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January 2003

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Ben & Jerry's co-founder mocked U.S. days before Sept. 11

In the moments before America was attacked by terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001, Ben Cohen, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream kingdom, was begging for a real enemy of the U.S. to show up.

The False Gospel of Keith Mathison

In Mr. Mathison's books " Postmillennialism " and " Sola Scriptura ", he shows himself not to be a defender of the gospel as taught in scripture at all, but rather a pseudo-intellectual needing a remedial course in logic.

Teleportation Takes Another Step

It's not quite "Star Trek" — for Captain Kirk, read a batch of light particles — but teleportation is making headway. From an idea that was only considered practicable 10 years ago, scientists on Thursday say they have succeeded in teleporting laser photons over two kilometers (1.25 miles), the biggest distance yet achieved.

Mathison's Material Breach

by Roderick Edwards
At first glance someone in Mathison’s camp may be jumping for joy thinking Mathison scored a slam-dunk. This isn’t about scoring as it is about rightfully handling scripture.
Mathison is no dummy, and should be highly praised for his work against dispensationalism. But his recent response to questions posed about preterism is disappointing.

Mathison's response and my original article

by Roderick Edwards
Keith Mathison of Ligonier Ministries has responded to an article by Roderick Edwards.

The Age to Come

by Don Preston

The world's first neutrino telescope is up and running

Tiny black holes whizzing through the Earth's atmosphere several times a minute. Gravity "leaking" into other dimensions. A solution to a mystery that vexed Einstein to his grave. It sounds a lot like science fiction, but it isn't. Each of these fantastic possibilities - and a good many more - could be made real with the help of a giant instrument in the Antarctic ice that one astrophysicist compared to Galileo's first telescope.

Lessons From Nineveh

by Gerald Flurry

Of all the Bible’s prophets, perhaps Jonah is the most famous—the man who was called to deliver a message and ran from that duty, only to be swallowed by a great fish, then spat back out three days later.

Are these buildings new temples?

by Phillip Fletcher
This article will address I believe a very sensitive issue that will touch at the heart of many believers who live not only in America but worldwide. I will pose some questions that we must answer within ourselves and hopefully continue to spark the next great reformation. The very reason we worship on Sundays or whatever your chosen day, I believe hinges on where we do our worship. This article intends to look at the purpose of the Jewish tabernacle and temple during the Old Covenant and the apparent similarities that the present day visible church is involved in to duplicate what the Jews did before the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D.

A first in the history of Preterism!

This week marked a first and unique event in the history and development of Preterism! James Stuart Russell's book The Parousia has been translated into Romanian through the efforts of PlanetPreterist and financial contribution of our columnists Michael Overbay and Mick Denen. This is great news for believers in Romania, a place where the correct understanding of Bible prophecy is on the rise.

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