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Does Mormonism teach Historical Preterism?

This past Sunday, for the Gospel Doctrine class that I teach in our ward, the lesson was on Matthew 24 and entailed about the coming of Christ. As I prepared for this lesson, much of the information brought me back to those days when I was outside of the Latter-day Saint faith, and when I had began studying about Preterism.

Covenant Preterism

Hello all,

I wanted to invite everyone to Covenant Preterism, a new Ning site for Preterists to gather and discuss various tenets within the view, and have access to interact with those opposing our view as well. Please come by!


In The Beginning(s), God: Creation, Re-creation in Terms of the Covenant People of God

There is no shortage today of theological works which note the “bookends” of Revelation (Rv) 22 and Genesis (Gn) 1. Conservative inerrantists see it as the work of the inspiring Holy Spirit that authored both books. And, though serious scholarship may dismiss that, they are not dismissing the obvious connection made by the author of Rv.

I. Creation and Temple Imagery

The Deep and Endless Story of Creation

Do you remember you first crush or first love? I do. Her name was Violet; she sat next to me in fifth grade. She was a redhead and I thought I was crazy about her.

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