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Don K. Preston Receives Honorary Doctorate

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By Virgil - Posted on 30 June 2010

Don K. Preston, president of Preterist Research Institute, recently received one of the highest academic awards that can be given, when he was awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree by Dr. Stan DeKoven, president of Vision International University, of Romana, California. The award was given at graduation services for Vision International in Irving, Tx. June 26, 2010. There were an estimated 1000 people in attendance at the ceremony.

Preston is the former minister of the Ardmore Family of God church (formerly the Ardmore church of Christ) where he served for sixteen years. He resigned that position three years ago to devote himself full time to holding seminars around the world. Mr. Preston has spoken at conferences in Australia, and France (where he is due to return later this year), and in numerous states. Preston has received invitations for speaking from several venues in South America as well as India.

Vision International University is headquartered in Ramona, California. Vision was originally founded in Sydney, Australia in the early 1980s, but has expanded world wide since then, with a student enrollment in excess of 140,000 students, counting on-line students. In conferring the doctorate degree on Preston, president and co-founder of Vision, Dr. DeKoven, took note that bestowal of their Doctor of Divinity degree is a rare occasion, and that they confer the degree on only one person, per year at most. DeKoven stated that they bestow the honor only on those individuals that they feel have demonstrated exceptional academic and ministerial accomplishments outside of the classroom, and whose personal lives are exemplary. DeKoven expressed high praise for one of Preston’s books, Like Father Like Son, On Clouds of Glory, that he said is an "excellent and challenging" book. He called Preston "an outstanding researcher."

Preston well known in preterist circles, and is the founder and president of Preterist Research Institute, of Ardmore, Ok. The purpose of the Institute (PRI) is to spread the positive news that the world is not in the last days. Instead of believing that things are destined to get continually worse and worse, Preston believes that Christians need to become more involved in a positive manner in making this world a better place. He suggests that all futurist views of the "end times" fail to honor the Biblical statements that confined fulfillment to the first century.

Dr. Preston is the author of 17 books on Bible prophecy and the preterist (fulfilled) view. His book Who Is This Babylon? has been called ground breaking, and has been positively peer reviewed. In addition, the book was positively reviewed in the official Russian Academy of Sciences journal some years ago. That book has been reprinted twice. Preston’s latest book, We Shall Meet Him In The Air: The Wedding of the King of kings, was a seven year research and writing project. It is the very first and only full length (450+ pages) preterist commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4:13f. His book Can God Tell Time? has been reprinted five times. Preston is currently working on two books, one examining and dispelling the popular view that there will yet be a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, and another focusing on the significance of the Transfiguration scene in Matthew 17.

Preston has engaged in formal debate with some of the leading evangelicals of the day, including James Jordan, C. Marvin Pate, David Englesma, Harold Hoehner, Randall Price, Thomas Ice and others.

Dr. Preston is co-host with William Bell of Memphis, Tn. of a popular Internet radio program called "Two Guys and the Bible," which airs each Tuesday evening at 6 PM central time, at Preston has appeared on various radio shows.

Dr. Preston is also the owner of two popular websites: and

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