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April 2010

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“Last Days” Not Quite Prophetic

Gary DeMar responds to an e-mail he received recently in reaction to an American Vision ad sent through e-mail that commented on the dispensational thinking that has led to the decline of Christianity in America. This e-mailer tries to use passages that talk about the "last days" to bolster the idea that Jesus will come back only after things get really bad.

See video

Navel Gazing with Paul Klee: A Meditation

Paul Klee (1897 – 1940) said in 1924 “It is the artist’s mission to penetrate as far as may be toward that secret place where primeval power nurtures all evolution…In the womb of nature in the primal ground of creation where the secret key to all things lies hidden.”

The Trouble with Conservatives

by Jacob G. Hornberger
The trouble with conservatives is that they fail to live the principles of freedom that they expound. The problem, however, is not simply that conservatives set high standards and then fail to meet them after striving to do so. The problem is that conservatives expound standards that they knowingly and deliberately violate.

TruthVoice 2010 is on for May 28 and May 29

A while back it became apparent that I would be unable to support and handle the logistics of planning a 2010 conference, and I announced that TruthVoice 2010 was unlikely. Well, I have some good news - it seems like TruthVoice 2010 is not only likely, but it will DEFINITELY happen, thanks to a generous sponsor offerring to cover the entire cost of the conference!

It's Always the Next Level

In 1950 L. Ron Hubbard published his book Dianetics - the result, he claimed, of years of scientific research into the human condition. In it he claimed that he could show people how to rid themselves of all irrational behavior, compulsions, and psycosomatic illnessess (about 70% of all illnesses, according to Hubbard.) He further claimed to be able to alieviate asthma, poor eyesight, color blindness, poor hearing, stuttering, allergies, high blood pressure, sinusitus, arthritus, ulcers, migraines, morning-sickness, alcoholism, tuberculosis, and the common cold.

The United States Has Become The Nation It Rebelled Against

This is the text of the speech I plan to give in Xenia, Ohio on April 24, 2010 at the tax rally. See details of rally here.

Heaven: A fool's paradise

Why do the majority of Britons still believe in life after death? Heaven isn't a wonderful place filled with light – it is a pernicious construct with a short and bloody history, writes Johann Hari

John Lennon urged us: "Imagine there's no heaven/It's easy if you try/No hell below us/Above us only sky." Yet the religious aren't turning to Lennonism any faster than Leninism. Today, according to a new book by Lisa Miller, Newsweek's religion correspondent, 81 per cent of Americans and 51 per cent of Brits say they believe in heaven – an increase of 10 per cent since a decade ago. Of those, 71 per cent say it is "an actual place". Indeed, 43 per cent believe their pets – cats, rats, and snakes – are headed into the hereafter with them to be stroked for eternity. So why can't humans get over the Pearly Gates?

An Economy of Liars


APRIL 20, 2010

Piling on more rules and statutes will not produce something different than it has in the past. Reliance on affirmative principles of truth-telling in accounting statements and a duty of care would be preferable. Deregulation is not some kind of libertarian mantra but an absolute necessity if we are to exit crony capitalism.

Is Modern-Day Israel a Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

Jim Fletcher says yes, and Gary DeMar says no! So much of modern-day prophetic thinking hinges on the question. Israel becoming a nation again in 1948 has been a mainstay of Bible prophecy writers. Dispensational Premillennialists use the reestablishment of Israel as support for their claim that we are living in the “last days” and make up the “terminal generation.” In the final analysis, the question can only be answered by an appeal to the Bible. This debate will take place on June 19 in Powder Springs, GA.

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