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February 2010

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N. T. Wright on Genesis 2 and 3

Please see The BioLogos Foundation's site, where the following video and discussion is found. How does this understanding comport with the Covenant Creation model? ~ Ransom

Wright begins by noting that while there are divergent views on the date of authorship of Genesis—with some scholars attributing its authorship to Moses, thus dating it c. 1500 B.C., and others dating it around the third century B.C.. Regardless of its actual date of composition, however, Wright is most interested in the way in which Jesus’ antecedents would have read the text in the period right before the New Testament.

He asserts that any Jew from the period of the Babylonian exile to the life of Jesus reading the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden—and their ultimate expulsion after violating the terms of their covenant with God—would have identified with the story on a deep level. These readers would have thought “this is our story” because Israel had repeated this experience.

The Image of God continued

Recently Sam and I have been debating issues surrounding the Image of God in relation to Man. We left off agreeing on some basic principles but still there is a residual difference and I want to create a new blog trying to highlight those differences for clarity sake so that those who may be interested can summarize my position and check it out for themselves.

“Does Christ confer the Image of God upon man?”

I want to piggy back off a series that Sam is posting on “Gordon H. Clark: The Definition of Man” and most importantly to the Biblical definition of man as regards the Image of God. I want to differentiate that a Biblical understanding of the “Image of God” in lieu of how it is to be understood through a philosophical application is helpful in understanding a primary theme of scripture.

The Week That Was-Learn to Learn

Don Prestons 5 Part Daleville, Alabama Lecture Series!!!

The complete audio collection of Don Prestons lecture series that he was originally going to deliver in Daleville, Alabama is now posted and available for download on one page.

It's no wonder more people don't debate Don Preston. 8)


Why I reject Preterism

So, is it bad when someone spends time writing a huge message titled (in all caps) WHY I REJECT PRETERISM and the answer to the message is, "What is Preterism?"

Best and funniest exchange ever:

Advertising doesn't get any better than this. :)

What About The Book of Enoch?

What About The Book of Enoch?

By Bill Moore

Brian McLaren: Q2 - The Authority Question

In this second installment, Brian McLaren covers the issue of Biblical Authority and whether or not the Bible should be read as a "Constitution" or as a "Library." Which one leaves space for conversation, exploration and questions, and what are the downsides of either method? Any idea where this leaves prophecy, anyone?

See video

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