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By Virgil - Posted on 30 June 2002

Since PlanetPreterist got started, hate-mail was part of the weekly E-mail routine, therefore we decided to start a new topic to neatly file all message that we receive from "critics". Unfortunately older messages are no longer available, so we are starting from scratch...Received on Sunday, June 30, 2002 7:38 PM

Planet Preterist

Sender's Name: carrie

Sender's Email:

Message: you don't know what you are talking about! you have departed from the truth of the bible!

Joel's picture

Hold on, is this "Hate-Mail" or is this just a message from someone who thinks preterism is false and is saying so. I would have to say we (that's right, we preterists) have to be careful in saying what hate mail is versus just regular Futurist mail. Hate mail would be more of like name calling and taunting, right. Let's just be careful in what we say is "attacks" so we don't become like Impe and Lahaye who think Preterists hate them just because we think they are false and say so.

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