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June 2004

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Nicodemus Sits Down: Why Futurist Pastors shouldn’t become Preterist Pastors

by Roderick Edwards
And when Nicodemus believed, he came among the brethren and set himself up as an authority, being that he was a member of the Jewish ruling council.
There is no such verse in the Bible nor do we see Nicodemus playing much of a role in the fledgling Church. But why not? He should have been an excellent candidate for leader since he was already a member of the Jewish ruling council (Sanhedrin). – John 3:1

Abraham lived in a tent

Dispensationalists avidly follow news from the Middle East in expectation of fulfilled prophecy in relation to Israel. Abraham must wince at their misplaced optimism. He, to whom the promises were made, didn't place great store on the land of Israel. When he arrived, he lived in a tent. Surely if the land was so important in the long term, he would have built an enduring dwelling for his descendants. He didn't.

N.C. Judge Ordered To Drop Religion-Neutral Oaths, Restore God

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The state Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered a district court judge to restore references to God in the words said when he enters the courtroom and when witnesses who swear to tell the truth.

Israel major supplier of arms to Beijing

A congressional commission on China stated in a report recently made public that Israel has become China’s largest arms and weapons technology supplier after Russia. The report stated that the panel "continues to be concerned over Israeli transfers of U.S.-origin technology to China."

The Strange Witness of C.S. Lewis

by Charles Roberts
In a seldom read essay titled “The World’s Last Night” the prolific Christian writer C.S. Lewis turned his learned mind to the subject of The Second Coming of Christ. As many Preterists know, he bears witness in that essay to the reality of the words of Jesus regarding the timing of His return.

How long is a generation?

Recently I listened to a well-known Australian dispensational teacher expound part of Luke 21. The parable of the fig tree in verses 29,30 received predictable treatment, the sprouting fig tree representing the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.

A Passionate Distortion of Truth

By Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz

The classic work, “Constantine’s Sword” by James Carroll, documents the undeniable reality of Christian Anti-Semitism. Hatred and violence are consequences of Christian Anti-Semitism, not the source. The source is the demonizing of the Jewish people. This comes as no surprise since New Testament passages, such as John 8:44, refer to Jews as “children of the Devil.”

I need some help with explaining paranormal activity

While I have read sufficient preterist material that explains this from a scriptural standpoint, I have a harder time with Christians who recount first person encounters with seemingly demon-possessed folk, spirits of dead persons, etc., etc.

Independence Day Message - Let Freedom Ring!

by Kurt Simmons
Idea's have consequences. The idea of liberty begins with the gospel Christ. Only where Christ is named are men free. A look at the globe will confirm this. The Declaration of Independence's claim that "all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" could not have originated with atheists, evolutionists, Muslims, Budhists, or any other religious or philosophical persuasion. Little wonder that as God has been driven from the public center by wicked men in high places, liberty has grown more precarious. It is time to return the power of self governance to the People! STOP Judicial Imperialism!

Third temple will be a hologram?

Yitzhak Hayut-Man, a cyber-architect with outlandish ideas, is gaining followers. The imaginings of Dr. Yitzhak Hayut-Man (B Arch, MSc, PhD) undermine the very axioms of the mainstream academic and religious establishments that shun him. The Hebrew media has ignored his maverick proposals for a floating hologram of the Third Temple and multiple-player interactive computer games "set in the Old City of Jerusalem and its celestial counterpart, the Heavenly Jerusalem that will enable multitudes to conduct a spiritual pilgrimage."

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