Mr. Demar in a less preterist (more futurist?) atmosphere, since I've only heard him on John Anderson's program.

Kenneth P.


JL's picture

Where can I get my copy?



JL Vaughn
Beyond Creation Science

NHPreterist's picture

The CRI website,

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Is Hank a Preterist? Is he Full or Partial? Does anyone have any idea which paradigm he is promoting in terms of the necessary doctrinal shift needed and presently occurring today?

JL's picture

Hank's website claims that the belief in Jesus' future coming is essential. So that makes him a hypo-preterist.


"By God's grace, Jesus Christ - Who is fully God and fully man - was sent to save us from our bondage to sin. We believe that Christ was born of a virgin, died for our sins, physically rose from the dead, and will one day return to judge the world and deliver His people. Faith in Christ is the only means by which mankind can escape eternal damnation and judgment."


JL Vaughn
Beyond Creation Science

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Hank's website claims that the belief in Jesus' future coming is essential. So that makes him a hypo-preterist.

Thanks, JL. I guess it makes him an INCONSISTENT Preterist alright. More "hype" than "hyper" or "hypo", eh? Whatever "paradigm shift" he's promoting, it pales in comparison with OUR paradigm shift, eh? It's disappointing to see men of Hank's stature and influence still consumed with the false hopes of futurism - but the next few years might bring about significant change in men like Hank. We can only hope and pray.

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Is Hank a Preterist? Is he Full or Partial? Does anyone have any idea which paradigm he is promoting in terms of the necessary doctrinal shift needed and presently occurring today?

Just curious.


sunflower's picture

He wasn't a full preterist a few years ago. (See

SuperSoulFighter's picture

Thanks, sunflower. I had a feeling Hank was still clinging to the basic assumptions of futurism to some degree. I'm disappointed, but not very surprised. What will be interesting is the nature of his novel and its conclusions in relation to the significance of the events of 70 AD.

Batman's picture

His position is very close to Gary Demar's position. It is too bad that we have not had someone with such public recognition step up to the plate like a David Chilton.

It seems to me that a few individuals such as Hank Hanegraaff, Gary Demar or R.C. Sproul senior becoming fully consistent in preterism would certainly start the dominos in motion. Perhaps the dominos are in motion, and it's individuals like these who will have lost the opportunity to make a real difference in our culture. The cost is certainly high in following Christ. Are these men willing to pay it? Only time will tell.

Time really does matter.



demario's picture

The reason I am not a full preterist is because some of the arguments presented by full preterists are not convincing to me. There are too many untidy loose ends. I've read almost everything FPs have written, I've gone to FP conferences, and I've sat done with FPs one-on-one to discuss particular verses. In all that I've read and heard, I am not convinced. It's time that FPs get off the "if-they-only-would-be-consistent" bandwagon. Those of us who are not FP believe we are being consistent, consistent with the position we believe the Bible teaches.
Preterists of all stripes should be thankful that Hank Hanegraaff has adopted some form of preterism. Instead of viewing his position as a glass that's half empty, consider it as a glass that's half full. Any discussion of preterism is good. The more people doing work in this area, the better it is for all of us.

Batman's picture

I'm sorry Gary, I don't mean to offend you. I am thankful for the position that Hank has already come to. You are right when you say that the glass is "half" full. I want to know what will it take to make it "full"! Our blood!?

What does bother me Gary, is that we do not hear from the partial preterist exactly what the "hang ups" are. Is it possible that you might share with us exactly what are the issues that cause you to not accept full preterism? By addressing those specific problems, we might better be able to concentrate on giving you answers that make more sense. I'm willing to try. I have yet to see your response to Ed Steven's book addressing your specific concerns. I think that I speak for many of us here when I say that we just want to address everyone's concerns to the best of our ability. But, at the same time we need feedback and participation from the other side without all of the name calling.

I am also grateful that you are not one of those that go heretic hunting like so many of your friends (i.e. Keith Mathison, Ken Gentry, R.C. Junior etc.). It makes it very difficult to have open and honest dialog in order to obtain truth.

I too have read most everything that full preterists have written over the past ten years and I am convinced. I have yet to discover the "magic verse" that distinguishes "this coming" from "another one". The disciples were anticipating THE Parousia singular. I nowhere see them expecting multiple comings or more importantly for any another purpose other than salvation. The purpose of Christ's coming was to establish the end of all things necessary in order to complete the redemption of man and fulfill the promises of God.

We full preterists Gary, are the ones being kicked out of our Churches, losing our friends and our jobs in ministry work. Why? Because we believe the Lord Jesus Christ and trust Him! We are paying a very high price, and in return are not seeing good argumentation from the partial preterist and their dedication to tradition. We all here want and desire the truth, but that truth comes from the Word of God and not the creeds and confessions of men. I personally have a high regard for the work done in the confessions, but even they admit that they "can and do err".

Recently looking into a 78 year old man's eyes as he was undergoing heresy charges at his Church told the story. The partial preterist pastor seems to be able to have his cake and eat it too, even though he himself is inconsistent with the confessions and creeds in his partial preterism. It may not be you personally Gary that treats the full preterist this way, but it is your side that are the ones putting sincere Christ loving Christians through this turmoil.

