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August 2003

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Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem

by Jeff Carter
Oppressed Since My Youth

The nation and people of Israel have always had enemies. They have been oppressed and humiliated all the way back to their time in Egypt. After fleeing the cruel tyrannies of the Pharaoh the Israelis made their way to the promised land -- only to be persecuted and oppressed by a number of hostile people groups: the Moabites, Ammonites, Amalakites, Philistines, Canaanites, and Midianites. Later came threats and invasions from Assyria and Babylon. After the exile Jerusalem was attacked and captured by Greek and Roman armies. Since being scattered by the Romans after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD the Jews have been persecuted throughout Europe and Russia almost continually into the 20th century. They have been a persecuted people throughout history.

Roadblock to Peace

by Terje Langeland

Lief Carter didn't set out to stoke the fires of apocalyptic fervor. A year ago, the Colorado College political science professor was putting together a symposium on international affairs -- a commonplace type of campus event that rarely stirs much excitement in the outside world.

In defense of Mel Gibson

by Cynthia Grenier

Nominally, we are supposed to be this Christian country, although even a glancing look over some of the media's recent treatment of religious themes in popular culture does make you wonder. Right now, Mel Gibson's getting it in the neck for, as Time Magazine of Sept. 1 refers to it, his "eccentric film project" – the "eccentric" project being of course, "The Passion," the filmed recounting of the last day in the life of Jesus Christ.

Blue in the Face

by Roderick Edwards
· A friendly chat with a fellow Christian in the church foyer.

· A heated debate from opposing podiums.

· A rally cry from the top of a mountain.

No matter what the venue, many of us are on a mission to discuss what we see as a pivotal understanding of the bible; What Jesus meant by the kingdom.

Put your pencils down! Times up

That announcement always thrilled me and terrified me at the same time.When Mr. Mcilhenny,my 9th grade english teacher gave that decree and order I knew my futile guessing and hoping,during the current testing period was wrapping up..finished.I was thrilled since the pressure and the mental harassment were coming to an end,however I was terrified knowing that the judgement would not be pretty.

2003 Christ Covenant Church Conference

On October 16-18 2003, Christ Covenant Church is hosting its 2nd annual eschatology conference. he conference is being held at Christ Covenant Church in St. Petersburg, FL and will feature speakers like Sam Frost, Don Preston, Jack Scott and several others. Click here to get more details on register for the conference!

Jack Van Impe And The White House

Dear Mr. Van Impe,

A couple weeks ago on your television show - during the question of the week - you mentioned that you had been in contact with the office of the President of the United States concerning your time-table for upcoming events in prophecy. Could you elaborate on that please? Who in the president's office was asking? What does the president intend to do with this information?

Thank you for your time.
Jeff Carter

The Passion Creates Tension Between Evangelicals and Jews

The uproar over Mel Gibson's upcoming film on Jesus' death is testing the unusual partnership between American Jews and evangelical Protestants, who have recently become among the staunchest supporters of Israel.

Glen Eyrie Castle in 2004!

This Generation

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