You are hereA Call to Abandon Dispensationalism: Time is not running out!

A Call to Abandon Dispensationalism: Time is not running out!

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By John - Posted on 12 March 2002

The greatest obstacle dispensationalism faces is time. With each year that passes and with every prophetic prediction that fails to ‘come to pass’, Dispensationalism losses face. At the rate it is losing face it won’t be too much longer and no one will be able to recognize it.It is commendable that one would hold onto ones theological belief system in the face of, well...TIME. But to let the top performers keep telling you that it’s anytime and the signs of the times point to the Scriptures and scream ‘soon...soon’ or ‘any day now’ is just plain well, untimely.

Let’s face it, time has not been kind to this eschatological position! On the other hand, time is Preterisms strongest witness.Dispensationalism has had enough time to only prove itself wholly undependable and unpredictable.

As time marches on and Dispensationalisms prophesies, calculations, date settings etc. go unfulfilled it’s ranks will shrink while other eschatological interpretations will absorb it’s deserters.

Here is something that is intolerable: Dispensationalisms ‘stealing’ of time. Dispensationalism has already stolen 170 years and we should not allow it to have anymore time other than the time it takes to escort it to the door of our individual lives and churches and give it the boot.

No gentlemen, let’s retire Dispensationalism and give it the gold watch that it has worked so hard for.

Michael E. Overbay

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