I have pastors write me continually from around the world asking me how they can "come out of the closet" so-to-speak without losing their congregations, pensions, or ministries that they have built upon sincere and honest error. What do I tell them Gary?

I do tell them them to let their light shine before men instead of hiding it under a basket. The cost is high, but then again truth always is. They then usually go off and count the cost not being able to pay it. I am willing to pay it and have. I recently lost my job, my Church, friends, home school group and even blood relatives. I don't say these things to boast because I sincerely do not enjoy undergoing such anguish. It is frankly horrible to see what "brothers in the Lord" do to one another.

People will NEVER get involved in government, law, the arts or economics unless they understand that Jesus accomplished His mission and that the future is worth obtaining and changing. Their comprehensive world view is tied to their eschatology. As long as we continue to say "Yep! Jesus is coming again in the future!", no one will ever listen to what you or I write concerning these various topics. The full preterist's message is of victory and accomplishment of our Lord. He has not failed, but instead, He has given us eternal life and the future as long as we accept His finished work.

Please help me to understand just how you think that you are being consistent within partial preterism. I really do want to know.




SuperSoulFighter's picture

Amen, Batman. Very well said. I'm interested to read Gary's reaction and primary objections to Full Preterism.

zweiteskommen's picture


I am thankful for you and your ministry. Your even-handed treatment of ALL preterist positions is appreciated by this brother. The church has a long history of my-way-or-the-highway antics... and I'm guilty as well. May God bless all those who seek the truth.


"It is amazing what you can see if you just look around." - Yogi Berra

Seeker's picture

I agree whole-heartedly! Any step in the Preterist direction is a good one.



JL's picture


We appreciate partial preterists. I'm a preterist because Kenneth Gentry and Gary North convinced me of the truth of it. I'm a current supporter of American Vision and was a long time supporter of ICE. Others here can say the same.

What we don't appreciate is being called heretics. We want their books, but we don't want to support those who have decided to make us enemies.

Frankly, I prefer Full Preterism to Partial Preterism because it is a simple hypothesis. Every FP agrees on which prophecies have been fulfilled and which haven't.

FP has another advantage. It is falsifiable. All it requires is to find one prophecy that wasn't fulfilled and we all become PP's.

PP is not simple. No two PP's agree. There is no unifying philosophy or presuppostition behind PP except that the creeds are correct. One PP splits Matt. 23-25 one place. One splits it another. Some don't split it at all. There's not enough agreement to have a reasonable discussion.

Since the creeds are not Scripture, deviation from the creeds doesn't bother me. Deviation from Scripture does. The animosity of most creedalists also bothers me. Especially since creedalists like Gentry, North, and Hanegraaff deny those same creeds on the point of baptism. They are heretics just as much as we are.



JL Vaughn
Beyond Creation Science

B's picture

Jump on the 'Left Behind' multi-million-dollar ill-gotten-gain bandwagon. So is H.H. a fiction writer or whom does he have ghostwriting for him now? Maybe there's gonna be a Hollywood deal in it! Prose fiction only clouds the issue of hermeneutics and obscures the Preterist-Futurist debate. It's just another written-out, "uninspired" theologian desperate to keep the lucre-tap flowing. Prose fiction is muthos — fable — loud and clear, plain as day, as only Peter (2 Pet 1:16) and Paul could say it: "And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables" (2 Ti 4:4) — I understand that that particular prophecy was fulfilled by A.D. 70, but generally that is what the multitudes are doing — how many clock-hours, calendar-days, etc., of precious, God-given, human life has been forfeited, forever lost, reading prose fiction? "He said, she said, I said" — oh really? God says, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim 2:15) — one does not obey that commandment by writing or reading prose fiction. But maybe God takes a nap everytime you commit yourself to writing or reading another hour or so of lies. May God move swiftly and powerfully to convict the squanderers of grace.

Alan Navarre

chrisliv's picture


There's more to Life than to be constantly reading a Bible.

If most church goers and Bible students would stop reading for a minute, and start applying the a few lines of The Sermon on the Mount or just The Golden Rule, then conditions on earth would be better, and the Church would be a real Blessing to all of humanity.

The Hanegraaff stuff may just be a way to milk funds as he slowly leads up to actually presenting a Preterist perspective. Or, it may be his way of truly warming up to Preterism, while trying not to alienate his supporter base.

Dispensationalism and the Rapture theory is biblical and logical nonsense. And those who hold on to those positions the longest will be the most foolish.

Sooner than latter, a lot of those guys are going to turn.

However, as I've said before, Preterism and .75¢ will get you a cup of coffee in most places.

So, until state-incorporated church goers and other Bible students actually apply a least a few lines of The Sermon on the Mount or just The Golden Rule, even if they all become Preterists, it won't do a bit of good, because Preterists and Futurists both have the mistaken idea that Caesar and the State are the higher authority for the Body of Christ. And they both believe that the Secret Ballot somehow nullifies the Golden Rule and somehow takes away all culpability.

