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Does Mormonism teach Historical Preterism?

This past Sunday, for the Gospel Doctrine class that I teach in our ward, the lesson was on Matthew 24 and entailed about the coming of Christ. As I prepared for this lesson, much of the information brought me back to those days when I was outside of the Latter-day Saint faith, and when I had began studying about Preterism.


Revelation was probably written during the middle part of John the Apostle's life. Some hold to the 90's and it is the last book written in the New Testament. However with multiple evidences we are giving we tend to believe otherwise.

From another Study on Revelations dating.

Baptists, along with most others who believe the late date setting theory, are now alone,

When were Newer Testament Books written

When was Johns Revelation Wrote
When were the New Testament Books Written

This is a compiled study in which I would like to thank all involved.

Revelation's Parallel Use of the Sequence of Ezekiel: Part One, by Duncan McKenzie

I am breaking this article into two parts to make it easier to read and study. It is from volume II of The Antichrist and the Second Coming: The Book of Revelation (which should be out by the end of the year). In the meantime read volume one!

The First Woe of Revelation

Here is something from volume II of The Antichrist and the Second Coming. The book is finished but I am still revising it. It looks at the Antichrist in Revelation (vol. one looks at the Antichrist in Daniel and II Thessalonians). Hopefully volume II will be out by the end of the year. In the mean time you should get volume I!

A Summary of Harlot Babylon of Revelation 17-18

by Duncan McKenzie
This article is a summary of harlot Babylon found in Revelation 17-18. It summarizes about 70 pages from my book (The Antichrist and the Second Coming). The good news is you don't have to read 70 pages. The bad news is you will have to pay closer attention to the scriptural references to better connect the dots.

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