You are hereBook Release: We Shall Meet Him In The Air, The Wedding of the King of kings

Book Release: We Shall Meet Him In The Air, The Wedding of the King of kings

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By Virgil - Posted on 14 September 2009

1 Thessalonians 4:13f has nothing to do with the end of time and human history. 1 Thessalonians has nothing to do with a removal of the church from earth, whether first century or at the end of the Christian Age. Period!

These are bold statements, but in an exciting, major announcement, JaDon Management and Don K. Preston is thrilled to announce the completion of a comprehensive new commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4! This work has been years in the making, but it is finally ready and you can order your’s today!This major work (450+ pages, with indices), examines every eschatological text in the Thessalonian epistles to help set the proper context for understanding chapter 4. In addition, the book offers:

An extensive examination of the Death of Adam

An extensive discussion of the Atonement of Christ

The Prophetic Theme of the Messianic Temple

The Prophetic Theme of the Re-Marriage of Israel

Preston demonstrates that key themes from the OT lie behind Thessalonians, themes that are normally ignored in modern studies of the text.

Further, you will be amazed at what Preston calls the "Theological Atom Bomb" that lies right on the surface of Thessalonians. This powerful and convincing linguistic study builds on the world’s best scholarship to establish beyond doubt that Thessalonians is not about the removal of the church from earth, at any time, past or present! This is fantastic information and you will be amazed at the scholarly support that Preston brings to bear.

We Shall Meet Him

Refutes dispensationalism.

Refutes the AD 70 rapture doctrine. This is the most extensive study of this doctrine that has been written.

Kenneth Gentry and Keith Mathison’s new books, He Shall Have Dominion and From Age To Age: The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology. This is devastating material, not found anywhere else!

Here is what some scholars are saying about We Shall Meet Him:

Although my theological presuppositions are very different than Preston’s, his work addresses a host of fascinating questions and returns a host of provocative answers. One hopes that his critique of the dispensational view that plagues American evangelicalism gains a large hearing.

Dale Allison

Errett M. Grable Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.


The question of how the New Testament writers spoke about the future of the people of God remains extremely vexatious and divisive, but we cannot deal with the problem simply by quarantining these 'rabid' biblical texts and anyone who has come into contact with them. In this well argued and well researched book Don Preston shows that Preterism is more than a sectarian reaction against dispensationalism; it has the potential whatever we may make of the detailed conclusions to contribute significantly to the broader renewal and reintegration of New Testament theology.

Dr. Andrew Perriman:

Author of The Coming of the Son of Man: New Testament Eschatology for an Emerging Church and Re: Mission: Biblical Mission for a Post-Biblical Church, and founder of the Open Source Theology website.


The times and teaching regarding end time theology are a changing. Many leaders, denominational and independent, are rethinking previously held beliefs, seeking clarity in regards to Jesus' and Paul's teaching regarding the end of the age.

Don K. Preston is a consummate researcher and writer, passionate regarding the importance of a clear understanding of scripture, especially as it relates to Eschatology. In this outstanding book on I Thessalonians 4, Brother Preston seeks to present a comprehensive and compelling look at key controversies related to the end times.

With excellent research, clear logic and grace Don presents his argument, leaving it to the reader to make final conclusions. Let the reader beware. this is not a work for the novice, but will definitely challenge the reader to search the scriptures fully; for "in them you have eternal life; and it is these that bear witness of Me."

Stan E. DeKoven, Ph.D., MFT

President and Founder: Vision International College and University

Ramona, CA.


There is literally not another book like We Shall Meet Him In The Air! This is the very first, and only, full length preterite commentary on 1 Thessalonians 4:13f.

If you have been looking for answers about 1 Thessalonians 4:13f you absolutely must have this new book! This is the book that the preterist community has been waiting for! This book will answer the critics like nothing else, with solid, scholarly, convincing exegesis. Put this book at the top of your "Must Have" list!

You can order your copy today, by sending a check or MO to:

Don K. Preston

JaDon Management Inc.

1405 4th Ave. N. W. #109

Ardmore, Ok. 73401

chrisliv's picture


Sounds good.

What's the cost, with shipping?

Peace to you all,
C. Livingstone

Windpressor's picture


Hey C,

The above is near complete excerpt of the anouncement at
The intro and bottom line are edited off.

... "Price is $23.95 + $4.50 shipping, for a total of $28.45." ...

See here:


G-Juan Wind

judge's picture

I would considr buying this book.
Can anyone point out where I can find an introduction to the way Don Preston approaches eschatology in general. I understand he is preterist but can I get some more info somewhere?

plymouthrock's picture

Yeah, he has a website with plenty of info and articles:


ts53's picture

In addition to, Don also maintains

He also seems share much in common with William Bell at

He's a very sharp guy. I try to read everything he writes.


mazuur's picture

He is pretty much exactly in line with Max King, Sam Frost, Jack Scott, Of course the "me" part doesn't carry much (ok, none at all) weight. :)



tom-g's picture

Has anyone read the book yet? Does it live up to its provocative advertising promises, or is it just an updated same old, same old, version of a weak dialectical attempt to offer an alternative to futurism's literal rapture?


Starlight's picture

I have read about a third of the book so far and I find it a very comprehensive refutation of futurism, dispensationalism and the AD70 Rapture theory. This is Don's best book IMO. He systematically deals with all the subjects and symbols of the Resurrection of Israel including her divorce and remarriage into Spiritual Israel and demonstrates how this all starts with Adam's death as Spiritual and not physical IE. "Separation from God".


tom-g's picture

Hey Norm,

Have you come across the "Theological Atom bomb" yet? All that other hype will probably sell books, but what's new about the rapture that denies the literal truth of the scripture that hasn't already been said over and over again?

To refute something is to demonstrate through the axioms and theorems of logic that something is false. Does Don do that in his book?


chrisliv's picture


Sounds good, Norm.

I've read one book by Preston from some time ago, II Peter 3 was the title, and it was pretty good.

And watching Preston, so to speak, through this website and over time, I bet his new book really is his best yet.

OK, I'll prepare my envelope today, probably!

Peace to you all,
C. Livingstone

Sam's picture

Don sent me this book and I am reviewing it. All that I can say is, sell your bed and BUY THIS BOOK. It is his BEST WORK TO DATE.

Sam Frost

mazuur's picture

Started this book the other night. So far, it's fantastic. I think this is definitely Don's best work to-date.



chrisliv's picture


My copy arrived promptly.

I'll be out of town for a week visiting and at a Retreat for the next week, so I don't know if I have time to begin reading, but I'll try to, as the Retreat topics are Romans 13 (from and anti-statist viewpoint) and also the so-called Second Coming (from a Preterist viewpoint, undoubtedly).

So, maybe I can cram a little with Don's new book, which may be a help on the Retreat.

Peace to you all,
C. Livingstone

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