You are hereIs Gary DeMar Secretly a Friend to Hyperpreterists?

Is Gary DeMar Secretly a Friend to Hyperpreterists?

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By Virgil - Posted on 30 September 2009

by Gary DeMar

“What do you say in response to all of the people saying that you are secretly a friend to hyperpreterists?” -- Question submitted by Aduro in The Christian Worldview Forum

I am a very visible friend to a number of hyperpreterists. There is nothing secret about it. I am also friends with dispensationalists. I count Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice, and Mark Hitchcock as friends, although I can’t get them on my radio show. It’s important at this point to lay down some background information for those who may not be familiar with the prophetic debate that’s going on.I get a lot of questions related to eschatology. Many of the terms used are rarely defined. I wonder what some of our readers think when they come across words like preterism, futurism, dispensationalism, postmillennialism, and even the word eschatology? “Eschatology” is the study of events related to the future. Preterism is a term that has received recent attention, but it has a long history. Charles H. Spurgeon defines preterism in his book Commenting and Commentaries this way: “1. Preterists. The prophecies contained in the Apocalypse were fulfilled with the destruction of Jerusalem and the fall of heathen Rome.”[1] Technically, “the word comes from the Latin praeteritus (‘to go by, pass’) which, in turn, is based upon praeter (‘that which is beyond, past’).”[2] In simple terms, a preterist is someone who contends that certain prophecies have already been fulfilled; their fulfillment is in the past. For example, all the prophecies related to the first coming of Christ have been interpreted by Christians in a preterist fashion: They were unfulfilled prophecies when given; they are now fulfilled prophecy. Their fulfillment is in the past. This is the essence of preterism. New Testament preterism relates to prophecies that were fulfilled in events leading up to and including the destruction of the temple and the judgment on the city of Jerusalem that took place in A.D. 70, in particular, the Olivet Discourse in the Synoptic Gospels (Matt. 24; Mark 13; Luke 21), the Man of Lawlessness (2 Thess. 2), passages related to the Antichrist (1 John 2:18, 22; 4:3; 2 John 7), and, of course, Revelation (1:1, 3; 22:10).

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Starlight's picture

What started me down the Preterism path was dealing with friends who were buying into dispensationalist theology. It didn’t seem to take a rocket scientist to figure out that their paradigm that Christ didn’t finish the work of salvation and had to come back and do it again with another Temple was a slap in the face of the bedrock of Christian belief. I considered it an aberration of the late 20th century due to the fascination with Israel and its establishment again as a country after nearly 2000 years. It will take a few more decades for that 1948 event to work its way through Christendom and be purged but those with ears to hear and eyes to see can figure it out for themselves without having to live to those days.

This errant event then sent me down the path to full Preterism in which there has been suppression for centuries by the ruling religious elites controlling believers thinking. We all know the control that the Catholic Church had and still have over their followers. Well the Reformation and Restoration movements didn’t really clear the air completely enough. Things have changed for the better though. Mostly this is due to the proliferation and exchange of ideas through established venues of the internet explosion in the past 15 years. There is no doubt that freedom of expression and thought has always been cramped by the reality of the free flow of ideas. This historically has been established by the religious elite controlling people through past measures such as outright murder in the name of religion or through coercion by stigmatizing people away from their communities of faith.

The printing press enabled the first explosion and now the internet is enabling the second one. This is the reason that you are seeing the sudden increase of full Preterist adherents at all levels and stages of development in the past 15 years. We have a dynamic in effect that has never been available to the Christian world. People are able to research from their homes exponentially more than any other time in history. Everything together including the freedom and independence of the American idea are all driving this new dynamic. Those who are resisting it are reliving the suppression of the Old World European state religions to a large extent. They are doomed to fail and there will be a new world 50 to 100 years from now that we would not recognize. If we believe that God is Sovereign and that His Kingdom will continue to grow into the largest of Trees in the Garden then we should be able to rest in that comfort that He is in charge of the future.

Gary is astute to recognize the times.

Norm Voss

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Yours is a powerful statement, one with which I thoroughly agree. I suspect, however, that the "new world" to which you refer will have emerged in considerably less than 50 to 100 years. The world is changing at a breathtaking pace. Gary DeMar is a very astute observer of the current scene who is now well-positioned to be among those who will lead the way to this new paradigm, and I wish him great success.

John S. Evans

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I agree, Norm. Well said.


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Gary DeMar is above reproach. He always has been. I will always strongly encourage his work and the ministry American Vision. Other than our differences in Eschatology, I virtually agree with everything he espouses.

Samuel M. Frost

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I agree Sam. Although I may disagree with a little bit more with Gary than you, I've always found him to be a gentleman (perhaps because he went to Western Michigan University, like me).

All kidding aside, Gary has always been strong in his convictions and beliefs, but I cannot remember a time that he talked down to anyone, nor condemned others for disagreeing. That to me is what Paul spoke of when he admonished Timothy to "teach with gentleness..."

God bless Gary DeMar, a friend to all; and a continuing welcome contributor to PP.



Papa is especially fond of us

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Sometimes that approach is the most critical. I know when my wife treats me kindly when I am that stings

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GDM: I am willing to cut those full preterists some slack who are attempting to do real exegetical work. Many partial preterists are not willing to do this. To my mind, this approach is counterproductive. Honest analysis of the Bible is required. I want to be challenged by the best arguments possible, whether they come from full preterists or dispensationalists. I refuse to adopt a position because I’ve been told to do so.

With disloyal lilly livered statements like that it is easy to see that GDM is a friend of the devil and the heretical preterits.
Burn Gary De Mar and the preterists...:P

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I am a very visible friend to a number of hyperpreterists. There is nothing secret about it. I am also friends with dispensationalists. I count Tim LaHaye, Thomas Ice, and Mark Hitch***** as friends, although I can’t get them on my radio show.

There seems to be a tiny parallel between Gary's bold confession here and Dave Letterman's recent confession on Late Night! :D There is an equally unapologetic tone present in both cases, although in Gary's case there are no moral infractions involved (although Dispensationalists and sensationalists might disagree :D)!

All kidding's great having someone like Gary here with whom we can engage in open, honest dialogue - whether he agrees with us or not!

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