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April 2004

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Why are Christians losing America?

By David Kupelian
"I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth." – Revelation 3:15-16 KJV

Interview with Tim King, President of Presence Ministries

Several months ago, while in the process of planning the TruthVoice 2004 conference, our board decided to invite Tim King, the president of Presence Ministries to be the keynote speaker for the conference. Little did we realize the firestorm our decision was to create.

Brief Summary of Accomplished Salvation

Since this introduction is intended to be brief, let me come out and clearly state: it is my firm conviction that the events that were yet future when the New Testament was written – Coming of Christ, Resurrection, Judgment, and Kingdom (2 Tim 4:1) were all fulfilled at the time of the full end of the Old Covenant system in 66-70 AD (Luke 21:22).

Reexamining our Eschatological paradigm in the 21st century.

We are in the forth year of a new century and the world has not exploded and nuclear warheads have not laid waste our lands. The mentality that the “sky is falling,” would appear to have taken a back seat in many Christian churches, evidenced by the building of larger sanctuaries, massive church programs and an emphasis on a more seeker friendly church movement. As a result the idea and study of the “last days, the end of the world and a new heaven and earth,” have been relegated to fictional books, including the ever popular “Left Behind,” series.

Daniel, the Son of Man, and the Little Horns

James Patrick Holding
The book of Daniel is a key source for material on eschatology, and there is apparently no end to the interpretations offered. For our purposes, the primary question is what relevance Daniel has to the Olivet Discourse and the "Son of Man" sayings.

The Secret Preterists

by Roderick Edwards
Yes, they are out there, either too afraid to come forward or too cowed into submission to step up, but out there among the congregations of America and the world is a host of people who when they read their Bibles unfettered from those who pretend to sit in Moses’ seat will one day confidently confess that Christ truly is victorious.

Israeli nuclear spy released

A defiant Mordechai Vanunu has calmly walked out of prison after serving 18 years for spilling Israeli nuclear secrets to a British newspaper. Sporting a dress shirt and tie and flashing V-for-victory signs alongside his brother Meir outside the Shikma Prison in the coastal city of Ashkelon, the former nuclear technician said he had no regrets over his actions.

Restored Israel and the Kingdom of the Messiah

by Kurt Simmons
One does not have to move in dispensationalist circles long before he hears that the establishment of modern state of Israel in Palestine fulfills prophecies that mark the imminent return of Christ. Underlying this doctrine is the belief that modern state of Israel has a continuing claim upon God’s special favor and occupies an important place in future pages of redemption’s story. However, this view is sorely mistaken. The modern state of Israel is antichrist; it is a cursing and execration; its very existence stands in denial of the Sonship, Kingdom, and Priesthood of Christ, and has no further role to play in the sacred history of salvation. It is not the political restoration of Israel the prophets spoke to, but the spiritual restoration of man in Christ.

Vatican: Deny communion to abortion-rights politicians

A top Vatican cardinal called on priests Friday to deny communion to Roman Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion -- a move that could have implications for Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. John Kerry.

Refuting Full Preterism

By Louis Ruggeiro

Full Preterists believe that all Scriptures were fulfilled in 70 AD. For many Christians throughout the world, this position is both heretical, and an insult to one's intelligence. It begs the question, "Is the universe turning on its end?"

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