But, God is not mocked. Not for too long, that is.

The Lordship of Caesar is commonly preached amongst Futurists and Preterists alike. "Give Unto Caesar" is the unconscious credo that has been burned into the forehead of most.

Much of the planet is made up of full-blown Statists, whether they be from various religions or not. So, it's not just the state-incorporated, 501 (c) 3 organizations. But, the Body of Christ does have a valiant history of separation from Statism, until the Church became incorporated under Caesar Constantine, in 312 AD.

And now, the whole World agrees, including the state "churches", that it is right for the State (or its federal auxilliary) to seize funds, land, labor, and human beings by using deadly force, if needed, to accomplish things that the State deems to be fitting and proper.

Of course, that kind of mentality has led men in Wash DC to order the killing or oppression of millions of poor peasants, directly and indirectly, over the last 50 years in places like Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Central and South America, Iraq. etc.

It must seem quite a thrill to bomb six countries in far away places, as Clinton did, and still get accolades during book signing events or have history books written that describe you as a savvy leader. And, it'll be the same for Bush, when he's done committing his atrocities with the supports of most state-incorporated church goers.

So, Preterism, in its current statist form won't change much. But, in theory, Preterism does promote the Kingdom and Lordship of Christ on Earth as a current and present reality.

All we need is some True Believers who follow (not read) The Great Commission.

Peace to you,
C. Livingstone

alberto's picture

I really enjoy Hank's radio show, which could be called the "Bible Know-it-All" instead of the "Bible Answer Man". I marvel at the oily condescension in his voice, as he disparages everyone who does not see things his way. This is very valuable to me, teaching me, as it does, how NOT to deal people with whom I disagree. I don't know if his new book will help or harm the "cause" of preterism. But, for those of us who still believe in divine healing, and that the gifts of the Holy Spirit did not pass away, seeing Hank Hanegraaff's name on the book will make the ideas therein suspect......Brother Hank, you might be reading this. (Stranger things have happened.) I love you in the Lord. Please, could you make an effort to be kinder? And, listen, I am aware that the Lord is reading this. He knows that I have genuine affection for you, in Him.

albert burke

Opus's picture

Found this on CRI's website...written by HH and is a good representation of his perspective...

zweiteskommen's picture

Several have commented here (and in other threads) on their desire to see a prominent evangelical figure embrace a consistently preterist view. Frankly, I hold little hope for this to occur. The boldness that would be required for such a step should not be underestimated. Rejection from the vast majority of the evangelical world means a loss of face among peers and laity alike, a loss of publishing contracts, loss of pastorates, etc. And before we are too quick to criticize (as I have often done), remember that many of these men are passionate for Christ and believe in his blessings on their success... a success in reaching people that would likely be irreparably jeopardized by "coming out" for a consistently preterist position. We should pray for these leaders that God reveal His truth to them and that they would be emboldened to stand in the gap for that truth, no matter what the cost. If I was in Hank's shoes, I believe the decision would not be quite so easy for me either.

God bless us all!


"It is amazing what you can see if you just look around." - Yogi Berra

Batman's picture

Yeah! Like the rich young ruler counting the cost and walking away from Christ. Sad really.



zweiteskommen's picture

No, not like the rich young ruler. I see some differences here... and pointed one of them out. Where's the love?

"It is amazing what you can see if you just look around." - Yogi Berra

Batman's picture

As my family undergoes great anguish from losing income, being put out of our Church, home school group etc., I too want to know where the love is! These partial preterists preach to us love, but I have yet to see the actions behind the words.

It is the partial preterist group that is waging a seemingly holy war against those of us who do believe that Christ accomplished his mission of salvation. Where is the love in this?

Frankly, I'm tired of being told to "get off" the "if-they-would-only-be-consistent" bandwagon. Partial preterists accuse full preterists of being heretics and yet try to tell us that we are the ones being inconsistent without even showing us Biblically where we are inconsistent! Where is the love in this?

Instead, the partial preterist pulls out the confessions/creeds and judges us by the words of men instead of the Word of God. Where is the love in this?

The partial preterist elite (i.e. Keith Mathison, Ken Gentry, R.C. Junior etc.) are creating an environment of fear and of heretic hunting. Where is the love in this? Does this type of environment produce honest and open dialogue amongst Christians? Or, does it cause one to not look into these matters out of fear? I have personally found the latter to be the case.

I want to know from the partial preterist if it is still nobel to search the scriptures daily to see if these things be so. And, if the answer is "yes", then please stop calling us heretics and causing us such grief. And for those partial preterists that don't call us heretics, yet embrace their brothers who do, show me or my family no love! Please publicly tell your partial preterist and dispensational brothers to stop harming us over as-you-say "non-essential" issues. Full preterists do see Christ's accomplishments as essential. They are essential to mine and my children's future!

These words of chastisement are but a minor cost to the partial preterist compared to those full preterists who have given up everything in order to follow Christ. At least the full preterist says to his brother "do what I do", instead of "do what I say".

Please don't preach to me love! Show me love!



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