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June 2003

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Adam's Death, Part II

by Samuel Frost

Preacher, Pastor or Pope?

Is the model of the leadership in the Church supposed be patterned after Paul, much like a traveling missionary starting new congregations while exhorting and admonishing the current congregations? Or perhaps the role of leadership is more like Timothy who settled down in one location, apparently dedicating his entire life to a single congregation. Or maybe the example is that of the Roman Catholic Pontiff who assumes the seat of Christ on earth?

Taking on The Destruction of Jerusalem

Truth Voice and have taken up the task of creating a video based on Peter Holford's book The Destruction of Jerusalem, An Absolute and Irresistible Proof of the Divine Origin of Christianity. We firmly believe that communicating the importance of the fall of the temple in A.D. 70 is crucial to the preaching of the Gospel and the growth of Christianity itself. A short trailer is available for viewing.

PlanetPreterist Reaches Orbit

by JoAnne Gerety

Under the banner of Truth Voice 2003, Virgil Vaduva of opened a two-day Bible Conference on Thursday, June 18, 2003. Pre-registered guests were treated to a well-organized Welcome Table and were given copies of two books that have been re-printed by Truth Voice Press: The Christ Has Come by Ernest Hampden-Cook and Hints on the Interpretations of Prophecy by Moses Stuart. One hundred people attended, largely from the Ohio and surrounding states, most of which had never attended a fulfilled prophecy conference.

The United States of Edom

by Jeff Carter
What are we to do with the message of Obadiah? Is it just a nationalistic plea for vengeance relegated to the distant past or does it have application today? Though the message was originally intended to give comfort to the decimated and exiled people of Israel and to sentence Edom for its crimes we are able to extract a message for us here today. And I’m afraid it may not be a message we want to hear.

Terry Hall: Introduction to Covenant Eschatology

The Introduction to Covenant Eschatology session from Truth Voice 2003 is now available as a free video download. Terry Hall discusses the implications of Covenant Eschatology, and how it affects the theological, social and personal aspects of a believer's life. Windows Media player required.

In Christian video games, Bibles are weapons of choice

by Cathleen Falsani

When the ad for a "Christian video game" crossed my desk, at first I thought it was a joke. Perhaps the quick-witted folks at The Wittenburg Door or The Onion were putting me on, or someone had finally decided to market "Billy Graham's Bible Blasters," the fictitious game featured on an episode of "The Simpsons" a few years back.

Databases of the Dead

by Oliver Morton

Twenty-two miles southeast of Salt Lake City, buried deep in the ragged rock of Utah's Wasatch Range, lies a catacomb of names. Behind 700 feet of granite and six monstrous Mosler doors, the Mormon Church has squirreled away the world's largest collection of genealogical material: more than 2 million microfilm reels of parish records, marriage indexes, necrologies, census reports, pilgrim registers, and piles of other documents - some dating back to the Middle Ages.

Bad Weather: America's Warning Not to Divide Israel

by Jennifer James CBN News Producer

Since its modern establishment, the state of Israel has been a hotbed of controversy. Jews and Palestinians have long battled over who should rightfully inhabit the land of Israel, a land promised to the Jews 4,000 years ago. In the Bible, the book of Genesis details the covenant God made with the descendants of Abraham.

July 12 and 13 Preterist Pilgrim Weekend

Wonderful things are happening in the study of Bible prophecy and the understanding of the last things! Many have come to believe in the realized salvation of Christ with the passing of the old world of Israel in A.D. 70. Sadly, many believers do not have access to local fellowships where this truth is accepted or, in some cases, even tolerated.

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