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March 2004

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Apocalypse Now

by Aaron D. Wolf

American evangelicals, according to former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “are the Israelis’ best friend in the whole world.” In return, they dubbed him “the Ronald Reagan of Israel.” That so many are still surprised by those statements indicates that, by and large, those happy to be called evangelicals or even fundamentalists have been largely ignored by most of the dominant American mass culture, though a few outside the fold who have stopped ignoring this “sleeping giant” have reaped tremendous rewards: election victories, foreign-policy directives, and undying political loyalty.

Destruction of Jerusalem Review

The historical treatment of eschatological events have taken a backseat to the more common issues of Christian history which include the meaning of salvation, the nature of Christ, the role of the Church and the life after death. The treatment of eschatology though is dramatically important in how a Christian views his or her life on earth and more importantly their role in God’s kingdom.

Colosseum 'built with loot from sack of Jerusalem temple'

The Colosseum, the huge Roman amphitheatre used for animal shows and gladiatorial combat, was built with the spoils of the sack of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, a new archaeological find suggests.

Preston -v-Ruggerio Radio Debates Scheduled!

John Anderson and Lighthouse World Ministries, announces that beginning April 4, 2004, Don K. Preston and Lou Ruggerio ( will engage in three radio debates on The Voice of Reason program, hosted by Anderson. Ruggerio is a very active opponent of the preterist view in on his PalTalk chat room and other venues, and is well known in certain circles.

The Resurrection of The Dead

The debate over whether there is/was a resurrection of the dead is apparently as controversial an issue today as it was in the 1st Century. One of the main rifts between the Pharisees and the Sadducees was over the Resurrection of the dead.

History & the Sovereignty of God

by Roderick Edwards

Evangelical Christians and the Sharon lobby

By Jim Lobe

When the White House tapes were finally released last month, people were stunned. There was the voice of the premier US evangelist and confidant to half a dozen presidents, Billy Graham - a man who had always publicly expressed respect for Jews and support for Israel - commiserating with then-president Richard Nixon about the Jewish "stranglehold on the media".

Time: A Test of Kerry's Faith

The last time a major political party put forward a Roman Catholic candidate for President, he had to confront bigotry and suspicion that he would be taking orders from Rome. Forty-four years later, the Democrats are poised to nominate another Catholic—another Senator from Massachusetts whose initials happen to be J.F.K.—and this time, the controversy over his religion may develop within the Catholic Church itself. Kerry's positions on some hot-button issues aren't sitting well with members of the church elite.

Senate Dems to Block All Nominations

All White House nominees will be blocked. That's right: every single one. That's the word from Sen. Charles Schumer's office, which released a statement on Friday saying that Senate Democrats plan "to hold nominations until the White House commits to stop abusing the advise and consent process."

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