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March 2003

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'The End is Not Yet'

This is a Christianity Today interview with Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Theological Seminary. He says there will be an increase in wars and rumors of wars before the end times, but date setting should not be a priority for evangelicals.

Video of AC 130 gunship raid

While this video clip was shot in Afghanistan, it will give you an idea of the fire power that our airforce has, and the powerful technology that our military can employ in warfare.

Parousia translation project complete

We are glad to announce that the Parousia translation project into Romanian is now complete! Thanks to the efforts and donations of Mr. Fred DeFalco, we can now cover all translation expenses for James Stuart Russell's book The Parousia into the Romanian language.

Attack by Osama during Christmas of 2004

Soon after the Sept. 11th attacks on the US, Anti-Preterist Activist, BANDS, was compelled to write on how the book of Daniel is being fullfilled with the advent of Osama Bin Laden's and Saddam Hussein's terrorist regimes.

Researcher: War Protesters are Life's Losers

A Texas A&M University sociologist says many of those people participating in anti war protesters are life's losers. "By participating in a protest against their society's norms, the individuals are attempting to destroy the standards by which their failure occurs," Howard B. Kaplan told 1200 WOAI.

Not The Law, Not The Temple, Not The Race

by Jeff Carter
In 538 B.C – in order to fulfill the word of YHWH through the prophet Jeremiah – Cyrus, King of Persia, made a decree saying: “YHWH the God of heaven has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and has appointed me to build him a Temple in Jerusalem in Judah. Whoever among you belongs to the full tally of his people, may his God be with him! Let him go up to Jerusalem in Judah, and build the Temple of YHWH, God of Israel, who is the God in Jerusalem. And let each survivor, wherever he lives, be helped by the people of his locality with silver, gold, equipment, and riding beasts as well as voluntary offerings for the Temple of God which is in Jerusalem.”

Will high energy collider experiments destroy earth?

Recent developments in physics suggest an increased risk that upcoming high energy collider experiments will destroy the earth. String theorists predict that colliders will produce mini-black holes, which will dissipate via Hawking radiation. The danger is that Hawking radiation, which has never been seen nor tested, may not work as expected.

War Update:

An eyewitness told today of the heaviest battle of the war so far which left 750 Iraqis dead. Sean Naylor of the American Army Times quoted a US soldier describing the fighting as so intense that "it looks like Apocalypse Now".

Iraq war generates predictions of Apocalypse

Since Jesus said that only God knows the hour or day of the Second Coming, preachers and self-appointed doomsayers have been trying to predict when it will happen -- and watching the sun rise on another generation.

New Forum Created

Because of recent requests, and older discussions in reference to the trade, sale or purchase of used preterist materials, we have created a new discussion forum where you can post used books and materials that you want to sell, wanted materials, or other discussions related to such transactions.

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