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Sam Frost makes it Official "He has Left Full Preterism"

Sam Frost has now made it public that he has indeed left Full Preterism officially. Sam didn’t really have to tell many of us as we have seen his partial Preterism tendencies for years. Sam values his influence over those who are conflicted along with him on how to rightly divide the full Preterist hermeneutic and will continue to offer those who haven’t fully grasped the full Preterist hermeneutic refuge under his wings. I expect Sam will begin setting himself up as the alternative approach to full Preterism so that he may rescue the conflicted for Reformed orthodoxy. I don't believe we have heard the last of Sam Frost in full Preterist circles.

The End of the Earth and Full Preterism

I wrote an article here on PP about 3 years ago dealing with the subject of the end of the Physical earth. Sam's comments then seem to be in stark contrast to what he says now. Sam is currently implying that a never ending earth is part of the full Preterist viewpoint. Some of us never embraced this idea in the first place as we understood the symbolic nature of the language.

“5 key ‘moral triggers’ polarize politics”

Here is an interesting article detailing the polarization of Politics but I think we can apply it across the board to polarizing religious views as well.

“5 key ‘moral triggers’ polarize politics”

Research: Personality traits keep us from seeing eye to eye

By Rachael Rettner

A Woman’s Place Is In The Church

The cause of the Catholic clergy's sex-abuse scandal is no mystery: insular groups of men often do bad things. So why not break up the all-male club?

Here they are, the members of history's oldest and most elite all-male club, trying to manage what began as a domestic crisis. For decades, certain priests in America, Europe, Ireland, Brazil (and God knows where else) abused—raped or otherwise molested—children and teenagers not in the frescoed halls of the Vatican but in their own backyards: on camping trips and in cars, in dormitories and confessionals. Those few boys and girls confident enough to tell their secret whispered it to the women they trusted: mothers, aunts, grandmothers. Those few women brave enough to question authority or seek justice from the bishops were hushed up and shut down. In this case Jesus was wrong: the meek did not inherit the earth. They received pious and self-serving sermonizing.

Paul’s Adam (Part 3)

Here are three more issues that arise when trying to understand Paul’s use of the Adam story. The rest will follow in next week’s post. These issues are pretty involved, and so this post is longer than I would like. My apologies in advance.

Created in the Image of God: The ANE Background of the Imago Dei

I want to introduce an article concerning the Image of God in the background of ANE. In this article I see some very important backdrop considerations that would be helpful in understanding a discussion of the “Image of God”. I have selected excerpts from the complete article to provide a condensed flavor of the author’s investigation.

Adam is Israel

Adam is Israel
by Pete Enns

read the full article at this link.

For the past few posts we’ve been looking at creation in the Old Testament as a cosmic battle, and we’ve spent a lot of time seeing how that idea works itself out in the book of Exodus.

The Image of God continued

Recently Sam and I have been debating issues surrounding the Image of God in relation to Man. We left off agreeing on some basic principles but still there is a residual difference and I want to create a new blog trying to highlight those differences for clarity sake so that those who may be interested can summarize my position and check it out for themselves.

“Does Christ confer the Image of God upon man?”

I want to piggy back off a series that Sam is posting on “Gordon H. Clark: The Definition of Man” and most importantly to the Biblical definition of man as regards the Image of God. I want to differentiate that a Biblical understanding of the “Image of God” in lieu of how it is to be understood through a philosophical application is helpful in understanding a primary theme of scripture.

What About The Book of Enoch?

What About The Book of Enoch?

By Bill Moore

The Church and Science: Learning Lessons from History

Excerpt from article.

Evolution Matters

Why bother with evolution when it just upsets everyone?

The Authority Totem by W. Carl Ketcherside

The Authority Totem by W. Carl Ketcherside

Exodus, the Plagues, and the Cosmic Battle

"Science and the Sacred" frequently features essays from The BioLogos Foundation's leaders and Senior Fellows. Today's entry was written by Pete Enns.

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