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The Christian Right and the Palin Trap

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By Virgil - Posted on 02 November 2008

As the election draws to a close and the rhetoric intensifies, I believe it necessary to sound a warning call to my Christian brothers who are voting for McCain precisely because of Sarah Palin. I believe this is a huge mistake. And while I must confess, I am entertained at the thought of the Christian Right getting the wool pulled over their eyes again, I believe the conscience of the Church is of much more importance. It is evident that Christian influence still wields a great deal of power in our political system. Every candidate, on both sides of the aisle, claims to have Christian values. McCain was dead in the water until he named Palin as his running mate. Obama has put up a pseudo Christian façade since he started his run for the White House, despite his voting record.

This fact does not diminish the ineptitude of Christian leaders to affect any real change on the political landscape. In fact, I would argue that the Christian Right is to the Republican Party what the Black Vote is to the Democrat Party. Both are slaves to their respective parties, and both are abused in such a way that only a habitual alcoholic would understand why these dogs return to their proverbial vomit every four years.

Let’s remember what happened only eight short years ago. John McCain dominated in the early Primaries, clearly on track to win the nomination. What happened next? The Christian Right in South Carolina put their foot down and derailed the liberal McCain campaign in order to get “their” guy, George W. Bush. Christian leaders all over the country were ecstatic over finally having a chance to elect a “real man of faith.” McCain, no doubt, remembering who really caused his defeat decided to ally himself with the media and the liberal elite in Washington. Hence, a Maverick was born. The media never missed a chance to tout McCain as he revolted against his own party, and McCain always ready to draw the spotlight on himself, played the part beautifully. (And for Christians keeping track, “our man of faith” proved true, the only problem was his “faith” turned out to be in the idol of the state, not the God who created the Universe.)

With the media clearly behind him, McCain made an impossible comeback in the 2008 primaries. He secured the nomination much to the dismay of the Christian Right. He must have thought the Christian Right would check their conscience at the door and quickly get behind him but they didn’t! It would take a miracle to get the Christian Right back on the Straight Talk Express. Enter a brilliant, yet cheap, political move. McCain knew all too well the naivety of the Christian Right. He knew they would compromise any integrity they had left for their lust of power and a seat at the table. Just as the Black leadership always serves it’s master, once Palin was named “the messiah” of the Republican Party, the Christian Right was front and center. They were the vanguard of the candidate they once derailed in South Carolina. For McCain, revenge must be sweet. “He who laughs last, laughs best.” If McCain is elected and entangles us in more wars we can rest easy knowing he is a brilliant strategist.

Where does this leave the leadership of the Christian Right? They have endorsed a liberal whom, not long ago, was unacceptable, predicated on the fact that he named a “conservative” running mate. This is despite McCain telegraphing how he will govern. He has hinted he will have more liberals in his cabinet than conservatives. Al Gore and Andrew Cuomo could have more power than Sarah Palin in a McCain administration. What the Christian Right doesn’t understand is that Palin is there for one reason, and one reason only, to get McCain in the White House.

Compromising beliefs and integrity in the vain hope of setting up their ideal candidate in 4 years poses one major problem for the Christian Right. That problem is this: If McCain is elected; the Christian Right will be in a position that they must turn a blind eye to 4 years of liberal governing in hopes of electing their own “messiah.” Yet they expect to retain their credibility. Palin will have to run as a reformer to her own administration! How does she pull that off? When McCain appoints a liberal to the Supreme Court, or grants amnesty to illegal aliens, can the Christian Right really back Palin in 4 years? Or will they hold her accountable for the actions of her own administration? This will once again show the hypocrisy of the leadership of the Christian Right.

The irony is this; The very thing the Right feared the most just a year ago could happen if they compromise in an effort to avoid the current fear. If elected, Palin not only has to throw her own credibility under the bus as McCain governs for four years, she will also be second in command during what could be a prolonged deep recession or depression. While the Christian Right will be wringing their hands about being let down again, and trying to keep Palin from being ousted by the Party Elite, who will arrive on the scene as the newest state savior? Hillary! With the country reeling from 4 long years of bailouts, government takeover’s, and a crumbling economic system, it will be the perfect opportunity for her to say, “I told you so,” and ride in on the white horse to save the country. She will have little opposition. By then the minority of Christians that have abandoned their lust for power and the Republican Party will have grown enough to make it nearly impossible for a Republican (except maybe Dr. Ron Paul) to be elected. Then we will be back to square one. “Our state is too precious to let a Clinton destroy it, give us whoever, no matter what they believe. Just make sure they have an R after their name”.

By then, thanks to Bush, the idol will be much bigger, no matter who is elected on November 4th.

Fear based voting in politics always leaves you wanting more. In 1992 it was fear of Clinton, then Gore. Just last year the Christian Right was happy that Obama looked like he had a chance to take out Hillary, because, she was just too dangerous! All the while, the current President has brought about more pure socialism and loss of freedom than any other President in modern History.

The Christian Right must realize that, before God brings about the miracle they wish for, they must tear down the idols they worship. They must be willing to lose their state, an election, and their life before they can find it.

Islamaphobe's picture

When you are standing at the North Pole, every direction is south. Methinks that the author is standing a little too close to the theological equivalent of the Pole. There is, I insist, a VAST difference between McCain and Obama. On the other hand, if, as is probable, Obama and the Demos triumph tomorrow, the result, I am confident, will be to throw fuel on the fire that we are already in. We have entered into a great world crisis, and it is going to get a LOT worse. There is something to be said, I suppose, for throwing the fuel on the fire in the hope that it will burn itself out sooner than would otherwise be the case.

John S. Evans

davo's picture

Enter a brilliant, yet cheap, political move. McCain knew all too well the naivety of the Christian Right. He knew they would compromise any integrity they had left for their lust of power and a seat at the table. Just as the Black leadership always serves it’s master, once Palin was named “the messiah” of the Republican Party, the Christian Right was front and center.Methinks that Palin's flash-in-the-pan shallowness will prove McCain erred greatly. The world beyond the US certainly doesn't need her to be a heart-beat away from the button…


Islamaphobe's picture

Palin for President in 2012. Sorry, Davo.

davo's picture

lol, only in your dreams I think John :)

JL's picture

After 4 years of Carter, we will have a Reagan.

Palin has Reagan's 1976 spotlight.


JL Vaughn
Beyond Creation Science

rfwitt's picture

I am posting this link of an article by Jon Zens and Cliff Bjork entitled: "God and Country or Christ Kingdom". IMO this article represent a view that needs to be heard from more often.

tom-g's picture

Dear Richard,

I agree with you this is an excellent article. With a few changes it would be outstanding.

Particularly the elimination of its futurist biblical expression and a correction of the license taken on the presentation of our Constitutional history. Jefferson was actually in France as our Ambassador for the whole time of the Convention and had almost no influence in its creation. This is where he came into contact with his Physiocrat economic theories. Also in his election of 1800 he was widely painted as an atheist not a theist. Dr. Franklin is also best recognized as a Friend or Quaker, a deist, not a Rosicrucian.


rfwitt's picture

You're right. I hesitated because of the "futurist" comments on posting the link.

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