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May 2003

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Preterism meets Judaism

by Marcus Booker

Hal Lindsey's End-Time Dirty Fishbowl

by Gary DeMar

For Hal Lindsey, every news story is a sign that we are living in the "rapture generation." The latest end-time indicator, Lindsey argues, is the call for homosexual marriages by the "gay" community. Lindsey rightly condemns these noxious efforts. If he had argued against them from the Bible, constitutional law, and late-nineteen century court cases that define marriage against polygamy, all would have been well. But he couldn't resist wrapping his condemnation in a prophetic blanket based on 2 Timothy 3:1-5.

Astronomers 'pinpoint time and date of crucifixion and resurrection'

Two Romanian astronomers say their research shows Christ died at 3pm on a Friday, and rose again at 4am on a Sunday. Liviu Mircea and Tiberiu Oproiu claim to have pinpointed the exact time and date of Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.

Thomas Ice and the Time Texts

by Gary DeMar

In going through the LaHaye/Ice (Lice) book The End Times Controversy (ETC), I continually find the authors arguing for complicated and convoluted interpretations of passages that are clear when the time parameters, context, and audience reference are studied and understood. Attention to these factors hit home for me when I first became a Christian and was told to read Hal Lindsey's Late Great Planet Earth if I wanted to know what was going to happen in this end-time generation. This was in 1974. Not knowing anything about the Bible, I believed that the book's sensationalistic claims were actually in the Bible. My enthusiasm for the book's premise waned when I started reading the Bible!

No Win - No Win - No Win and Why the Preterist Will Not Prevail

by Lynn Schuldt
Many Christians wait for the Lord’s return: Most Christians would not give a moments thought to consider the Lord returned a second time a few decades after the resurrection. They say such a monumental event, a visible return of the Lord for all to see, and all the cataclysmic events included, have never happened. So they wait, always ready, for Lord’s return.

Preaching Preterism - Part 4

This sermon was delivered at Covenant Community Church at Whitehall, Montana on May 25. Special thanks to Marcus Booker who introduced me to the concept of "The Covenant Gospel" in his article, "Saved, from What?" His work clearly illuminated the context of Peter's sermon at Pentecost for me.

A Very Mixed Marriage

It’s a landmark in the history of strange bedfellows: Tom DeLay says kaddish. It happened last February, the day the space shuttle Columbia fell apart. Among the dead astronauts was an Israeli, Ilan Ramon. In Florida, at the Boca Raton Resort, some big machers had gathered to hear a speech by House Republican leader DeLay, an evangelical Christian from Sugar Land, Texas.

Preterist church website launched!

William Bell of Memphis, TN, has launched an exciting new website for the Raines Road Church of Christ. The site contains many different articles he has written, various audio clips, etc. It is a well-organized website of a growing, full-preterist church (be sure to visit the "about us" page!).

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