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Don Prestons 5 Part Daleville, Alabama Lecture Series!!!

The complete audio collection of Don Prestons lecture series that he was originally going to deliver in Daleville, Alabama is now posted and available for download on one page.

It's no wonder more people don't debate Don Preston. 8)


Preterist Radio...Where We Are Going...

Preterist Radio @ AD70.NET has been broadcasting 24/7 for close to 3 months now.

At this time we are producing at least 8 podcasts per week and that number will be going up very soon. We've produced close to 80 podcasts to date and the number of people downloading these podcasts is growing significantly every week.

The percentage of listeners at any given time of the day has increased 500 to 700 percent in the last two months. I attribute this mostly to the station getting listed in the radio section of iTunes. Which has now changed the nature of the station from just being a preterist audience to one that is reaching people that have never heard of preterism. The station is listed as "AD70.NET...Christian Radio From a Slightly Different Point of View." Which I think is catching a lot of peoples attention. That and we are listed at the top of 170 other religious broadcast streams.

Good work Roderick...Thanks!!!

"The Journey" @ AD70.NET

Tonight on "The Journey" I interviewed Tim Martin of Beyond Creation Science fame. We dug deep into the book of Mark and it's significance to the covenantal shift that was taking place in the 1st century. This is a "MUST" listen to podcast.

Hope this is as much of a blessing to you as it was to me having participated in the conversation.

Preterist Radio @ AD70.NET

Preterist Radio @ AD70.NET has been up and running for two months now. And what a fun ride it has been thus far. Pre-recorded messages from Don Preston, David Curtis, Tim Martin and Gary DeMar play at various times throughout the day with an eclectic mix of music interspersed. We have "Live" programs every day of the week where you as the listener can call in and participate.

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