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The Deep Politics of WikiLeaks

by Virgil Vaduva
The term Deep Politics was created by English Professor Peter Scott to illustrate how cultures, societies, nations and groups of people tend to collectively and involuntarily suppress facts because of the social and psychological cost of not doing so. In other words, humans collectively suppress facts which are inconvenient and difficult to face, and often do this involuntarily, almost at an unconscious level. There is no better time when Deep Politics has been readily manifested in the public lives of Americans than now, when the public has been suddenly forced to face the actions of its Government, all thanks to WikiLeaks.

Kingdom Come: The Politics of the Millennium

Murray Rothbard

by Murray Rothbard
Christianity has played a central role in Western civilization and contributed an important influence on the development of classical-liberal thought. Not surprisingly, Christian beliefs about the "end times" are very important for us right now. Christian Reconstructionism is one of the fastest growing and most influential currents in American religious and political life. Though the fascinating discussions by Jeffrey Tucker and Gary North (in the July and September issues of Liberty) have called libertarian attention to, and helped explain, this movement, to clarify Christian Reconstructionism fully we have to understand the role and problem of millennialism in Christian thought.

Turning Jesus over to Caesar

Here Jesus is confronted with one of the most direct political questions that we see addressed in the entire New Testament. Do the Israelites need to pay taxes to the Roman government that has set itself up as God? How will Jesus answer this question?

“5 key ‘moral triggers’ polarize politics”

Here is an interesting article detailing the polarization of Politics but I think we can apply it across the board to polarizing religious views as well.

“5 key ‘moral triggers’ polarize politics”

Research: Personality traits keep us from seeing eye to eye

By Rachael Rettner

Wikleaks releases disturbing video

Yesterday Wikileaks released a previously secret video recorded from an Apache helicopter allegedly showing U.S. forces opening fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians, including a reporter and his aid. The video and pictures are quite disturbing so keep that in mind before watching it. Below is the short version - it still includes footage where a minivan stopped to pickup the wounded civilians and it was also fired on; two little girls were inside the van. If you cannot stomach the video, you can read the transcript.

Conservatives in damage-control mode after Ron Paul straw poll win

Ron Paul Revolution

Remember the big conservative conference Fox News has been hyping over the past 10 days? The Conservative Political Action Conference's presidential straw poll, a key marker of the mood among conservative voters, apparently didn't mean anything to the network. And if it did mean something, the only real result is bragging rights for the individual candidates who were so well exposed. And hey, even Dick Cheney showed up.

Ohio mandatory newborn DNA testing

Help, the State has my DNA!

Today I ran across a very interesting article which educated me on something I did not know: the state (in this case Ohio) mandates DNA testing of all newborns without any parent consent or notification.

Opportunities in Socialism

Today I receive this email from a guy named Travis: "Thats also interesting you were from an Eastern Block country. Was it that bad there, I"m learning some of these countries had opportunities that without Socialism they wouldn't have had. Travis"

CBS Bias: President Bush told in 1998 of terrorist attacks?

The liberals at CBS News are showing their true faces, claiming the unbelievable: "The Washington Post said Saturday that a top-secret briefing memo presented to President Bush in 1998 focused on efforts by Osama bin Laden to strike at targets in the U.S.". Is CBS saying that Bill Clinton's government was just a puppet regime ran in reality by George W.

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