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July 2002

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Ventura proclaims 'Christian Heritage Week' by mistake

The Minnesota Family Council considers it providence. Gov. Jesse Ventura's office says it was a mistake. Whatever the case, Minnesota's staunchly secular governor has proclaimed Oct. 13-19 ``Christian Heritage Week.'' Ventura's office tried unsuccessfully Wednesday to undo the proclamation it filed earlier in the day with the secretary of state's office.

Fulfilled Prophecy Survey

Please take a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions in this fulfilled prophecy survey.
The information that you provide will help in the development of evangelism and fulfilled prophecy studies. Once all of the information has been organized it will be made available on this site for your use also. You may answer these questions using the Comments button below.

John Anderson in Time...

Preterism is gaining ground even more! John Anderson's letter to Time appeared in the Letters section in this week's issue. Titled "Apocalypse Then". You can find the letter on Time's website in their letters section, or you can read it below.

A Time of Lore

By Peggy Noonan

In Robert Bolt's screenplay of "Doctor Zhivago," Lara and Zhivago, near the end of their drama, are huddled at his family's old estate in the Ural Mountains, waiting for the local Bolsheviks to descend. All seems lost, all exits blocked. The wolves of the forest howl with foreboding. Lara comes awake in the night and begins to weep. "This is a terrible time to be alive," she says. "Oh no, no," says Zhivago in all his innocence and belief. "It is a wonderful time to be alive." Life itself, whatever the circumstances, is good; it is a miracle no matter what.

Jerusalem Monks Trade Blows in Unholy Row

I am sure this is exactly what Christ had in mind for his followers: The rooftop compound of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre bore scars of conflict on Monday after Egyptian Coptic and Ethiopian monks traded blows over a chair at the traditional site of the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Preterist Jigsaw is Coming Together

For years I understood Romans 13:11 ("Our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed" - NIV) as teaching that each day was taking us further and further away from one aspect of salvation (our conversion) and nearer and nearer to another aspect of salvation (the redemption of the body at the future coming of Christ).

Mentoring Group's New Rule Demands Gay Inclusion

Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America Inc., the organization that for nearly a century has provided adult mentors to help kids from single-parent families, has imposed a new rule that demands that all 500 U.S. affiliates sign up for homosexual mentors or risk being kicked out of the program.

Victims: Pope's Words Are Not Enough

TORONTO -- Advocates for victims of sexually abusive priests complained that Pope John Paul II's first public comments Sunday on the clerical misconduct crisis seemed to express more sympathy for clergy than Roman Catholics who were molested.

The ''First Resurrection'' -- Taking Part in the Resurrection of Jesus

by Parker
Few topics of scripture generate more controversy than that of resurrection. For certain, a thorough investigation of the timing, nature, and purpose of resurrection is needed to bring clarity to one of the most important--yet misunderstood--aspects of redemption. This article takes a look at one preterist perspective on the meaning Revelation 20:4-6.

U.S. the new Client Nation of God?

Is the United States of America the new "chosen" people of God? "After Christianity had conquered the ancient monuments of the Old World during the First Millennium AD, a new Client Nation to God arose from the frontier of North America. The United States of America became the Client Nation in the Second Millennium AD and became the greatest cultural experiment of freedom in human history. Strengthened by the blessings of God, the people of the United States of America have withstood every challenge of the devil's world to be the bastion of freedom in the world."

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